Everything you need to know about new Valorant Agent Astra

admin    |   14 Mar 2021

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One of the most exemplified agents, not only propositionally but also in the gameplay, Astra controls all the energy of the cosmos to restructure the battlefield according to her own passing thought. This exclusive private eye is introduced in Act 2, Episode 2 of Valorant. We shall talk further about certain aspects that should be known to us about Valorant Agent Astra. Having incorporated a multiplayer setup, Valorant is set in a post - portentous world where the team in this video game tries to possess complete control over the cosmos by acquainting yourself with rapid advancement in technology, through scientific explorations or through the emission of the light rays of Radianite, that holds its presence in catastrophic events. 


Valorant belongs to the genre of shooting and was certainly developed by Riot Games. The developers in this game have been too experimental and have ended up discovering tremendous maps, new found agents, making the game more dynamic in nature. The reality is surpassed and the ongoing possession of superpowers is somehow encouraged. Agent Astra holds proficiency in having deep insight of the next action taken by the opponent and the ability to formulate the strategy to knock down the enemy in the best possible way. The celestial agent Astra, waves down from Ghana and reigns in a different realm of superpowers. The acquisition of earthly endeavors and the astral form of the agent entices the players and provokes them to be played till the end. 


Not everyone can understand the know-how of Agent Astra, as one must know that the Astral form takes place through the X Button. The astral form is basically an articulation of placing the stars high up and above in the location of the map. Technically, the X button plays a dual role of exhibiting three normal abilities and one ultimate ability. The activation of the stars depends upon three buttons, Q, C, and E by being randomly pressed on any location of the map. As per the rules, Astra has the potential to have a maximum of 5 stars per round. 


Further, talking about the C button, it has the potential to engulf the opponent players in the hole, thereby making them more vulnerable. One can easily activate a star to form a gravity well in order to take in the players and shatter their powers making them more delicate and fragile. It is important to know that the opponents can easily escape from the well, however, it is the most unsubstantial power possessed by Astra. The gravity well is best suited at the time, while capturing the most fetched positions. Q Button is the Nova Pulse, which is quite resilient and has its own self-drilling period. After getting charged, it strikes the opponent players, without prevailing any kind of damage. It is a secret way of not letting the opponent players enter your vicinity so easily and thereby help you to take advantage of the choke points. 


Moving on to the next, it is the E button which is termed as Nebula wherein one can activate the star and it becomes smoke. Two Nebulas can be activated at a single time and you are certainly given a span of 15 seconds for the cooldown, to stop the continuation of the cycle of converting another star into a Nebula. While we mention the last button, it is the F Button, wherein the star is asked to go back and dissipate. The process of squandering the stars ends up forming a fake Nebula, at the previous location of the star where it was located before returning. The process is complete when the star is placed at a new position after a relevant delay. 


Having concluded the facts mentioned above, Astra is considered to be the changemaker of meta in Valorant. Since this agent obtains energy through the Radiant, the Icebox maps were kept under the Radianite boxes wherein the stars were teased. The diversified personality of Astra Agent can do wonders in the game, Valorant, causing an enormous change in the meta, far and beyond.