FAU - G Game Review : Failed to meet expectations

admin    |   14 Feb 2021

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The acronym FAU-G certainly stands for Fearless and United Guards, wherein it is a game that is played on online portals. As the name suggests, FAU-G  is one of the most overrated games in India and pivots around real-life events that are supervened on Indian borders. This game incorporates its own national anthem and the credit for the development of this game goes to Bangalore headquartered nCore Games, revealing the fact that it is one of the made in India games. 


While we talk about the mischievous play in the game, it is full of encounters on the battlefield. Usually, the rivalry is dealt with numerous kicks, hard fist punches, and prevalent weapons which is given an abbreviation by some people as “Taandav”, wherein, not many people are aware of this. Games like PUBG incorporate military operations at an exquisite level. The shoot out combat is worth playing and gaining experience. However, the FAU-G Game review is not very pleasing as compared to PUB G.


FAU G Game in India is a single-player oriented game where Team Death modus and Battle Royal modus is yet to be supplemented in the game. The making of the game is done in a very constricted way incorporating where the path of the players is circumscribed from the starting point to the ending point in an undefeated and definite way. One of the made in India games became a polestar by fusing three things together, namely, Action, Smack, and Guard. FAU G Game review is sluggish in a way as the counterplay doesn't call for jumping or flinging of weapons, which in turn proved to be a wearisome and flat game with predictable actions. 


With the concurrent introduction of hand held weapons, there is no newness left in the game. Talking further, due to the linear set up of the game, the aspect of reviving the health of the game is facile. Each spot check embodies bonfire and the players can easily move to and fro for regaining their health again. Another thing that is exorbitantly defied in FAU-G Game is the fact of dealing with the opponents in a way that each of them starts attacking at the same time rather than waiting for their chance. Carrying the weapon, chasing the opponent, and using the weapon in the battlefield.


Talking about this game further, the actions in the game are overly dependent on the timer. Having failed to meet the time requirements, the game takes a backseat and resumes from the last point, where the player left from. The matter of fact that FAUG Game is an alternative to PUB G is because of its nature of being a time-consuming game. Each weapon in this game constitutes a certain number of strikes which dies out in the minimum time possible. The most challenging situation for a player is that the weapons do not get replaced with the new ones till the time more and more invaders are not killed or attacked. Getting a complete hold and control of the weapons was indeed a situation, not experienced by many while playing the games. Usually, a player tends to bend down and punch the opponent who is nearest in the reach, however this game propagates the usage of the left button on the remote control. There are times when the players negate the encounter of the opponent by attacking the opponent at the first place and this in turn eradicates the use of the defending button. To be precise, Intense counter-attack is missing. 


Another factor to be mentioned is the lack of rapidity in the game. The actions performed and the tactics used are monotonic and unvaried, moreover, the team of opponents is by and large the same in the warfare. Sudden cutscenes appear in the game randomly, however, a gadget freak can easily acknowledge the glitch. As the concept of this game erupted from a real-life event, there are certain motivational lines that are being repeated in an automated way and become monotonous by the end. 


Soon there will be a  profound availability of more and more gameplay modes, the players will be able to easily buy weapon skins and gather more coins. Withstanding all the facts mentioned above, FAU G Game review is a melange where the graphical aspect is satisfactory is the best possible way. The only thing that makes the players sick at heart is the unvaried style of gameplay that can put one to sleep due to boredom. The game still confers to some minor glitches that make the functioning a little slow. For the FAU G Game to be superfluous, the certain emphasis is yet to be laid on the combat play and encounter strikes in order to let people enjoy playing it for at least half an hour.