How has Live streaming and Esports become popular

admin    |   12 Apr 2021

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In the world of new innovations and tremendous advancement in technology, existed the concept of live streaming. It plays an essential role in keeping the audience and the viewers engaged in order to help them develop a keen interest in the particular event. Giving a detailed description about live streaming is a way of broadcasting the videos or the audio versions in an instant way and making the live event accessible to the people. 


Furthermore, talking about live streaming in the arena of sports, the viewers can take joy in watching the matches streamed live, playing games live over the internet, rather than downloading or recording it. To many people, regular streaming and live streaming seem to be very similar concepts, however, they differ in terms of being instantaneous. The former follows the process of recording and downloading wherein the latter follows the process of streaming on the spot. 


Just when live streaming started to gain popularity, the ecosystem of Electronic sports came to light. Esports, as the name suggests, referred to playing games online with unknown players. This concept of virtual sports competition also became bread and butter for some people with time. To earn fame, it is essential to burn the midnight oil, however, developers behind live streaming concepts and ESports had a vision that was not understood by many. 


Right from live streaming the YouNow App in 2011, till today where each app incorporates live streaming, this concept has only augmented. One of the few reasons for live streaming being preferred is that it gives instant bliss to the viewers wherein the viewers no longer have to wait to engage with the content rather be a part of the process in real-time. An immediate interaction takes place between the online users and intensifies the marketing strategy of various companies for the purpose of buying and selling the product. With immediate interaction, comes immediate feedback to acquaint the marketing companies with the actuality of the product and adhere to the reviews of the users. 


Secondly, live streaming acts as a trailer of the movie wherein the companies acquaint the targeted audience with the actual purpose and build trust accordingly among the users. While live streaming it is important to abstain from scripted broadcasting as it certainly leads to boredom. In this way, the viewers refrain from doubting the inner workings of the company and help to promote the brand while being completely familiar with the ongoings. Thirdly, live streaming took an upsurge not only in the marketing sector but also in the ecosystem of Esports as the viewers took joy in dwelling themselves for a live session. Live streaming plays a vital role in reaching a huge mass if it is done efficiently. Glitches in the love broadcast can divert the attention of the users. 


Who doesn't want to be in the lap of comfort? Well, with the rapidity of time, technology has shown wonders and as humans, we are its prey. With the help of new innovations, the comfort of seeing live matches at home, playing live games on the internet, broadcast audios, being a part of multiplayer games, participating in virtual sports competitions, everything is possible under one roof without showing physical presence at any event. The idea of live streaming and Esports have risen to an extent where the tournaments are not only conducted for the purpose of playing, winning, or losing rather people have involved themselves in the havoc of betting online. 


World-class tournaments of any game incorporate team members that have a huge fan following and are used as a means of betting. Various multiplayer games like, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Streetfighter, Starcraft etcetera are the games that people usually bet in. Therefore, online betting is mounting day by day. Bringing forth another factor, somehow people have imbibed each crumb of luxury while watching everything streaming live at home. Instead of barging into each other, settling for less through different angles, and trying to attain a perfect view, there had been a sudden rip over to streaming live and cherishing the live broadcasting of an Esports tournament. Observing this pattern, people are seen as more relaxed and witness a feeling of rejuvenation in lieu of tireless efforts of being a part of the tournament. 


More than anything else, watching the live broadcast from home is bliss. In the process of gathering more facts, another benefit of live streaming and E sports tournaments is that pro players can become a benchmark for the supporting players or the infantile talent to get trained completely. Watching the videos stream live, can help juvenile players gain experience and observe the tactics carefully. Sometimes, Esports tournaments act as substitute sports activities to fulfill the purpose of betting. Just like premier sports events and matches of football, tennis, cricket,  etcetera, evolve as huge credentials in online betting. 


Withstanding all the facts mentioned above, live streaming of an Esports tournament is a blessing for the fans and the viewers. It has gained success immensely due to the pandemic wherein people were bound to sit home and not be put off their houses unnecessarily. Talking about the present generation, the children undeniably belong to the class of inexperienced and undisciplined people as they are highly pampered by parents. No doubt, there are individuals who have developed an interest in gaming after watching various online tournaments and have thought to earn their bread and butter by excelling in this field. Live streaming and the concept of Esports have been a boon and a bane both, for many. There is huge teamwork that is done behind the curtains that comprises, compression, encoding, Content Delivery Network, caching, Decoding, Video playback, hence a glitch in any one of the technicalities would lead to havoc in a virtual setup. The most common genres that are entitled to be a part of the Esports tournament are Battle Royale, Real-time strategy, first-person shooter, Multiplayer online battle arena, Fighting card etcetera. Intensification of the concept of live streaming has led various individuals to choose Esports as a career option