PUB G Mobile v/s Free Fire

admin    |   12 Apr 2021

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Garena Free Fire, a label given to Free Fire battlegrounds or FreeFire, belonging to the genre of Battle Royal Games, developed by 111 Dots Studio. People started downloading the version of the game in 2019. After achieving fame, the game was felicitated with an award of “Best popular vote game” in 2019 by the Google Store. To talk about the gameplay, Garena Free Fire is played with the third-person perspective and is played online holding on to the genre of battle royal games and is certainly an action-adventure. On the other hand, Player Unknown’s Battleground, termed as PUBG is an online pro game that is played by all the multiplayers and developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole video game company. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows in 2017. 


With profound grief, it was announced that PUB G would be banned in India in September 2020. This game was an addiction for various online multiplayer and it is becoming a task to make a comeback of this game. As it is said, everyone finds a substitute in terms of anything, therefore, stream players nowadays have shifted their interest in playing towards games like, Call of Duty, Garena Free Fire, etcetera. It is essential to know the reason for the game being replaced. PUB G having been banned by India, could not be played legally, therefore, players tried their level best to play the game through certain illegal means, using Korean APK’S and VPN services. For all the fans to know, PUB G could not more be downloaded on the app store of Apple or Google play store. In contrast to the other game, Garena Free Fire, can be easily downloaded through Google play store and Apple store and can be played by the pro players freely. 


Stating the system requirements of both the games, it is advised to acquire at least 4GB of the RSM , wherein the minimum requirement for both the games is 2GB for sure. While we talk about the storage, Garena Free Fire requires around 680 MB of space whereas PUB G acquires 610 MB of internal space. The operating system for PUB G used is IOS 9.0 or above wherein the android remains unknown yet. Garena Free Fire, acquired on android 4.1 or above and IOS 8.0 or above. For more knowledge, let's add more information. Graphics certainly are the backbone of the games, no doubt graphics pf PUB G is any day better than the graphics of Free Fire. PUB G gives a realistic outlook with detailed characterisation, huge weapons, vehicles and navigation maps. In comparison, Garena Free Fire incorporates an animated outlook in terms of Graphics. 


One category in which Garena Free Fire can dominate the existence of PUB G Mobile is on the fact of characters. There are certainly more characters in the former than the latter. The characters keep changing instantly in the game which certainly soothes the viewers or the pro players playing in a better way than the same characters coming on the battlefield with different clothes. The mind remains more active while playing with different faces every time as one can have a better experience. The number of players participating in PUBG Mobile can be more than 100 wherein the number of players participating in Garena Free Fire are curtailed to just 50. Due to supplemental players in the game, the maps incorporate longer navigation routes and the tenure of the matches is longer as compared to the Garena Free Fire Games. Therefore, people who want to play shorter matches with less duration of time can do so in Garena Free Fire games. 


Concluding the above said, online pro streamers somehow cannot be satisfied with any other game than PUBG Mobile as this game has incorporated a huge fan base. Due to the fact of PUBG Mobile being banned in India, online multiplayer are passing their time by playing Garena Free Fire, not to forget the fact that the latter is considered a substitute for the former. Last but not the least, since PUB G has better gameplay and incorporates commendable interfaces, it is certainly important that the game should have a comeback in order to let the multiplayer have a better user experience.