Valheim Viking has sold 4 million copies in three months

admin    |   14 Mar 2021

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Valheim is an enduring game and a barbarous expedition that is played by 10 players at the maximum and is certainly crafted on the basis of Viking culture set in a bottomless pit evolving a world full of sufferings. To our surprise, this game transcended around three million copies and experienced a breakthrough in less than three weeks. Everyone in the gaming industry as well as in the eyes of a common man Valheim overwhelmed the audience by being one of the greatest hits in the history of Stream. 


Becoming paramount in the sales charts was not as easy as it looked like, however, witnessing the process of the immense rise in the sales was interesting. One week right after the launch, Valheim striked the sale of one million copies, in continuation, after five days it left a mark of around two million copies. The ongoing sales started nearly around 10th February and reached the pinnacle around 24th February, ending with an unexpected sale of four million copies. 


To be honest, acquiring fame is easy, wherein upholding the same is what exactly matters. While we talk about Valheim, it ranked second among the most played games in the list of Steam. This game is easily covering slots every day and is positioned at the level of PUBG and Dota 2. While we talk about the chart of top ten games, Valheim has hit the blockbuster for coeval players by bolting off Grand Theft Auto V. There was a rough amelioration for a few days, certainly by the 21st February, Valheim bolted the fifth slot and smacked down the record of four more games. The game peaked during the Lunar New Year sale with zero discounts, which indeed is commendable. 


A well-renowned developer, Iron Gate quotes that “ It's already been played for a total of 10,000 years.” Furthermore, parallel to Valheim existed another game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that acquired almost the same tactics and was recorded to incorporate consistent players. This in turn laid a huge impact in the counterplay genre as it brought forth games like Fortnite, Call of Duty : Warzone, and various others. For more knowledge, you must know, it took a couple of years for PUBG to become a leading edge in the action-oriented zone and fall under the spell of a captivating watch. 


Valheim on the other hand is a systematic and well-regulated game though being a little slow-driven. The game prepares an afflicting background for the pro gamers that pushes the players to scratch around with their weapons, track the movements of the opponents, chase their enemies, hunt for revival coins or the health generation coins to remain alive during the gameplay. Adding on, this game sets a picturesque and pastoral scenery that gives a pleasing feeling to the players, wherein they are also exposed to calm music and a super-colossal map that acts as a guiding spirit for the players. 


Coming down to a conclusion it is often observed that games incorporating survival genre are straight-laced and have a static mechanism. To talk about Valheim, this game doesn't seem to be a tough nut to crack, however, this game incorporates an automated logical approach. Nevertheless, Valheim has achieved fame through the word of mouth and might continue to gain importance in the same way. Last but not the least, According to the developer, Iron Gate, this game is an unexpected success as the game holds the tendency to incorporate more content and graphics while encouraging a better encounter on the battlefield. This game has been extremely liked by the game geeks and has been streamed for more than twenty-eight million hours till now.