6 Ideas To Improve Your Video Game Live

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Ideas to Improve Your Video Game Live Streamingssss

Live streaming video games is fairly a new idea in the world of live streaming content; however, the future of video game live streaming seems to be very bright.

A lot of creators were quite skeptical about the idea in the beginning, and it was generally thought that the audience would not allow much popularity to live streaming of video games, but the ground reality was completely on the contrary.

Not only the viewers watched these streams, but they also loved them to the extent that the video game live streaming has now become a multimillion-dollar industry still being at its initial stages of progress. Platforms and top streamers are now making millions of dollars every year just by streaming video games.


However, gaining popularity and becoming successful is not as easy and as simple as playing video games. The streamers carry out a wide range of engaging activities in their streams to keep the viewers entertained throughout the length of the live stream session. Streamers have to constantly come up with new ideas, to generate a constant rise in the number of viewers over time.


Here are some of the most successful video game live streaming ideas which can come in handy for creators struggling to generate viewers:


Game Reviews


Game reviews are a great option to add a twist to the regular video gaming content. Once in awhile successful streamers get their hands on the most awaited video game and conduct a game review session.  


The latest games are very interesting to viewers, and the number of viewers increases by a good margin whenever a review is conducted on it. The live streamer must announce the game review session in advance and advertise the intentions a bit so that the viewers can know what’s coming.


While conducting a review, maintaining a level of suspense can be recommended as it makes the viewers more interested. It is best not to give out any spoilers about the game’s storyline and other important aspects. 


Keeping the session brief, engaging with the viewers, and explaining to them about the gameplay would attract more viewers who want to know about certain things before making the purchase.

Giving honest and helpful reviews often makes viewers follow all the gaming review sessions of a streamer.


Equipment Upgrade


Showing off the gaming gear is also the most frequent activity of all successful gamers. Every once in awhile they purchase some new equipment and show it to their viewers and ask their opinion about it. A streamer would give a short review of the new equipment, recommend it to his viewers and ask their opinion about it.


There are no specific criteria; any equipment that can be interesting to the viewers can be shown. Streamers usually show new types of equipment such as a new monitor screen, system specifications upgrades, gaming consoles, smartphones, headphones, webcams, and any other interesting equipment related to gaming.


While there is a specific section of tech-savvy audience which subscribes to streamers just to know more about their latest gadget choices, this activity also attracts sponsors who want their products to be shown to the viewers. 


Therefore, this idea is a double-edged sword for any video game streamer; it will not only attract viewers but also sponsors.


Targeting a Genre


Whenever there is a halt in the growth of viewers, successful streamers try to target certain genres and types of games to attract specific audiences. For example, a streamer may announce an event and then target certain genres such as action games, adventure games, puzzles and racing games; the streamer will then continue to carry out the next sessions on the same genre. Streamers may stick to one genre or switch between genres according to their popularity to attract viewers who are hardcore fans of these genres.


Q & A Sessions


It is advisable to conduct Q&A sessions at regular intervals along with the usual live chat interactions. A Q&A session can be carried out by announcing the viewers that a Q&A session will be conducted on a certain day. The viewers must be encouraged to post the questions that they would like to be answered. Then out of the received questions, the most interesting questions must be shortlisted and answered on the decided day.


This highly increases a streamer’s interaction with the viewers and allows him to gain a personal-level relationship with the viewers.


Recognizing the Audience


Successful video game live streaming creators keep a watch on their most regular and most active viewers. They give a shout-out, acknowledge their presence, and interact with them more, to appreciate their interest in the content. This not only makes the most-valued viewers happy but also makes the new viewers turn more active so that they can interact with you more at a personal level, thus, generating more constant and steady viewership.


Giveaways and Merchandise


To become a successful video game streamer, it is very important to carry out giveaways and merchandise sales. All successful streamers research to find out what merchandise interests the viewers and carry out sales of that merchandise. This way, they make money, promote their brand, and also attract new viewers.


Giveaways are usually carried out with a goal, such as increasing viewers, increasing subscribers, increasing popularity of other social platforms, and so on. Streamers would give their viewers certain tasks to complete and pick out the worthiest few viewers, announce their names in the live session, and send out a gift item to them.


These activities are viewer-engaging and will attract more and more viewers to a channel, make them interact more often as they have a chance to win exciting goodies.




These are some of the most tried and tested ideas with which numerous streamers have made a successful career in video game streaming. Video game live streaming is today entertaining millions of viewers across the globe, and this viewership is only expected to rise in the coming years. This also means that the career future for video game streamers is very bright.


The top performers are already making a great amount of money, and yet the field of live stream video games can still accommodate thousands of successful streamers more.


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