FAU-G: A Substitute to PUB-G

Admin    |   17 Nov 2020

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FAU-G: A Substitute to PUB-G Release Date Is On The Calendar


After the ban of PUB-G, a lot of players were upset. Nevertheless, with the Indian gaming industry in the headlines these days, the good news is not that far. Yes, you guessed it right. The credit goes to the release of FAU-G (Fearless and United: Guards), an Indian substitute to PUB-G, a game that grabbed the attention of jillion people. 


Developed by a studio based in Bengaluru, FAU-G has a strong fan base and has already gained so much attention. The game was made by a developer named Akshay Kumar. This is one primary reason why the teaser was also released by Akshay Kumar, the famous actor, marking Dussehra's occasion on Sunday.


The entire teaser of the game is for about one minute. It will give you a glimpse of the first level of FAU-G. The game is based on the Galwan Valley engaging between India and China. The characters of the fame will be seen using blower mechanics to fight with the enemies.


The game will be available in the Google Play Store very soon. Some of the information about the game has been leaked. Headlines told that the game size would be about 500mb to 2GB. Like PUB-G, this substitute will also be a multiplayer battle royale game. The trailer of the game showed that this fantastic alternative would also have similar features to PUB-G. Vehicles, weapons, characters, everything is taken care of, and the features are revamped in the best way possible.


Nevertheless, the map and locations will be different. The developer named Akshay wanted to lure more people's attention, which is why he tried to make more changes in the game. Most importantly, he wanted to make the players understand how the Indian Soldiers put their heart and soul to protect the nation. The developer also revealed how the whole first season is based on the event of Galwan Valley. In addition to this, there have been rumors that they would donate twenty percent of this name's profit to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust Fund.


Hence, to sum it up, let's wait for the game to be in the store as this is one of the most awaited games in India. And the best part is that the gamers need not be sad now (pun intended). So mark the date and be all set to enjoy this fantastic game which will surely blow you away.