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admin    |   29 Dec 2020

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There is no denying the fact that you do not realise how long ten years is until and unless you sit back and relax and take a stock of all the things that have happened in the space of a decade. Well, a decade is a lot and it is an undeniable fact.


Now think back to where you were ten years back. You had a different workplace, you had different human resource managers, a different house etc. And then the pandemic hit. Well the same goes for the games. With years there has been a lot of change in the gaming industry. A lot of developers are focusing on building new games that will grab the attention of the customers.

Since we don’t get many chances to look at a decade as a whole, we thought it’d be nice to look back on the past ten years in video games and select what we consider the best of the best, ranking them all to boil some piss. So let us get started.


Stellaris: This one brings together two of the best gaming strategies: the grand strategy and sci-fi. The game consists of running an empire, taking a look at the galaxy, and claiming new systems and worlds while tackling the encounters which can change the course of your game.


Cities skyline: Cities Skylines is a strategy game – it’s more of a chill simulation. All you have to do is set the road network, lay down the infrastructure, erect your buildings, then watch the world go by as night falls and headlights twinkle along the motorways. However you need to think about what you need to place and how. If you need to move forward in the game, you need to invest more money. To do the same you need to gather people.


Pokemon: This one has the exact same concept as pokemon yellow. However, you can select between a Pikachu and an Evee. The best part about this game is that you can play it on the television. Playing this game is absolute fun and a fantastic way to introduce pokemon to your near and dear ones.


Fortnite: This one has grabbed the attention of a lot of people. The focus is on the battle royale game. It is somewhat like pubg which also has a very strong fan base.


Far cry 3: There are a number of reasons why this one is known as the best game of the decade.. That, by the way, never gets old. Neither does exploring the fictional pacific paradise of Rook Island, liberating outposts and learning new combat skills to help in your fight against the pirates that have taken control. None of its sequels quite managed to strike the balance so well and it even became the template for countless subsequent open-world shooters.


Grand Theft Auto 5: It is considered as the fifth major entry in the long-running, celebrated "Grand Theft Auto" series. The game is like different sequels. All you have to do is sell an absurd amount of money.


Heavy rain: This game has a very strong fan base. The game focuses on four characters connected by the hunt for a kidnapped little boy, with his father. This game deserves a place on the list for the memes.


Marvel spiderman: Everyone out there is a big fan of Spiderman. This is one major reason why this game was introduced. The game is about how the character breathes new life into Peter Parker's familiar story with warm charm.


The last of us: There is no denying the fact that this game has everything a player would want in an AAA game. The last of us is one of the memorable games introduced by Sony. The game consists of beautiful characters with a wonderful cinematic experience. Instead the game has tight mechanics, visually stunning environments, characters with emotional depth, and fantastic scripting. However, the relationship that steals the show is none other than Joel and Ellie’s. All the people who like to play this game cannot wait for the release of the last of us season 2 and see what it offers.


Mass Effect: When deciding on one of the best games of the decade, everyone knew that this one will surely make it to the final list. However, not everyone knew that even Mass Effect 2 would create history. Even though Mass Effect was the best game on its own, the part of Commander Shepherd’s is one of the elements which is why this game has a big fan base. You can straightaway continue playing by retaining the look of the commander and obviously his personality. You leave no stone unturned to make sure the character is truly your own. Mass Effect 2 takes the best parts of its predecessor and makes them better than ever, adding more depth to both the story and characters. It’s the best the series has ever been.


The Final Thoughts 

These are some of the games that have made it to the final list of the best games of the decade. However, when you dig deeper, you will surely come against a plethora of games that have attracted the players. The last ten years have been like a roller coaster ride and these were some of the games that made the decade better. All the games mentioned above may necessarily not be the ones we think have had the most cultural or technological impact, nor are they ranked whatsoever. It only means that most of the gamers like playing these games from a decade ago. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to make a ‘definitive’ list of the best games of the past decade, not everyone will agree  - as we all have different tastes and opinions - plus there’s only a finite amount of games we can include.

If you want to gather more information about the games, you can always search for them over the internet.

So sit back and enjoy a journey down memory lane with GAMESEE.TV.