How the gaming industry is adapting to future technologies

Admin    |   20 May 2021

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It is widely observed that technology has roosted the gaming industry to a large extent wherein there is a thin line difference between fictional and nonfictional worlds. In the modern times, Gaming industry not only serves the purpose of entertainment but also provides educational knowledge and has become a massive source of income for many individuals. Mobile gaming competently acts as a driving force for more and more individuals to binge in the gaming world and become a resourceful part of the industry. With the advancement in technology, gaming has evidently ruled our generation. Talking about the time with the introduction of electronic games till the coin-op games, the gaming industry has immensely developed and achieved recognition throughout the world.


The concept of video games arose in the 1980's and gradually these games intended to improve the gaming experience of the player. With this the gamers got more engaged in playing video games with better tips and tricks. Past few years, there are many technological advancements that have been initiated for a better gaming experience in online casinos. In this article we shall talk about the advancements that have led the gaming industry to future technologies. Firstly, the emphasis lies on virtual reality wherein, it incorporates the technology of Optical Character Recognition. The process gives a life like experience to the players in the casino. As the name suggests, the concept of virtual reality widens the horizon of online gaming as it makes everything seem real in order to give a real time experience. The dynamics of virtual reality certainly match the interfaces of real time.


Another factor to be discussed is Augmented Reality wherein the virtual reality elements are introduced in four-dimensional space. The users who are a part of augmented reality have an inflated and an immersive experience, where they can slyly use the tactics and interact in the digital environment. Talking about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality specifically, the former exhibits the virtual elements specifically, wherein the latter exhibits real time content and audio along with the virtual elements. Augmented reality covers a vast arena, wherein it allows the gamers to use the existing environment and create their own gameplay, also, to handle the genre of post-apocalyptic world, the virtual factor rules the reality, for example, the trees seem more dry and decay. Wearable gaming became popular as it made the users come to ease due to the fact of its portability. This certainly helps in making your gameplay less interfering to such an extent that well renowned brands and companies are aiming to infuse fitness applications with entertainment.


Furthermore, due to the increased demand of smartphones, coin - op gaming became an essential part in the gaming world and provided a very good gaming experience. In the situation of passing time and commuting, there are various people who switch on the multiplayer mode on their phones and start to play in order to pass their time. However, mobile gaming achieved recognition and has also advanced in the digital market. Users these days have experienced another way of playing games, which is through voice recognition. Games that are controlled by the usage of voice tend to give a rich gaming experience in the gaming world. Controlling the gameplay through your voice, certainly helps the players to interact with each other in a special way and through social media networking. One can easily use this opportunity to make contacts in the gaming world wherein the system readily acknowledges the commands and stimulates an impeccable gameplay. Moving on, facial recognition is another way of improved dynamics in the gaming world, as it certainly creates an impersonation of the same character while playing the game. The process of facial recognition and three-dimensional scanning, helps the developers to create dynamic interfaces of the game and on the other hand helps the gamers to run the game as per their own suitability.


Gesture control games have had prominence the past few years, as the gameplay becomes easy in a way that natural movements of the body are often mimicked, captured and portrayed in 3D cameras. Gesture controlling games were a game changer in the industry wherein the players interacted with each other and played the game on a personal level. In addition, cloud gaming held prominence in a way that rather than introducing games on proper hardware systems, it is better to develop the game on cloud and make the game play easy. Unlike old days, games don't require the disks and the memory space, in fact the games are developed in a way that it varies in the size limit and the software is widely acceptable via the internet for the players to continue the online gaming. On demand video gaming is another way of adapting the advanced technologies wherein one can stream live while playing the video game.


The introduction of 3D graphics created newness among the players which incorporated real looking textures, real time interactions, real looking physical environment etcetera. Well-designed features and aspects in the game play boost the players to have an immersive gaming experience. Last but not the least, majorly the credit of advancement in online gaming usually goes to the smartphones and the gaming apps wherein the games incorporated in handy and pocket size devices give a rich experience of online gaming and keeps the players at ease and comfortable. Smartphones are making sure that there is an incorporation of each kind of gameplay, single player and multiplayer modes along with fun games for the amateurs to pass their time. Henceforth, with the blockchain technology there has been no chance of fraud in the online payments Usage of crypto wallets and crypto currencies have made the scenario of transaction safer as none of the details of the players can be recorded. The money certainly is received without worrying. However, it is very important to be adaptive to the new technologies in order to cope with the future advancements and have a gaming experience like none other before.