Ncore games announced Fau-G to get team Deathmatch mode soon

admin    |   18 Mar 2021

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FAU-G, a congregation of online multiplayer gameplay holds its existence due to the ncore games. This game certainly represents a eulogy for the dead heroes who fought for the nation’s pride. Fearless and United Guards, FAU-G is a portrayal of the courageous and brave attitude of the heroes with the special name FAU-G commandos. With the acquisition of sudden fame from the game, the developers thought to bring in a new feature which was to introduce the Deathmatch mode in the game. 


Team Deathmatch mode, sets in motion, the action of one team to have an encounter with the opponent team. While this gameplay mode is on, the players become alive even after being slashed to death wherein the highest points are given to the players who do the maximum killings. The player with the maximum number of frags is considered a winner. 


Deathmatch mode is a composite multiplayer mode, where the pro gamers are having a duel with each other and fulfill the genre of fighting games, action games, and racing games. Having control of your mind while playing virtually is not child’s play. The virtual characters are evidently guided by the pro streamers, however, the deathmatch games follow different rules and regulations during the gameplay or the encounter match. 


For your information, the famous Actor Akshay Kumar is religiously involved with the updates of the game and keeps a close association since the very start. The latest news of incorporating the deathmatch mode in FAU-G was proclaimed by the actor, Akshay Kumar, and the developers of the game, ncore games. Quoting the exact words, the developers, ncore games state “ Find your friends, form your squad, fight for freedom! FAU-G’s multiplayer Team Deathmatch mode is coming soon.” 


According to the news, Team Deathmatch mode allows a formation of five team members in the gameplay, wherein the main motive of the deathmatch is to encourage the players to earn more and more points by fragging the players and prevent one oneself from being fragged. Ncore games look forward to expecting better ratings of the game by adding better graphics and robust interface features for the game to become user-friendly and gain popularity among pro gamers in a developing country like India. 


Each game requires impeccable graphics and a strong gameplay field for the users to keep their interest alive and avoid any kind of sluggish element invading. FAU-G game holds 3.2 ratings out of the total on the google play store, however, the whole concern of adding the feature of Deathmatch mode was to have improvisation in the gameplay and create newness for the users to keep their interest alive. In addition, the probability of the game being a part of the IOS still remains in question. 


Initiation of Deathmatch mode did not only mean an influx of a multiplayer mode but also welcomed new weapons to the game. This mode imbibed a 5v5 setup with a limited time play to avoid any kind of glitches. In case both the opposing teams do not achieve decent frag score, the team with the highest number of frags is considered a winner. 


Withstanding the facts mentioned above, the introduction and incorporation of Team Deathmatch mode was a plus for the developers of the game as it became a juncture of repetitive moves and encounters featuring a tussle that did not intrigue the pro players for a very long time. It is time for the gamers to gain an experience that is one of a kind and let the developers hold their breath for the better deliverance of the ratings.