Pubg Scrims - A complete guide

Admin    |   08 Jun 2021

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Playing a practice match against few players or several players usually refers to the process of scrimming. The word scrim dawns its existence from the shortened form of “scrimmage” which certainly refers to the conducting of matches against each other in an unranked situation where there are no pros and cons of playing. This practice helps the players to be competent enough in such friendly matches for a better performance on the final day. The word scrim is overly used in the First-Person Shooter games amongst the clan members online. Various games where one can actually witness the process of scrimming are Fortnite, PUB G, Dota 2, Counterstrike, Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, etcetera. It is important to know, each game witnesses the scrimming practice online, and to be more familiar with more aspects, we shall talk about pro scrimming, a practice followed by athletes while playing against other team members.


Coming down to the specificity, PUBG Scrims and tigers are worth knowing and it is important to inculcate knowledge about them. Since PUBG is widely recognised as one of the online trafficking games, it incorporates a ranking system that boosts the players and attracts more users. This skill based mobile game embodies around eight tiers depending upon the different skill set of the players and the rank is awarded as per the skills of each player. The process of winning the games in continuation increases the ranking of the player wherein losing the game in continuation decreases the ranking. Starting with the lowest, Bronze is the most basic rank in the game and is awarded to the players after they have completed their first match. This basic rank itself includes five tiers which includes Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, Bronze IV and Bronze V. There are plenty of opportunities that the newcomers get while playing the game for the first time.


Following the Bronze rank comes, the silver rank, which certainly comprises five tiers similar to the bronze ranking system. Silver I to Silver V are the tiers that are incorporated in the silver ranking. The players who have played a bit of the game usually get this rank and players playing the game are able to inflate their ranking easily. Next in the ladder is gold rank, again consisting of five tiers, Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV, and Gold V. Players who have a substantial knowledge of the game and are very well acquainted with the tactics of the game can easily embark upon gold tier. The games in this line give an impeccable experience and pursue the players for a better gameplay in order to improve their ranks. Certainly, the quote, “Practice makes a man perfect”, works in this tier. After the player passes Gold I tier, that's when Platinum comes into existence. Like all others, it consists of five tiers, and the rank is allotted to players who have imbibed a perfect game play and wish to master the game. There are no bots in the game, therefore it becomes difficult to play the game, however, constant losing can lead to deficit ranking.


Next in line is the Diamond, wherein players who have mastered the basic gameplay and are aware of their inflating skill sets belong to the category of achieving Diamond. The players play with a challenging and competitive spirit while attaining this tier and are experienced to not let go of the minutest of mistakes by the opponent players. Next is Crown, which certainly comes after the Diamond rank. Players who have transcended all the difficulty levels and are experienced learners in the skill set for shooting, aiming and strategic gameplay are certainly meant for this bracket. Regular practice, consistency and determination can help the players jump to the next higher level. The next level is Ace, which is again followed by Crown with five tiers. Players that exhibit fantabulous performance and strong decision-making skills along with logical approach are best suited to accomplish this badge. Turning the tables upside down and making the whole game in your favour is not everyone’s cup of tea however, players in the Ace bracket are renowned to do this as they are wise enough to use the inventory. Last in the line is the Conqueror tier, just as the name suggests, this tier is an epitome of perfection wherein top 500 players from each strata are given this badge. This bracket incorporates professional players with outstanding capabilities of using the inventory, weapons and grenades, however, professional gameplay is the need of the hour and failing that, players are called mere PUBG Mobile players.


Furthermore, while we talk about the advantages of playing the game, there are various benefits that we get and are unaware of, however, knowing your equipment and familiarising with your equipment with utmost possibility is the need of the hour. No professional player shall be happy to lose the game because of a poor technicality issue. Secondly, it is important to understand that practising makes it easy to know the tips and tricks of the game and there is a reason why Arcade and War mode is there in every game. Practising again and again helps to improve the skill set and endurance of each player. One can have a better gameplay with strong instincts, consistency, and focus on the weak points. Before even starting to play the game, it is very important to have a proper gameplan, however, this requires a proper set of teams. When the players play in a team, they are certainly in less danger. As an individual player, the burden remains more and survival becomes a task. Survival of the fittest with the team is still better than struggling to survive alone. Therefore, it is advised to always stick with your team.


Another pro tip is to acquire a dynamic approach rather than a stagnant one. It is important to keep moving in different directions and dodge the other players rather than sitting at once place and aim. Changing whereabouts and the directions in the game can make your moves unpredictable and help you make the other players more tiring. Therefore, smart minds tend to achieve more laurels. Another advantage that can help you survive for a long time is to have patience while playing the game. Impatience can lead to a huge destruction in the game, in case you are losing, it is better to keep yourself safe rather than risking it all. Last but not the least, another advantage that a pro gamer can have is to exactly be known of the inventory and the stacking of the weapons. Travelling with the least inventory can also give you an edge while you are losing.


Moving on with more details, there is a stepwise proper guide to be followed while playing PUBG as it helps the players to refrain from confusion. The journey simply begins by downloading and installing PUBG Mobile from the google play store in your smartphone. Downloading the game on a smartphone can help you to be away from all the glitches and other technicality issues. Once the app is installed it showcases three options, in order to play PUBG through your Gmail id, download the app from the play store, fill in the credentials and click on the icon, there you will see play games. In case you don't find the option to tap, clicking here and there twice will help you reach there. Another way of logging in and playing is through Facebook and Twitter and you are good to go. Thirdly, there is a possibility that you would want to play without any login id, however, clicking on guests will make you do so. It is important to note that in case, the device or the setup changes, the player cannot continue logging in with the name of the same guest.


There is an advantage for the IOS users wherein the players can login through Game Centre Account and further, you will have to press the “More” button and mend the Game Centre Settings. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the players can set sail on their journey of playing the game. Using any kind of option will certainly bring you to the same interface wherein the players can either enter the game directly by tapping the START button or create the opportunity in a better way, by basic optimisations, choosing the outfits of the players, downloading the maps that help the players to navigate through easily, attend the training sessions and practice with focus to be able to make it to a professionalism. Every player must practice in a way that they know the tactics of winning the game and have an edge with every difficulty. In this game of survival of the fittest, the players must be well acquainted with the gameplay to remain alive till the end. For all to know, GameSee sponsored PUBG Scrims wherein the elite Prize pool Scrims Season 1 was arranged by Scam Esports and the prize pool was 50 INR, daily. It was held from 1st June till the 30th June, the registration was conducted at 1 pm every day on discord and the match timings were scheduled from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.