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First person shooter games, labelled as FPS games, is a part of the shooter video games wherein the player comes in direct contact with the opponent and uses the gun or other equipment in a combat through the first-person perspective. These games are basically played in a three-dimensional space, and fall under the category of action games too. Since the inception of multiplayer mode games, FPS games have been an integral part of the clan. In these games, the mind of the players connects with that of the character through the eyes to have an exquisite combat. These games incorporate an avatar, premier league equipment and wide number of enemies. These games seem more realistic with the exhibition of three-dimensional effects of lightning, collision and sound.


The players of this genre can witness the game with the logical approach and incorporate a heavy style of gameplay to be in the game. The dynamics of these games is far beyond the understanding of the infantile player, which in turn means that only the pro gamers are streamlined with this concept. These games are free to play in order to reach a wider set of audience and in consequence to which the players combat to an utmost level. FPS games incorporate a world of their own where the first-person shooters combat persistently. These games comprise innumerable levels or a long narrative that continues for a long time keeping the first-person shooter completely active. For everyone not aware of the fact, FPS games were termed as “Doom Clones”. The speculative work of id software, jumped with a phenomenal rise over 20 years ago, wherein the shooters gained an experience of LAN parties, more experimentation, esports and single player gaming.


For the first-person shooters, knocking off the enemies with the guns is their only gameplay. In this discussion, we will highlight a few games where the first-person shooter can take out all his frustrations and bomb the opponent with his weapons. Dusk was the game that was released in 2018, by the developer David Szymanski. Dusk is one of the top-rated shooters of 2018, wherein, the character is largely influenced by Quake, Doom and Half-Life. It is a horror story that incorporates impeccable dynamics for the players to play freely. In case the players want to divert from the 90’s, this game is the best way to have a diversion. It is a fun play game with rivets exploding, keeping ammunition in hand. Another renowned FPS game is Titanfall 2, which was released in 2016, by the developer Respawn Entertainment. Even after the game showcased valuable multiplayer options, the campaign ended up being one in a million. Developing the single player for the game was not an easy job, however, the developer called in for various ideas to choose the outlook of the single player Titanfall 2. It is a mischievous game that incorporates a talkative metal dog, an amalgamation of thrilling challenges and puzzled elements.


Bulletstorm is a game belonging to the FPS genre that was basically released in 2011, by the developer People can fly, Epic Games. Bulletstorm is a far-fetched attacker that can easily wind the way with smartness. The incorporation of a different level of energy and the ability to kick the enemies and the fastidious movements somehow help the player be in the game with the help of various ammunition and armory. Certainly, Bulletstorm incorporates a comedy script written by Rick Remender wherein, the action matches the kind of play. The game streams in a full clip edition. Prey, released in 2017 by the developer Arkane Austin, wherein the game lets you completely experiment and discover new things in the playground. It is a modern and a deeply engaging sim classic, imbibing the vast ideas from its system shock predecessors who have advanced technology with the rapidity of time and most importantly it emulates Arkanes’s incredible eye for the artful design. The best part about developing this game was to let the players experiment and experience a different gameplay wherein they can play the game according to their own choice.


No one lives forever, the game has its inception since 2000, by the developer Monolith productions. The game has impeccably represented the era of the 1960's and incorporates dynamic gameplay. The game centers around a female protagonist Cate Archer, who secretly works for an organization to gather world peace. The game is an amalgamation of first-person shooter and sly gameplay. The gadgets used in the game are very strong and intriguing also, the players can easily achieve missions by the deed of impersonation and tactfully handling the opponents. The game very well incorporates the remarkable feature of Artificial Intelligence. Somehow the designing of the game was an impeccable creation, however, Monolith ended up developing a hilarious version, which could not be outgrown by anyone till now. Metro Exodus released in 2019 by the developer 4A Games, belongs to the FPS genre and incorporates a sly gameplay. The game is casted in a horror set up centering around the post-apocalyptic world. The players in this game use custom and handmade weapons to make a stronger gameplay wherein the surroundings of the game incorporate amalgamation of linear levels and sandbox environment.


Black Mesa, released in 2020 by the developer Crowbar Collective was certainly developed in response to Half Life. The gameplay calls upon various tasks to be performed and solving of immense puzzles to progress in the game. The plot of Black Mesa is similar to that of the Half Life wherein the players incorporate an approach of survival of the fittest. Wolfenstein: The New Order was released in 2014 by the MachineGames belongs to the genre of FPS games, and is an action adventure, where the players combat with their opponents throughout all the levels. The game incorporates features like regeneration of health, melee attacks, exploding the opponents, intense combat between the two parties and use of customized weapons majorly comprising assault rifles and laser guns. SWAT 4, a game released in 2004 by the developer Irrational Games, wherein the opponents are not enemies but are termed as suspects. The instinct of the movie to shoot first is sometimes, bad and a rewarding experience. The secured rooms and doors call for an impeccable experience to play the game for the players.


Aforementioned, are various first-person shooter games that can be termed as the best games to play out of the lot. Almost all of the games are free to play and certainly, require impeccable graphics and dynamic interfaces. In the age of three-dimensional spaces, it is a task to identify the characters with great shooting. Last but not the least, it is very important to be majorly acquainted with the mechanics, longevity, interfaces, visual designs, game play, and skill set of each player to be able to win the game of this genre.