Unopened Super Mario Bros game sells for $6,60,000 in an auction

admin    |   26 Apr 2021

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An old invention by Nintendo which was a sequel to the game Mario Bros was one of the favourite games played by children and was released in 1985. The game received wide recognition in the market as the game was released to bid farewell to Famicom’s cartridge with the upcoming graphics and impeccable interfaces. Mario or his brother Luigi  is controlled in the game as both the brothers are duly responsible for rescuing Princess Toadstool from King Koopa and survive even after the attacks done by Bowser while travelling through the Mushroom kingdom. The framework of the first level, called World 1-1 certainly serves as a  tutorial for the first time video gamers for them to know the tips and tricks, moreover the mechanism of the gameplay. 


While we talk about the game play, this multiplayer mode game follows a pattern of side scrolling from the screen wherein the player progresses from left side of the screen towards the right side. The game in all comprises eight fantasy worlds with four sublevels in each world. The extended levels keep the interest of the pro streamers alive, wherein the underwater stages intrigues the players to play more. 


To our surprise, Mario Brothers game was auctioned where it was sold at a stupendous amount of $ 660,000. Fairly mentioning the story of the game being sold, firstly, the game was bought as a christmas gift and was not remembered at all, thereafter the issue aroused in the public eye again after a few weeks while the cardboard copy was discovered packed and sealed in a drawer for around 35 years. 


 In addition to this, the Auction house states “ Not only is this the finest plastic- sealed copy with a perforated cardboard hang tab we’ve ever offered of any black box title, it is also the oldest sealed copy of Super Mario Bros, we’ve ever had the opportunity to offer. This is only the fourth version of Super Mario Bros, ever produced and its window of production was remarkably short. Just to paint a better picture of how short this really was -- the nationwide release for the console came in mid to late 1986, and black box games distributed for that release did not have the “Game Pak NES - GP” code. It's worth mentioning that Nintendo managed to add the trademark symbol to the Nintendo Entertainment System on their game boxes by the beginning of 1987.” 


Super Mario Brothers is one of the renowned platform games, the finest copy of which was claimed to be banged at. The day Mario began, it was 10th March, however, this day is certainly celebrated as Mario’s birthday and was one of the massively paid video games. The way this game achieved fame and reached heights was unimaginable. “Who doesn't love Mario?” says McLeckie. One in a million games worth playing was designed for the audience outside Japan where the game was widely appreciated in all forms. 


Furthermore, Nintendo Mario Brothers Game was one of the most expensive platform games to be sold and was accompanied by various other games that were auctioned, namely Mega Man, 1987, and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Nevertheless, Super Mario Brothers Game has been sold at a premium rate with the highest buying capacity, more than 50 million copies sold worldwide, than any other game. The popularisation of Super Mario Brothers stimulated the recognition of the side scrolling platform genre. Last but not the least, original version of Mario game released in 1983, incorporated a black and white screen feature, whereas the Super Mario Bros was a creation of a colorful concept and better interfaces with larger characters.