Valorant Revenge Cup Tournament Highlights

admin    |   18 Mar 2021

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All work and no play will make you sad and grey’, rightly said by Habeeb Akande. As in our busy working schedules, recreational activities play an important role in the overall development of an individual. Hence the key to a healthy mind is a balanced form of lifestyle which includes work and plays both. Therefore keeping the same view our office administrators gave us the responsibility of conducting some activities for the office staff but in the prevailing situations of COVID19, it was merely impossible to keep our employees motivated and channelized. Thus keeping the government protocols in view we managed to conduct an Esports tournament namely ‘Valorant Revenge Cup’ which was organized in January to bring a kick start to the year. The registrations for the interested candidates commenced from the 5th of January 2021 and the commencement of the event was scheduled from the 27th of January 2021. The Tournament was Broadcasted on GameSee.Tv.


Wherefore we took assistance from our I.T Department and superintendent in forming teams and Knockout matches. It was a full-fledged six-day tournament with a prize pool of rupees 4000 to the winning team. The schedule of the matches was uploaded over our online portal and an acknowledgment message was sent to all our respected participants before the inception of the event. As the date of the event was approaching all the participants showed a different level of excitement and one could feel the sense of sportiness in the work environment, as it was a great change after such a hectic year of work from home and lockdown situations.


Day 1 of the tournament was set at around 3:00 pm in the noon on the 27th of January and it was called Knockout round 1 which consisted of seven rounds and 14 different teams participating. It lasted for around three and a half hours allowing each set to be around 30mins. We could witness competitiveness and neck-to-neck fights, where each team was on fire and an urge to win was burning the screens up. The first set of teams were Adbhut Esports versus Sapphire where Adbhut Esports easily took the grounds from Sapphire. Whereas a tough fight was visible in the second and third set of teams that were between Standup Esports versus Rushbee Xoxo and Team MTX versus Team Overconfidence. 


Where the swords of team Standup Esports and team Overconfidence brought victories to their respected houses. Hence the winning and losing of the teams picked up some pace and by the end of the Knockout round 1 we had team Disunity win over Weird esports in set 4, team Spiritual gangsters over Believers in set 5 and Team Anonymous ruled over team A2Z Esports in set 6. In set 7 which was conducted between Level zero Esports and Hype Esports, Levelzero Esports were seen raising their flags. And with this, we came to the closing ceremony of the day 1 tournament with the speech of one of our company associates.


By the start of day 2 that is Knockout Round 2 all the teams were highly prepared and had taken all the inputs from the teams of day 1. It was conducted on the same principles as of day 1 but on this day we had 16 new teams participating with 8 sets of matches. Whereby with the end of the day we resulted as team Masterbaiters win over Team Septics, Team Castiel win over Wild Wolf, Savage squad over Richmonks, EXE sports over Jetr Vyuha in the fourth set . With clicking clocks the last four sets resulted in the victories of NHK over TEG, Team Fangs over Egomanics , TE5 Over team Parabellum, and Team Glitch Esports over Vikings. All the winning teams were congratulated by our staffs Vice President hence looking forward to day 3 of the tournament Knockout round 2 was accomplished 


On the 29th of January, Day 3 of the tournament and Knockout Round 3 successfully launched with 8 sets of matches between the winning teams of Knockout round 1 and 2 plus one new team naming Alone Jaguars. The time allotted for each match was 30 minutes and by the end of the fourth set of match, we could notice the flags of Adbhut Esports waving over Standup Esports, Spiritual Gangsters flags over team Anonymous, the flags of team Levelzero sports over Alone Jaguars and Team Overconfidence waving its flags over the flags of team Disunity. Where in the concluding 4 sets team Castiel, NHK, EXE Esports, and team Fangs stepped forward defending Master baiters, Savage squad, TE5 and team Glitch.


On day 4 the Quarter Finals of the tournament. The screens were all set to get our winners and all the teams were ready to showcase their talents. We had arranged live viewing of the matches for all of our staff members. Day 4 consisted of 4 sets of matches each comprising about 40 minutes. The first match was held between Adbhut Esports and Standup Esports, the second match was fought between Spiritual Gangsters and Team Anonymous where Adbhut Esports and Levelzero esports came up with a distinction and were announced as the winners of the first two sets of quarter-finals. Whereas the last two sets were celebrated in the names of Team NHK and Team Fangs. Day 4 came to an end with all eyes on day 5 which was the Semi Finale scheduled between the Team Fangs versus NHK at 5:00 pm on the 31st of January.


This day both the respected teams joined their screens right in time all our office staff had joined us live to witness the rage of our competitors The Semi finale had 3 rounds, 5 points each. The timers were and as soon as the match began team Fangs wrote round 1 in its name, whereas the 2nd round turned up to be a tie between both the teams where the tiebreaker point was ruled by team NHK. By the time we had entered round 3 which was the deciding round wherein no time and no extra effort, we saw team Fangs emerging as the winners of the semi-finals of the tournament.


After such a high-spirited competition and 5 days of all the struggles, the time rushed us to the Finals of the Valorant Revenge Cup. On the 1st of February 2021, the final two unbeatable teams Adbhut Esports and Team Fangs entered the battlegrounds where all the eyes were set on the screens and all the heats were just beating for the results.


Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”  And this is exactly what was showcased by all our teams throughout the tournament. It was such an ineffable experience for us henceforth such positive responses from all our members motivated us for conducting further such activities.