What is The Best Way to Use Your Mobile Data? Livestream Video Games or Download?

admin    |   21 Feb 2021

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Watching videos is the most fun activity of this era. Whenever there is a break or free time, people enjoy watching videos online. Online videos are not just entertainment material, but people today use them more frequently to learn or access information. Even from an entertainment perspective, there is a wide range of video content to suit everyone's interests. You can find Vlogs, short films, informative videos, e-learning videos, livestream video games, and many other types; the list is just never-ending. 


However, watching a lot of videos may consume a lot of data as well, and if you are on a mobile data plan, it is better to keep an eye on your data consumption. Mobile data is expensive but allows you to use the internet in places where there is no Wi-Fi. 


So, how do you use your internet data?


Should you download online videos or Livestream content? 


Let's take a look at how you should watch videos to make your mobile data's best use.


Streaming Vs. Downloading


In general, streaming or downloading does not make much difference. Almost the same amount of data is consumed when you download a video or stream it directly. When you stream a video directly, your device actually downloads the video and pays it in real-time. The same happens when you download a video; the only difference is that the video is not played directly as it downloads. However, depending on the various factors like your usage, network speed, mobile data, and Wi-Fi availability, streaming or downloading can have some differences.


When using your mobile data, the primary issue is that you may use up your daily data very fast, and you may not be able to access the internet for the rest of the day. Some service providers may start deducting your balance currency without any notice as soon as the free data is over. Such instances can cause hassles when you need internet data or mobile currency in an emergency. 


Due to these reasons, it is important to use your internet data wisely. You must monitor your data consumption and understand how to use your data so that you don't end up losing money. Let's take a look at how you can determine whether streaming or downloading is a better option for you.


Purpose of Watching


The purpose of watching a video plays a key role in determining whether you must download a video or just stream it. People watching educational videos and e-learning videos tend to watch the same video, again and again, several times. Educational videos have a lot of information, and the viewers tend to watch them several times for reference. So if you watch such videos, it is better to download them as you may lose data every time you stream the same video again and again.


However, it is better to stream the random videos that you watch just for entertainment. Such videos are not usually watched again and again, and you may not have the time to watch the entire video. Therefore, streaming the video is a better option for data saving. 


Internet Speed


Internet speed is a crucial parameter that affects your video viewing experience directly. If your internet speed is low, streaming content can be extremely irritating. The video may not play smoothly, and if it does, the video quality may be very bad. So, if the internet speed is low, downloading the videos would be the better choice. You can add videos for downloading at the required video quality and then watch it later when the video is downloaded. 


However, if you have good internet speed, streaming would be the best choice. Streaming will allow you to watch the video immediately without having to wait for it to download. You can directly click on a video and start watching it, and it will also save your storage space. 


Availability of Data


Online videos use up a lot of internet data if you don't use it wisely. Mobile data packs are often limited, so you need to understand how to use the data so that it lasts throughout the data without abrupt stoppage. 


Before you start to watch or download videos, you must check how much data is left on your mobile data plan. If the data is low, it is better to avoid watching online videos, but if it is an emergency, download the video in lower quality so that it does not use up the remaining data on your phone. 


Most online streaming platforms have an automatic selection of quality depending on the internet speed. So if you have high-speed internet, the platform will stream the video in HD quality regardless of your data availability. So if you have less data, the data will be used up very fast if you choose to stream videos. 


Should You Use Mobile Data?


If you have Wi-Fi available near, the best choice would be to use Wi-Fi internet at all times. Wi-Fi would give you better speed and a better network to stream an unlimited number of videos. 


However, if you are using mobile data, you must always check your data usage. If you don't need additional data for the day, you can watch online videos on mobile data, but if the data is low and you need data for some important work, it better not to watch online videos. 




You can watch online videos or livestream video games and entertaining videos on your mobile data plan. But you must be careful about the above conditions and use your data wisely so that you don't run out of it.


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So, don't waste time anymore. Use your mobile data wisely and watch live stream video games in desired quality.