Why is Free Fire so popular among gamers ?

admin    |   26 Feb 2021

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Free fire games belong to the genre of Battle Royale where the game comprises around 50 players, each of them descending from the parachute on an island looking for weapons and get loaded with the equipment to have a warfare with the opponents. It is an action-adventure conducted on an online portal in a third-person perspective. Having been developed by 111 Dots Studio, this game is formerly known as Garena Free Fire. The game promulgated in 2018 and has hit the ecosystem of Esports immensely


A massive audience marked its presence in the official tournament incorporating synchronous spectatorship of around two million in number. To know how exactly the game gained importance and was considered an outstanding option to play, it was important to identify the shortage of premier dollar phones in certain places. One of the Esport spectators states that “There is a direct relation of the game and the phones that are being used.” Basically, free-fire games hold dominance in American and Asian countries, while we talk about the choice of the gamers in these respective regions, a different league evolves as it is a game that is free to play. 


One of the reasons that Free fire games certainly became popular globally was due to the game being more economically friendly than PUBG and Call of Duty. People in Brazilian countries have grown up without desktops or computers but certainly, almost everyone owns a cell phone as it is more affordable than the PC. Since Garena free fire does not demand high functionality software, this game can be easily played by millions of people. Having said that, games like PUBG and Call of Duty need a high-performance spectrum to make themselves worth the play and unfortunately, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to buy expensive phones and play the games. 


Having a choice of playing a game totally depends on the gamer, however, different gamers acquire different propaganda. The graphics and animation of Free Fire games is very basic however, games like PUBG and Fortnite have impeccable graphics that somehow attracts the gamers while playing. Garena Free Fire games have amplified the Esports reach so widely that the spectatorship has outgrown in numbers even without having an overly prized pool possession. The thrill to knock one’s socks off in a serious or amicable way makes the game competent and popular enough. 


While we talk about the League of Legends World Championship 2019, Free Fire has had a very convincing viewership of around four million and has been immensely gaining prominence in all other developing countries. This game has teams that came from nowhere, however, it is rightly said, between the gamers and the game, the role of content creators plays a very important role. Without the script, the story is nothing. Therefore, the practical implementation of a theoretical script is a must. 

Garena free fire promoted an aspect of community engagement and comforted the players to have a long-term engagement with the Esports tradition. For someone to move from a stagnant to dynamic growth, Free fire is the right choice as the players started playing from home and now have wide mansions. Games like PUBG and Fortnite require heavy processing units which is not possible in each phone. Therefore, talking about the competitive growth of the Garena Free fire games, it has a rising trend in the upcoming time as this game is apt in terms of being generic rather than maintaining a league of the high-performance spectrum, apt storage space, or ornate graphic designing. This game can be played by every kind of person regardless of the phone the person has.