Story Mode Game is a collective name given to the computer games in which the game runs in various episodes where every player is given a different character to perform and possess. Technically, the story mode takes approximately 20 hours to complete the first time frame. While playing in this mode, the players get encouraged to unlock the doors of acquiring more weapons. Usually, these stories confer to adventures through fabulous graphics and there is impeccable connectivity between the players while performing actions on the battlefield. 


To talk about Interactive story mode games, it is important to refer to PC Games, Android Games and IOS Games. Whether it is a single-player game or a multiplayer game there are various story-driven games that lay more impact and grab more attention than a book or a movie.

1. Gone Home:- one of the best story mode PC Games, in which a youthful girl visits her home after completing her education from abroad and doesn't get to see her parents and siblings - Sam. This game incorporates a gothic genre and an emotional tone where the player has to find letters and observe certain objects to keep the game going. 


2. Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic is another PC Story Mode Game that gives a flamboyant Star War experience. This game incorporates certain new elements one after the other where the players leave no stone unturned about the opponents and come up with a twist by the end. This story mode game helps you dwell in a new environment and new challenges.


3. Invisible Inc:- is another game that is mainly conferred by IOS and leaves you bewildered by the end. It is certainly set in the future, the year 2074 where heuristic programming of computers will have more prominence than human beings. This game portrays the working of an agency that gathers information for major corporate organizations and plays a huge role in the hacking. It is one of the best story-driven games and is a bit complex while playing for the first time. 


4. Old man’s journey:- is an IOS oriented game that got fame in a very short span of time and proves that it is not important that a story can be told through words rather the story can be easily told through nonverbal means and in this case visuals are employed for the better gameplay. The plot of the story revolves around an old man and the tone that it employs is sad and emotional.


5. Yesterday:- is one of the best story mode games to be played in Android, the plot of which revolves around a real life person, Henry White where the characters identify a genuine killing in NewYork devise a plan to look for people who possess a Y shaped scar on the hand. 


6. Life is Strange:-  is another story mode game that incorporates five episodes and has a revolutionary genre. It is a highly replayable game where the player can easily change the present, past, and future aspects. The plot of the story revolves around Max Caufiled who unearths the fact of having the power to experience the concept of time-lapse and tends to save her best friend.


7. Chloe Price:- It is an android friendly game and is one of the best adventure stories. This game incorporates an authentic interface and full controller system that can help the player to rewind the time in case the player wants to change events. 


8. Walking dead:- is a renowned series of games that is divided into five parts incorporating a story of a convicted criminal who is given a second chance at life. It is a thriller game that enhances the decision making power of the players and the players lead a path according to their actions in the game. Certainly, the actions of the players affect the series. One can easily choose the story episode online also all the episodes have been award-winning. Last but not the least, the game incorporates soothing sound quality with impeccable graphics. 


9. Firewatch:- is an adventurous game developed by Campo Santo for Microsoft windows, IO, Playstation 4 etcetera. This story mode game highlights the American state Wyoming from a first-person view. All the players in the game are assigned the role of Henry who comes across baffling and mystical occurrences in the local regions. It is a game that has an effective storyline with graphical inputs and is absolutely thrilling. This game runs on the Unity game engine with cosmic voice dialogue. 


10. The Witcher:- as the name suggests, belongs to the gothic genre and is one of the best story mode games. This game is developed by CD Projekt Red and is a primitive fantasy game that incorporates the protagonist as a traveling monster hunter possessing supernatural powers. There are various fighting styles that the game has however, the players can choose any of them to play. The most fundamental part of the gameplay is alchemy, therefore, decisions taken in time have various consequences. This game has a setup of clear translations, with good voice inflections and rich cinematic experience. 


Well, mentioned above are few best Story Mode Games that make the developers perform their task in an exquisite way. Certainly, the developers make sure that the functioning of the game and the time lapse between the action and reaction is balanced. There is a quick play which is expected in these games and the players are often challenged to combat the challenges efficiently on the battlefield. The storyline is created to keep the interest of the players intact and give an interactive approach to the game. Acquiring new weapons, unlocking certain challenges, regeneration of health, acquiring certain moves as the episodes move forward can only be done if the overall game has a linear approach. However, the incorporation of extensive and boundless graphics to prevent the game from being boring is a must.