The Best Games Like PUBg Available On Android


2020 is a year that will be remembered by all. Well, you may be wondering why? Let's start with the good and the worst.


With New Year's, every individual out there was excited. But nobody knew that the tables would turn and happiness would go away this soon. With the coming of the COVID 19 pandemic, the government announced a complete lockdown. With no liberty to go out from home, this was the time when everyone started looking for different activities they could do. However, the lockdown time was a bit easy for the game lovers. From Counter-Strike to Ludo, PUBg, and more, there were numerous games that were played by people. Nevertheless, what happened next totally blew away the minds of people. The government announced the ban of fifty-nine Chinese apps citing the sovereignty and integrity of Indian cyberspace. Among these apps, one major app that was banned was PUBg, the very famous battle royale game. There is no denying the fact that this game came as a complete shock. One primary reason behind the same is India is one of the largest markets for Tencent. But fortunately, that was not the end. The developers came up with some fantastic substitutes. So without further ado, let's get started. Keep these games in mind as you can find these games on both iOS and Android.


Best Battle Games That Can Be Played 

If you are wondering what are the best battle games which are somewhat like PUBg, we have got your back. Like we bet you have come to the right page. Here, you will gather all the information as we dug deep and have bought the best games like PUBG Mobile for both Android and iOS. We have mentioned all the information including the pros too. 


  • Call of duty: Mobile - A year back, Call of Duty: Mobile was launched for both iOS and Android. The main motive for the launch of this game was to give a tough fight to PUBg and grab all the attention of the gamers. Later, this game did make its place in the gaming industry but couldn't replace PUBg. Nevertheless, now that the game is banned, you can surely give a thought about playing this one. Secondly, Call of Duty: Mobile is published by Activism which by the way is a US-based studio. They say that as of now there are no chances for the game to be banned. You may be wondering why? Well, the best part about this game is it provides everything you used to see in PUBg. From having a 100-player battle royale mode to various multiplayer modes like black Ops and COD, the game has it all. In addition to this, you can customize your character endlessly, unlock new characters, earn rewards, and enjoy other perks too. Want to hear something more exciting? The game takes up around 2GB of storage and runs pretty well on budget Android devices. This is one major reason why it can easily replace PUBG Mobile in the Indian market. So what are you waiting for? This is surely a great game to hop on.


  • 100-player battle royale 
  • Features other multiplayer games too
  • Compatible with both budget and high-tier devices
  • Takes up 2GB of storage


  • Fortnite: Fortnite was ousted from iOs and PUBg was banned. Now was the time to bring something new to the game industry. Because seventy-five percent of people use Android, the game would gain more popularity. However, do not forget the fact that this game has been removed from the play store. But there is nothing to worry about. You do have an opportunity to download the game through its own store. The installation procedure is simple and if you do not know how to get started, you can always follow the instructions given or check YouTube. For your information, the game takes about 8GB of storage. On top of that, the game needs an Android device running android 8 or more than that which means at least 4GB RAM. Now moving to the game, this one is also somewhat like PUBg. There is no denying the fact that you have four separate modes. From 100-player battle royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World. Party Royal is just like PUBG’s Cheer Park; Creative is where you can create your own island and Save the World is a co-op tower defense survival game. Both developers and professionals have said that Fortnite is a thousand times better than PUBg. And now that the game has begun, you surely cannot miss a chance to play it.


  • High-quality graphics
  • 100-player battle royale
  • Multiple gaming modes
  • Gameplay is excellent


  • Garena Free Fire: 3volution: This can be the game for you if you are not a big fan of jumping into a high capacity fight. The controls of this game are present on the screen and are very simple to use. All you have to do is go against forty-nine users in a time period of ten minutes. This way you will be able to survive till the end of the game. The basics of this game remain very same. All you have to do is drop a remote on the island and look for weapons and medkits. In addition to this, you also have to stay inside the safe zone and win the battle. For your information, you can also form 4-man squads and speak to one another to prepare some strategy with the help of voice chat. The graphics are smooth so you will not face any problems during the game.


  • 49-player battle royale
  • Loot and shoot
  • Supports in-game voice chat
  • Pretty good graphics


  • Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival: There is no denying the fact that hopeless land: fight for survival is another game just like PUBg. It has got rave reviews from many of them from the mobile gaming industry. It is a good substitute for PUBg because of its survival as the main theme. The game has a survival mode where you can play against 121 players and the last man standing wins the match. The environment is somewhat an Asian aesthetic. It feels like you are at your home. The best part is you can drive a helicopter and land in new places without facing the death match. Its environment has an Asian aesthetic and you would find yourself at home. You can drive a helicopter, land in different places without facing the death match. After all, the game is not just about guns and weapons, but you need sharp strategic skills like PUBG to win the round. Here too, you are followed by a hazard zone and you need to be inside the safe zone to continue the game. And the best part is that it’s compatible with a range of Android devices. All in all, with over 50M downloads on Play Store alone, Hopeless Land is a fit replacement for PUBG Mobile, both on Android and iOS


  • 121-players battle royale
  • Asian aesthetic environment
  • Fly in helicopters
  • Strategic game like PUBG


  • Battlelands Royale: The name says it all. The game is most certainly like PUBg. Nevertheless, it has some fun twists. It’s not your casual blood-filled shooter game but brings cute characters and a cartoonish gameplay environment. But you do have the main theme: a 32-player battle royale game where the carnage does not stop. The best part about the game is you do not have to wait in the lobby for others to join. You just have to enter the game and you can start playing. You can play the game either in solo or duo mode and you have to dominate your arena from all sides. The map is also kind of huge and you will have to play the game to learn about the various positions. So go get started. What are you waiting for?


  • Fun and harmless battle royale
  • Quick deathmatch
  • Supports solo or duo mode
  • Features detailed map


  • Scarfall: This royale combat has a unique distinction on this list. This one is among the few battle royale games that has been developed by an Indian studio. Yes, you are reading this right. According to YourStory, “ScarFall emerged as one of the top Made-in-India apps in the gaming category in the recent Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hence, if you no longer want to play Chinese games, this one will be an apt choice. All you have to do is survive in the shrinking mode zone no matter if you are playing in offline mode or online mode. In addition to this, we would like to tell you that you can also play solo.


  • Graphics is pretty good
  • Both offline and online multiplayer mode
  • Supports FPS and TPS
  • Growing community


  • Danger close: Danger Close is another battle royale game that has enhanced with time. Similar to PUBg, here you can play in an intense multiplayer battle. The best part about the game is the Danger Close, which now features a new map. This map is much bigger and has added new mechanics like recoil, looting, and a brand new inventory system. When you talk about the map, now you have an opportunity to select to play in eight different places such as alien planets or a pirate-infested island. In addition to this, you can also join the online FPS deathmatch. The best thing is you can play anytime you want. Like obviously the graphics are not so close to that of PUBg, but with such a small footprint, you are able to quickly join an online deathmatch which is amazing and apt. Simply put, if you are in for a quick multiplayer game then Danger Close is a decent alternative to PUBG mobile.


  • Online multiplayer deathmatch
  • Much bigger map
  • Can choose from a variety of locations
  • Download size is pretty small


The Final Thoughts 

These are some of the games that have made way to the gaming industry especially after the ban of PUBg. Now you no more have to find other substitutes for PUBg. You have a plethora of games developed. We bet you will have the best experience while playing the games. You will enjoy the battle, the characters, and everything else. Overall it will be worth playing the games. We know for a fact that after the ban of PUBg most of them were upset. In fact, people went into depression according to the newspaper readings. Hence, we decided to shed some light on the fantastic substitutes that are now available both on iOS and Android. You can do some research and see which one is suitable for you. However, we will suggest trying different games. This way you will get to know something or the other about each game.


Do you want to try any one of them? Don't fret. We have got your back. All you have to do is download the game from the app store and there you go. You just have to follow the instructions given. Check Youtube if you are facing any trouble while downloading the game.

If you want to gather more information about the games, do yourself a favor and feel free to speak to the professionals today. These are the experts who have years of experience in the industry and know which game will be loved by the gamers. They keep in mind the requirements and develop a game that will surely lure the attention of the gamers. We hope this piece has been useful for you to get all the information about the leading games. Even though PUBg has been one of the best games for every individual out there, we would say that it is never wrong to step out of the box and try something new. Who knows you will find something more interesting? So give it a try and do not let the ban take away the fun of playing games.