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By Admin | 23 Jul 2021

Nintendo Switch, an electronic device created to portray visual features for the or more players to play with the game controller, certainly attracted worldwide gameplay. In Simple language Nintendo Switch was a visual console developed for the players by Nintendo series. It serves multifarious purposes, wherein it can become a home console, or a portable device being termed as a hybrid console. The software installed in the Nintendo Switch evidently supports online gaming with the help of the internet or local wireless consoles. This console belonged to the eighth generation and holds complete competency with Microsoft Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This battery powered tablet lets you have access over three gameplay modes, firstly, T.V mode, Tabletop mode and Handheld mode.


To start with naming the best football games, let's talk about FIFA 18, the publishers of FIFA have been existing and will be existing even if you want to remove them from your sight as no football list is complete without FIFA. Usually, FIFA games became a bore for many people as the game incorporated gaudy graphics and presentation also, with countless moves scoring numerous times. However, the game had a hit again with the Nintendo Switch. Even if for various people the controllers were poorly constructed, the game still was worth playing. The actual gameplay is done on the basis of turn based strategy, wherein a time comes when the players tend to roll in the game and certainly old tradition dice rolling starts to follow.


Super Arcade game incorporates a gameplay that has a direct access over the controllers. Simple football rules are followed in the game along with a low intensity gameplay. The game embodies five leagues of gameplay, Spanish, Italian, German, French and English. Up To four players can play the game but the game cannot be played locally. The game is all about a clear shot and a clear goal wherein the goalkeepers are much responsible for saving the goal and letting it go. On screen the game seems an easy play however, when you repetitively press the buttons of the controller, the gameplay seems worth it.


 Another game that should be taken notice of, Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition. In this game the player comes in the character of a coach or the GM of the game and accounts to a single player gaming experience. The players can play in Dynasty mode and choose from almost 23 teams and have fun while naming it. Your team can get an advantage by adhering to hurdles like landmines etcetera. However, this particular game is a fun twist along with Nintendo Switch. Football Heroes Turbo is another game that you can play online and, in this game, there are around 280 football personalities that you have to take an account of along with the super moves. In the game play, you have to eventually train your player to reach the full potential of being able to collect all the super moves. The players can have an interesting gameplay through this game and can continue playing endlessly.


FIFA 21, another game developed by Electronic Arts, embodies a French player Kylian Mbappe. The game was certainly the 28th version with improvised dribbling techniques, upgraded football fundamentals, own call of positioning, difficult matches and strong collision system. The graphics of this game are so realistic that it makes the virtual gameplay seem like a game in real time. This game is certified and gives an access to the players to issue their official licenses to play in the stadiums. Players like Messi are a widely known example for all the readers. Moving on, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is a coin operated soccer game, developed by Tamsoft. In Spain the game is portrayed as the Oliver and Benji series. Wherein this coin operated game revolves around the character of Tsubasa, the players in this game have to move towards the opponent side to have a clear shot and make sure that they have had a clear shot.


Rocket League, sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, is an amalgamation of two genres, racing game and an arcade game. The game was released in 2008 and was developed by Psyonix. In this gameplay, the players are propelled while the ball hits and thus make a clear shot. Total number of eight players can play the game wherein the teams are divided into two incorporating blue and orange color respectively. This game stands unique from all other soccer games as it involves the gameplay with cars and is also free gameplay. Different vehicles are controlled by the players in order to propel themselves towards the opponent’s goal. Rocket League is a game meant for streamers who love a gameplay with the balls. Football Manager 2021, another example of the Nintendo Switch incorporates a kind of gameplay in which a team of players is chosen in order to reach the top.


The game basically focuses on the management and coordination of the football club however various advancements in the game incorporates the system of managing and boosting relationship with the coach as the game is played on an official level. Legendary Eleven is another example of Nintendo Switch as this game is not based upon the simulation factor rather it is based upon the arcade experience. The players in this game incorporate an Italian dressing style as the game is basically set in the 70’s and to be honest, children belonging to the 90’s would love to play this game on the Nintendo Switch.


Ganbare! Super Strikers, this game lets you create your own players and sets you free to play the game and win the league. Each player presents a cartoon like personality and incorporates odd special moves moreover the game introduces the RPG element and comprises a gameplay with turn-based strategy. This game has an element of storytelling wherein the players are positioned in a way that their energy levels can be monitored and even inflated if need be. The players are entirely dependent on the energy levels as higher the energy level is, higher will be the possibility to make a goal. Nintendo certainly ensures a twist in the sports gameplay and without this there is no stagnant approach between the players. Keeping the spirit alive in the gameplay, Nintendo came up with the concept of Nintendo Switch for the players to be able to control their own game rather than just be a robot and perform the stereotypical tasks. All the controllers of Nintendo Switch are worth the gameplay in any form.

By Admin | 23 Jul 2021

One of the most significant games belonging to the genre of Battle Royal is Apex Legends as it is a free to play game and also incorporates first person shooter and third person shooter perspective. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and articulately published by Electronic Arts, the game supports cross platform play. There is proper embodiment of pre designed characters with special abilities wherein the characters are known as “Legends". One Of the different things happening in this game is that the play area keeps shrinking with time, either the players need to have the way out to survive and be in the game or the players tend to leave and move outside the play area leading to death.


The game holds an incorporation of around 17 characters namely, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Wraith, Gibraltar, Pathfinder, Bangalore, Caustic, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart, Horizon, Fuse and Valkyrie. Well since the game has a great opening, it is important to know the characters in the game properly. For all the readers to look upon more insights, the game intends to be played in 10 seasons, each season embodies something new for the players to not get bored. Each new season brings either a new playable character, new weapons or cosmetic items. The setting of the game is in the science fiction universe just like the Titanfall series and in no time became a blockbuster game among the Indian gaming community. The tact of non-verbal communication which certainly includes a pinging system, made the players communicate with the other teammates through the game controller in an easy way. 


There are two gameplay modes in which Apex Legends can be played, Battle Royal and Arena. There are two different teams being made and the team that survives till the end wins the game. This online multiplayer game allows the players to play with real money or the in-game currency with the wish of the players, they can choose any option. For you to know more, The Esports Club organized the first Apex Legends Tournament in India and over a span of two days, the pro streamers started competing for a pool prize of Rs 300,000. Most of the companies in the field of Esports tend to sway away unless the genre of the game is not convincing wherein the companies are sure of the game being given proper attention.


In conversation with the co-founder of the Esports Club, he simply says that it is the duty of the concerned person to bring in variations of games and different genres to keep the sportsmanship among the pro streamers and pave the path for the new talented buds to play a game of their own choice. Being stuck to limited choices can shatter the dreams of many to become a pro streamer. Well for our readers to know more, I would like to tell you that every game belonging to the genre of Battle Royal has a different way of showcasing the camera capabilities leading to a distinguished playing experience and viewing experience and wondered the best way to broadcast the game for better viewing experience. To be honest, the overall result was great. Thorough documentation made it even easier, however, Esports Club ran the show like a pro where people could join in the lobbies and play without worrying.


One admin of each team was delegated the responsibility of easing the communication and acting as a medium of communication along with the fact of managing the statistics, results and scores moreover coordinating with people who are updating the scoresheets ensuring the complete working of APIs and bringing forwards the actuality and the needed details. Moving on, the Free Fire game achieved phenomenal success and recognition among the Indian audience. While Apex Legends was in the phase to be experimented as one of the games to reach a wider audience, the Esports club wanted to be sure whether to invest huge amounts of effort in the game.


Somehow an evident popularity of Apex Legends was seen among the Indian audience. The popularity is not much noticed as high-profile streamers and the pro streamers do not stream this game play a lot, but if we take an overall impression of South Asia then Apex Legends is one of the most popular Battle Royal games among the people of Indian community. It is important for all the readers to know the actual statistical information as 9.1 million viewers had all their attention to the Apex Invitational and with over 3.5 million watch minutes and 9 million impressions. The co-founder of Esports believes that there is yet more on the plate for Apex Legends. The real problem lies in the mind of the investors and the sponsors to realize that in order to change the situation and the degree of popularity each of them have to take a step forward and invest for a better cause. There is a flying color response to the game as the game has had an immaculate degree of success furthermore, the sale of Apex coins has reached to the pinnacle as this in game currency of Apex Legends ranks third in total number of digital purchases of coins and becomes prestigious revenue earner after two major game play, Call of Duty and FIFA ultimate team.


Apart from the information aforementioned, the Esports co-founder believes that welcoming a decent number of content creators on board regardless of the fact whether they have had an experience with Apex Legends, can prove to be a great way in getting Indian audience on track for the popularity. Everyone is well aware of the fact that Apex Legends has made a magnificent name while it got released in the online gaming world. No doubt the game has broken records and is growing in popularity day by day. Apex Legends is an amalgamation of action and fast paced gameplay where sliding on the ground, riding zip lines during a gunfight hold prominence in the game.


By Admin | 22 Jul 2021

Super Mario 64 marks the beginning of 3D gameplay, developed in 1996 when video gaming was coming into real existence. This platform game was developed by Nintendo EAD but was published by Nintendo. Who ever thought that this platform game would gain worldwide attention? The first super Mario game incorporated an open world gameplay wherein the player had all the freedom through the three axes in space with the gameplay being conducted in a large number of areas. The plot revolves around the character of Mario wherein the player gets power and survives by exploring the castle of Princess Peach in addition to which the character is urged to rescue her from the Bowser. There is widespread exploration between different worlds evoking the player to complete the mission and reach the end level of the game. Developing the game required a huge amount of hard work as the struggle lasted for approximately three years. One whole year was taken by the designing teams and two years were taken for the direct work or application. No doubt the children of 90’s has enjoyed the background music of the game as it was one of the everlasting attractions for children, wherein the music was composed by Koji Kondo, a well-known veteran composer.


Talking further about the game, Super Mario 64 was an impeccable game embodying a whole set of different features and diversified gameplay, hence it was the most celebrated release during the 90’s. This was the only game that inculcated a tremendous change in the gameplay with a paradigm shift from 2D world to 3D gameplay and developing Nintendo’s N64 console parallel. Since the game is considered one of the most widely played and has attracted a huge number of pro streamers, the functionality of the game inspired various game developers like Grand Theft Auto and Kingdom Hearts. Various changes were duly made, for example, Mario’s brother Luigi, featuring the multiplayer mode, somehow didn't seem to be working for the game and was eventually cut. While the sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda was being sold for a whopping amount of $870,000 and was considered to be one of the most expensive video games sold, the game developers kept wondering which game would cross one million of the selling prices.


Soon after The Legend of Zelda was sold, Super Mario 64 was raised at an eye-popping amount wherein a sealed copy of the game was sold in the most colossal way and was the first game to smash the record for being sold for $1.5 million with almost double the amount. In the past one year, there was no such record of the game being sold at a massive price. Well, our readers must be aware of the timeline of the games sold and the rate at which they were sold stands a great idea. Starting with the year 2020, a copy of Super Mario Bros was sold for $114,000 on 10th July. Following that, a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 was sold for $156,000 on 23rd November. Moving on to the year 2021, a copy of Super Mario Bros was sold for $660,000 on 2nd April. Moving on, a copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold for $870,000 on 9th July 2021. Finally, the most awaited on the defining list was the copy of Super Mario 64 being sold at a massive rate of around $1.5 million on 11th July.


Well, it's not only the video games that have exalted with time, the value of Pokémon’s has also inflated. For all the readers in the gaming industry, it is important for you to know that Valerie McLeckie, one of the most renowned video game specialists was surprised to witness the fact that a game like The Legend of Zelda could be overruled in terms of the selling price by Super Mario Bros 64. To be honest Nintendo 64 Console was launched with the turtle of 1996 Cartridge. Moreover, Super Mario 64 was graded as an A list game which certainly meant that the game is a perfect play. High ranking of the game does not ensure high auction prize; however, it might give an edge in the process but the deal is done in a fair way. One must know that least known copies tentatively attract more bids. Just like two sides of the same coin, there are two different audiences, wherein some people feel that Super Mario 64 has been a worldwide success as it had a shift from 2D to the 3D world. Whereas, the other part of the people felt that the game didn't have proper camera clarity and certainly lacked impeccable graphics and better interface features, but almost half of the people felt that the game is one of the best video games in the world.


Though The Legend of Zelda was one of the games that belonged to the league of pro streamers and was critically acclaimed in the entire catalogue of Nintendo. Briefly speaking, it was one of the earliest copies to be kept an account of in a realistic way. Seeing the inflated selling price various other games were sold at massive prices. Both the games, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64 were developed by Nintendo, wherein Super Mario 64 succeeded in setting a world breaking record of all time. The game was certainly being sold at the Auction house with the name of Heritage Auctions in Dallas. Concluding with the gigantic selling, an adventurous and action game like The Legend of Zelda, achieved widespread recognition and was known as one of the best-selling Nintendo series along with the Masterpiece, Super Mario 64, that was sold for an impeccable price unintentionally. All the readers must know that the names of the buyers of both the games have been revealed, however, this action has for sure inflated the existing popularity of the video games.

By Admin | 19 Jul 2021

A battle royal video game released in March 2020 is a free to play game for all the pro streamers. The game is an essential part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and holds a strong connection to Call of Duty: Black Ops. mentioning in detail about the war zone, it was developed by Infinity Ward and Raven software wherein the game incorporated online multiplayer duel among 150 to 200 players depending upon different modes of the game. One Of the super features of the game is that the game incorporates both Cross platform play and Cross platform progression, in addition the game comprises three main modes, the first is Plunder, second is Resurgence and the third is Battle Royal. The game enunciates its own system of currency exchange wherein people it is used at buy stations on the map.


Liquid money is also used to buy things like kill streaks and gas masks. Adhering to the way of finding the cash, it can be found by stealing from the huge buildings and defeating the players that have cash on them. In this game the warzone is flooded with tricks and the pro streamers or the fan base of the Call of Duty are thriving hard to find more tricks even after the game has been released more than one year ago. Moving on, the players have identified secret spots in the maps of warzone, namely Verdansk84 map which is an ecosystem of survival by being out of bound. Whether moving forward or taking a merry go round at the same place, Verdansk incorporates a luminating red line which gives each player a signal to not cross at any cost.


In case the player accidently enters the red zone, the player gets an alarming hit wherein few seconds are given to breathe with the countdown of instantly being killed in the game. Some areas in the game feature a possibility of hop in and hop off to upscale your position, for example, the mountain sides around the salt mine are home to notorious tree timmies. In addition to this warzone players have looked out for more secret spots that can certainly put the players at a winning grid. In between the game, there is an area that slices inwards and is considered as an unlimited range zone with no red marks or a forbidden line. This area cannot hold people in a physical way as it is completely, as it is completely a water zone, however, reddit wanted to know if the players could fly through the water using parachutes, wherein the answer was yes in turn.


For everyone to know the stretch between the Park and Port, bifurcates the two sections of the society. There was a timer being set off indeed the players explain that one can safely sail through the journey while using a parachute. All the players must adopt this useful technique as it will help various characters to sail through in the beginning of the game. The stretch between the Park and Port fulfils the purpose of rotation where the players can get off the parachute and be at Port with the help of this secret spot. If the players are worried about being held by the downtown campers, then this strategy indeed becomes a resourceful one.

By Admin | 15 Jul 2021

A game belonging to the genre of first-person shooter narrative is certainly developed by 343 Industries where the publishing was done by Xbox game studios for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. Halo Infinite was initially planned to release somewhere in 2020, however the release date of the game had been delayed and is likely to get released in 2021 now. The game was developed with the full aid of Skybox Labs, Sperasoft, The Coalition and Atomhawk. Certainly, it is believed that the new slipspace engine has been used. While the series was announced as the Xbox One title, Halo Infinite paved a path to be announced as the launch title for all the Xbox consoles wherein the game play is interesting in Xbox One and would have incorporated advanced play setting in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


While we talk about the kind of gameplay, the game had been announced formerly to be released as a free to play game. Commencing the article with the actual Halo Infinite story, the setting of the game corresponds to a spiritual refurbished journey where the plot is set three years after Halo 5. All the hardcore fans need not worry about the gameplay as the game incorporates an advanced game play setting. An associate director mentions that Halo Infinite is completely a sequel to Halo 5 however the plot of the games is not interconnected with each other. For those who wish to play Halo Infinite directly can do so easily. The game incorporates the protagonist as the Master Chief playing a central role wherein the game developers have designed the plot in a way that the Chief is deliberately put to float in space in the beginning of the game as this enactment leads to putting the players and the chief at the same place.


The associate director also mentioned the fact the game has an advanced marketing campaign with a higher degree than the other two previous games. The focus of the game developers of this game was to create an overall impeccable experience of the game and not follow the stereotypical gameplay techniques like the previous games. There are two main enemies of Halo Infinite, The Banished who is a rogue from Halo wars 2. However, the central villain is War Chief’s Escharum, leader of The Banished wherein he has taken whole control of the Halo ring to fight the duel till the end with Master Chief. The story in the trailer portrays the coming back of Cortana in one form or the other, wherein the ending of the trailer cascades the view of Master Chief inserting Cortana back to his helmet just like the other just like the old tradition that was followed.


Halo infinite is designed in a way that it supports the Co - Op genre wherein the players form a team together to achieve a common goal and play against the opponent and work as per their own objective. The game developer incorporated two players in the local split screen feature and four players in the online game play. While we talk about the fan team, Halo Infinite has been the talk among the gamers since a very long time, however the next adventure of Master Chief in the game has had a plethora of eye views among the users. Unfortunately, the exact release date of Halo Infinite has not been marked in the list, but it is for sure that the game is going to be released in the year 2021.


The delayed and the scheduled launch in August 2020 could not be claimed. However, it is important for the fan base to know that the game is coming soon in 2021. The game indeed has brought in an experience of complete liberation as the game is designed in an open world game play wherein the players can witness freedom all the way. The character of Master Chief is widely a changemaker as the character has had a comeback with immense updates and a tech tree. The previous versions of Halo infinite have had upgrades like armor locks and advanced equipped weapons wherein the upgraded techniques go on through the entire gameplay. With the incorporation of multiplayer mode and free to play game, massive team battle is back where you can have 24 matches with vehicle infused combat. The newness in the equipment lies in the inventory where the characters can store the equipment in the inventory until it is used.


The availability of some weapons is seen in the form of weapon drops drooling below from the sky. While we talk about the graphics of the Halo Infinite, the game developer 343 Industries rolled over the old legacy of the trilogy for the insertion of graphics. In the demo of the gameplay, the execution of the graphics incorporated pop in features, plastic texture, and static lightning effects wherein people were not really satisfied with the graphics and the interfaces. Halo Infinite players have a potential to customize their characters to an extensive range, more than ever before. Players in this game have the access to completely transforming their physical appearance. Also, players can instill the equipment to a certain level in this game. For the fan base to know more, each multiplayer season, different weapons, equipment, challenges and purchases will be added to experience a better gameplay. One of the most preferred features in this multiplayer game is the incorporation of AI as the AI robot acts as an announcer before and after the match is being conducted.


Various games like Fortnite and Call of Duty inhibit the concept of battle passes rather than real money loot boxes. Since these battle passes tend to expire in every game, the game developer of Halo Infinite has made sure that the battle passes are not expired till the end of the game. Adding on to the goodness of the game, Halo Infinite supports multiplayer cross play and Cross progression streaming on Xbox, Steam, Xbox One etcetera. To know more about Halo Infinite, it is time to talk about the new weapons being introduced in Halo Infinite. Firstly, Halo Infinite has introduced a weapon called Ravager that runs on plasma fuel wherein the fuel level is represented by percentage. The blade at the end of the weapon increases its melee damage slightly and is a banished burst energy of three rounds. Next is Mangler which is a banished pistol with kinetic edges that fires in a sluggish way but holds the potential to deal with immense damage.


CQS48 bulldog is a gun that replaces the classic shotgun. In addition, Vk78 Commando is a rifle which is fully automated and is most viably used in mid and long ranges. Pulse carbine is a quite similar version of Covenant carbine weapon. A wise replacement to the magnum is the MK50 Sidekick with no surety of acting the way it is supposed to be. Last but not the least, mentioning the vehicles in the game, there are two vehicles Razorback and Chopper. In the former case, it lacks a spire but somehow manages the occupancy to the number of 6 by bumping up. This vehicle also incorporates a weapon rack which includes a pistol, gravity hammer and also detached turrets. In the case of the latter, for all the fanbase of Halo Infinite your favorite brute chopper is back.

By Admin | 14 Jul 2021

The gaming world might be just another existing world for the non-gamers across the world, however just like politics and the gaming world incorporates daily updates for all pro streamers to be well acquainted with the new strategies, new games and various other changes. July 2021 is a month of excitement for many as it is a special month for the pro gamers to witness various new Indie games online. Another intriguing factor is that these games have been recently announced to be introduced in this month of July 2021. It is time for all the gaming players to bug up with their new statistics and logical approach. There were numerous Indie games being introduced in 2020, however, video gaming took another turn upwards and left no stone unturned in 2021.


With the announcement of new releases in July 2021, people became more suspicious and interested in a positive way as the pro streamers are looking forward to experiencing newness in the game while playing. The upcoming games incorporated a gaming style with violent streak and characters involved in mysterious events, deep thriller-based games and few games to take down the notch. Well, there are not many games to be released in July 2021 but there is a significant number of Indie games to be released for sure in July 2021. Genres like stream of consciousness and space thrillers have been introduced to increase the interest of every player. While we will be talking about a handful of Indie games in this article, there are many games that are not even acknowledged as they are developed by small developers with limited resources. Not all game developers are top ranked, however, to ensure that you are not missing out on anything, it is advised to have access to the podcast with the name of Beer Squad Gaming, as it showcases almost all the Indie games.


Starting to mention the games one by one, let's talk about The Sea of Solitude as this game is a phenomenal creation by the game developers where Kay is the protagonist and deals with serious mental health issues. This young protagonist becomes a monster in the game due to the illness and is portrayed in exploring an abandoned city to find the cause of it. This game is certainly developed by Jo-Mei games, likely to be released on 5th July and is a widespread emotional journey of the protagonist in a mysterious and metaphorical world where she faces the monsters within her own mind, cracks various puzzles while learning about Kay and finds out the true meaning of being a human. The next game to be mentioned is Blazing Chrome which is developed by Joymasher and is supposed to be released on 11th July wherein the game draws its inspiration from various other games like Contra and Contra and Metal Slug. This video game is an amalgamation of powerful weapons, arcade style and huge explosions. For the shooting lovers, hold the gun and start playing the game of your interest.


Blazing Chrome is a comeback of all the retro themes with Co-op shooting action, a triggered combat, vehicles full of weapons, an advantage to choose four major weapons and Robots in Mohawks certainly leading the pro streamers for an impeccable gameplay. Third on the list to be discussed is Etherborn, a game developed by Altered Matter and is supposed to be released on 18th July. This Indie game belongs to the genre of environment cracking puzzles with an incorporation of technique where gravity shifting is possible. The game embodies the process of solving the puzzles in order to explore new worlds and play with the paradigm of gravity in order to crack the puzzle easily. All the pro gamers who are fond of the sandbox game genre, Etherborn is the best game for you as the players in this game keep solving puzzles to reach another level as this game also confides to the advancement in the concept of gravity shifting to experience new explorations. The puzzles are set up in a way that they can be navigated in order to experience a unique sense of gravity. The sound forms employed to the game are very captivating and dynamic at each level. Last but not the least, there are surreal levels inspired by the icons of the 20th and 21st centuries.


The Forgotten city, an adventurous game set in the Roman Empire wherein the tragedy has befallen a cursed city. This game is played against a golden rule that is set, wherein it is said that the people residing in this Roma city will die if any individual commits a single crime. The actor in the game acts as a time traveler looking forward to the identity of another person who in turn can break the golden rule. The character moves around and questions the people living in this city to save everyone from this fate. The next in line is Songbird symphony, a game developed by Joysteak and is supposed to be released on 25th July.


The plot revolves around the character of a young bird with the name of birb, where the bird gets out of the nest in order to discover its identity. A cute game that may tantalize infantile and puts a smile on many faces. This game of puzzle incorporates rhythmic mechanization and patterns wherein the minion characters gain attention along with legendary song battles. The game certainly belongs to the genre of Disneyesque fable, song battles, impeccably huge maps filled with secrets and puzzle cracking games with all the twists and turns. Moving on to the next, let's talk about The Blackout Club, a game developed by Question having been released on July 30th. The news of this game has created happiness among the pro streamers as this game incorporates the genre of Co-op horror wherein the character in his teenage years experiences strange things happening around the town. A friend of the character disappears while the rest of the town has their eyes shut after the scene wherein among those comes the character that looks for the friend. The elements in the game have been synchronized with the Co-op genre emphatically leaving no stone unturned for the appearance of the horror aspect.


The characters in this game play as motivated teenage investigators finding out the uncanny secrets of their own community. The Game lets you record evidence of the mysterious conspiracies in order to cleverly portray the gameplay. The game also incorporates an advanced world for the characters to be easily able to overcome the obstacles in the game. There is adventure in every level and every night of the game keeping the community well connected. The game that shall be discussed is Mutant Year Zero - Road to Eden, a game developed by the bearded Ladies. The plot of the game revolves around two characters, Dux and Bormin who certainly hunt for the supplies in the wasteland named as zone. The other characters in the game can be used as a trio in turn-based combat. The graphics and interface are in good synchronization with each other wherein we get the first DLC screen referring to the “Seed of Evil” in order to enhance the experience. The game incorporates a huge map system, new opponents, improved mutations, equipped new gears, long lasting hours of gameplay and the potential to face new adversaries.


Furthermore, our eyes lay on another game, called Venba, a game developed by Visai Games and is described as a narrative cooking game, having the setting being set in 1980’s Canada. The plot revolves around an Indian mother, and other characters given the task of cooking and remembering lost recipes. This game is an incredible story of family life, love and the existence of various relationships. Moving on, 30XX is a game that incorporates a colorful world which is fast and steady with an impeccable soundtrack. The game seems similar to Mega Man X, however in a modern sense the game has got replay ability of a modern rogue embodying a genre of a Co-Op. Mundaun is another game corresponding to the genre of gothic tales as the game is known for the impressive visuals and is set in a dark edged valley of Alps through the pencil drawing technique. The aesthetics draws the folks within however, the game is widely watched.


Next to be mentioned is Chaotic Era, as the name suggests, it is a real time strategy game with a black and white interstellar. The game widely acclimatized the character with a hyper advanced AI system for the gameplay to be strong. There are various other games like Eldest Souls, Escape from Naraka, The Ascent that are Indian origin and are likely to fall under the category of award-winning games as the trailer of the game has been intriguing the players to wait for the release and binge on to their favorite game with an impeccable gameplay.

By Admin | 09 Jul 2021

Massive number of people across the globe spend time playing video games wherein there are times when people don’t have the count of time and are continuing to play games or watch a game online. While we talk about millions spending time in such a way that they tend to lose track of time, there is a possibility that something is not right. There are situations in life when you cannot witness a change in you, however in this scenario, the act of relentless playing refers to a disorder which certainly refers to gaming disorder. Failure of not being able to control oneself over gaming where an individual forgets to perform all the daily tasks and gives more than the time required to gaming, certainly leads to a condition called gaming addiction.


This order embarked its existence on the 11th Revision of the International Classification of diseases wherein it is termed as a gaming disorder. ICD is a platform where health trends and statistical information is updated on a global scale and is marked as the international standard for reporting diseases and health conditions. In order to be sure if an individual is suffering from the gaming disorder it is important to witness the change in the behavioral patterns that significantly impact the personal life, social life, educational life, career and family life in all ways. The addiction must long for more than 12 months to be able to be significantly assured.


With an inflation in the usage of electronic devices, video games, laptops, internet surfing, smartphones, computers etcetera, the real time exchange of information has become a part of everyone’s life and is certainly identified as gaming disorder in various countries. Another major fact that should have eyes laid is that the excessive access over the social media sites, the process of making friends, playing games online and surfing the internet for any purpose leads to the existence of cybercrime too, however, it is important to have complete knowledge about the internet before letting yourself be a part of the trap. Talking in detail, we must firstly discuss various symptoms that are responsible for an individual to develop gaming addiction.


Firstly, let's have a glance at the gaming behavior wherein, your mind is preoccupied with the games, there is a constant reverberations of the gaming techniques and waiting for the time to play the next game embarks upon an attitude of addiction and proves gaming to be a major part of your life. Willingness of an individual to remain isolated for a better gameplay or better concentration in the gameplay is another sign of disrupted gaming behavior. Playing games without the track of time to relieve stress, anxiety, negativity, restlessness or depression is not a fair deal to crack. Moving on, deceiving lying to your family members or peers unnecessarily just to keep your game going is not at all appreciated and is considered as a symptom of gaming addiction.



Sometimes, gaming disorder leads to isolation and a behavioral change which is not accepted by the society but seems normal to the victim, wherein people tend to lose interest in their personal life and give no attention to their partners, or forget to work on their hobbies, refrain from other modes of entertainment just to go on with the cycle of uninterrupted gameplay. Tired mind and body due to less amount of sleep, ignoring the alarm of being jobless and affecting the career opportunities just to play those online games can lead to a disastrous life. It is very important to understand that someone should suddenly not be considered an addict of gaming unless and until one of the problems mentioned above is witnessed in the individual as playing games can be widely considered as a hobby and hobbies do require an intriguing behavior more than a normal thinking.


People in abundance across the globe spend their time playing games across the world and it is widely observed that the pattern of gaming addiction hits 1 out of 50 people among the users. Studies prove that an impulsive player who certainly tends to take the game as a real-life event might become a game addict sooner than a normal mind. This usually happens with people that have interest in online multiplayer games where the massive interest lies in the story of the game that keeps the player intrigued till the end. Enunciating the statistical data, it is observed that an average person plays six hours a week while a game addict makes it to six hours a day which certainly leads to non-productivity in every other aspect. Fixing proper hours to play the game is very important as so much of the screenplay and game play proves to be an unhealthy part of the lifestyle for the children.


People at the age of 18 to 25 unexpectedly become gaming addicts as they tend to be in constant touch with their phone and cannot keep their phone on rest mode. Basically, in general terms, the addiction of constantly fiddling with smartphones makes these individuals game addicts. Another age group that is seen addicted while playing the games is people that fall over the bar of 35 years as majority of them don't prefer playing online games rather, they prefer playing on their personal laptops and desktops in order to pass their time. However, addiction to games in this age is certainly a rarity.


Talking in real, age, profession or country, nothing matters for someone who has become a game addict. Rather people should take proper measures and control their game playing habits in case anyone from any strata of society feels that gaming is becoming addictive for them. Well to talk about the fact of treating the game addiction, the most common treatment till now is to run through a cognitive behavioral therapy. Other things like giving therapy about family life or motivating the individual and counseling the individual can help in relieving the enactment of game addiction. Game addicts are basically treated to help them be away from the gaming activities and the gaming world, moreover, it is a known fact that people who are so familiar with playing the games must be kept refrained as a little way out can get them back to the game addiction.



One of the hard facts that holds recognition is that video gaming is sometimes played out of boredom and acts as a good resource of entertainment and education. While we talk about treating an individual for the addiction it is advised to reach the root cause of the situation. Setting boundaries is quite hard, but it shall be implemented which certainly means that there should be a limitation set to the time of the game play. The next is, curtailing an access over the number of sources of video games abstains the individual to surf the internet and helps in attaining a control to avoid addiction. Choosing one device to play which certainly means either a laptop, a phone, a console or a PC, usage of one device helps in bringing an unsaid control over the usage.


Another way of treating gaming addiction is to choose a game that requires physical activity or physical movement. While we talk about online gaming, it certainly leads to making you get tired mentally, however choosing a game that requires physical movement makes an individual more active and avoids the habit of going back to playing online. Constantly using your phone without even having any task to be performed on it is an addiction, however, refrain from using your phone unnecessarily to avoid giving stress to your eyes. One of the most common reasons for gaming addiction is ignorance of relations in your family and among your loved ones. However, it is advised to play games with your loved ones so that the degree of interest bifurcates and results in playing the games for a smaller number of hours.


Walking through the door of advanced technology, various supporting apps for example, Mental UP as this game widely serves the educational purpose with easy navigation and efficient use of this app will not at all affect the people as this gaming app is useful in many other ways specially for the children who certainly are dependent on the internet technology to pass their time. Treatments like, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Solution focused therapy, Psychoeducation, Interpersonal therapy etcetera are few other ways of treating the problem of gaming addiction.


Last but not the least, it is important to know that gaming addiction is a slow process as it involves the screening of mind along with other parts of the brain wherein long hours of gameplay leads to physical tiredness due to lack of sleep and more intriguing behavior of the pro streamer. It is a very complex process as it certainly refers to the slow killing of the brain making the brain active and synchronized in every form to play the games online. However, it is said that gaming addiction should be cured as soon as possible to keep your brain active and healthy for other activities.

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In today’s world, the gaming industry is minting immense money and is considered one of the most upcoming sectors in the business industry. Certainly, the pandemic and the lockdown were a cherry on the cake for the gaming industry as the global lockdown made people stay at home and attracted multiple users for the online gameplay. While we mention in detail, video gaming has had a tremendous surge with the generation of huge revenue parallelly. New innovations and quick adoption of advancement in technology has raised the online traffic in gaming significantly. Various IT Companies are developing techno friendly games to fulfill the demand of the online users.


The inquisitiveness of the users to be evolved with various advanced games has increased at a high level and platforms like social media Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others have started developing various mobile games to make a wider horizon in the field of mobile gaming. Witnessing the outpouring of the new innovations in the gameplay and observing the statistics, there is no way that mobile gaming is going to slow down, rather there is going to be an extensive surge now than the previous days. Every struggle follows a certain pattern to get the outcome however, in order to develop a game, the most basic formula is to amalgamate the functional aspect and the designing aspect.


A robust functionality and an intriguing designing aspect can very well help the developers to reach the main objective of the project. Adding on to this, advanced features in any game can lead to a better gameplay and attract various other users online. It is rightly said, “The more, the merrier'', which certainly refers to the game being more indispensable and makes the game refined and highly impressive. In order to acquaint yourself with the upcoming gaming trends, it is important to discuss diversified gaming trends. One must know that any gaming app, or mobile game doesn't stand out unless it incorporates the specificities of technology with advanced features.


While we discuss each gaming trend, let's start with the concept of Augmented reality and Virtual reality wherein this technology is considered as the global force of the game. In AR the perception of reality is based on the data collected from the real facts, whereas in VR, the perception of the reality is based on the virtual information. This concept of information technology drives the user to have an enthralling experience in the virtual and the real world. Augmented reality and Virtual reality change the gameplay by making the interfaces more intriguing. It is very important for the AR and VR developers to wisely work on the execution of the virtual elements in order to cascade a real time world. Secondly, the gaming trend refers to the incorporation of the multiplayer mode wherein the users have an access to play the game with their friends or the opponents online and have a friendly experience. Installing this feature in a game is not easy as it seems to be as the game developers have to keep the functionality aspect as the top most priority. Multiplayer gaming feature acts as an enhancer for the pro streamers as they can easily communicate with the people on social platforms and increase the online users while having interactive sessions.



Thirdly, a wise usage of social media platforms can bring wonders as the generation today is entirely dependent on social media and certainly, we can gain an immense number of users from the social media platforms. People prefer to play games with their peers or with people who are known to them as they find it more interesting. Social media platforms however give an opportunity to the users to invite their fellow beings and have an interesting game play. This can help to increase the online ranking of the gameplay and lets you stream play in any corner of the world. Cloud gaming is a new innovation in the gaming industry wherein people prefer playing games on cloud as there is no tension of the storage space, moreover, the feature of cloud game gives an opportunity to the user to play live games and refrain from the hassle of downloading the game.


Cloud gaming has reached a level of redefining the technology to an extent of artificial intelligence. This concept is viable for people who have smartphones and fast internet connection. We cannot say that cloud gaming holds a potential in the future but we can say that it is a way of playing games online or in real time and is widely dependent on two aspects, video streaming and file streaming. Fourthly we can talk about a massive usage of mobile phones, since people have lost their interest in playing games on PC and laptops, mobile games have taken over the charge. In these years of tremendous change in lifestyle, people feel that playing games on PC can make them get stuck to one place without any multitasking. However, to break the chain, mobile games started to rule the industry as the game could be played at anytime and anywhere without any hassle. In addition to this, according to statistical information, mobile developers are more in demand than PC game developers.


Fifthly, it is observed that not only children or the youth but even adults are playing games online though, friendly matches or professional matches. After the occurrence of the pandemic, people have started playing games professionally rather than just keeping it a mere hobby. Therefore, the gaming industry over the past few years has not only been targeting a particular audience but the whole of the human ecosystem which includes working men and women, housewives, fathers, mothers, children, teenagers, older people etcetera. Nowadays game developers are making sure that they don't develop games for a specific audience rather construct games that can be played by every age group in order to pass their time.


The next game trend that shall be discussed is the embodiment of Live feature or Live activities. Adding Live activities attracts the attention of the audience and makes people keener to play the game as the virtual reality tends to synchronize with the augmented reality. Android app developers and IOS developers try to add this feature to bring the game at a holistic level. However, this in turn, brings in more users, increases interactivity and gives a real outlook to the game. Another newly added feature in mobile gaming is the incorporation of Location based games, which is highly preferred as these games are played with the GPS enabled settings offering an impeccable gameplay for the pro streamers to perform in an extraordinary way.


Another upcoming gaming trend refers to the use of robust consoles by discarding the traditional consoles. The existence of the handheld consoles has made gaming reach another level wherein these consoles incorporate a feature of better battery life, impeccable speaker, numerous games and are certainly small in size as compared to the traditional ones. Moving further, one of the exceeding revolutions in the gaming sector is the introduction of the 5G internet. This network comes in with a pack of intriguing internet features which include, death coverage, ultra-low complexity, high density, robust security, utmost capacity, ultra-low latency etcetera. 5G internet undoubtedly provides a secure connection and is a reliable source to depend upon.



With the advancement in technology and the rapid innovations, gaming industry is reaching a boom wherein there is a widespread revolution in the game engines. Nowadays the game developers are making super powerful game engines to give the users an experience that they have never had before. The amalgamation of 2D and 3D technology makes an impeccable coordination of the screen. However, these game engines have become a leading edge in the gaming industry and are giving a kick start to the spearheading of games for better gameplay.


Thereafter, the emergence of cross platform technology has come up with a user-friendly experience wherein every company is offering this technology as in this concept the software application is made in such a way that it is compatible with almost every mobile operating system to attract more users and to amplify the power of technology. Numerous cross platform tools are adopted and installed by the game developers that certainly help them bring in something new, for example, Sencha Touch, Monocross, Xamarin etcetera. Also, there is more of viewing the game than playing as the young generation that fall under the category of 18 to 25 usually become spectators and watch the games and the battlegrounds at their own virtual space. Moreover, the arrival of the pandemic made this a routine and it is assumed that by the end of 2021, spectators may dominate the gamers 


Aforementioned facts are the gaming trends to be acted upon more seriously and is basically a groundbreaking reality of the IT Industry. Game developers have been working in a way that each game is different from the other in regard to some feature that makes it going. In case the game developers are not able to fulfil the minutest of these features, then certainly their game will be considered an obsolete one. It is very important for the app developers to have a particular skill set and rich experience in the growing marketing trends. In order to make your features user friendly, make sure that the features are easy to operate and access and do not involve difficult strategies to unlock them. No doubt, upcoming gaming trends will change the future of the people. It is important for all the game developers to create games that are one of a kind and help the users to have a rich experience.

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India has certainly become a leading edge in the gaming industry and has achieved phenomenal success over the years. Participation of Indian characters over the years in the field of entertainment has inflated immensely around the globe wherein the Indian characters evolve not only in the Indian industry but also in the world entertainment industry. The initial stages portrayed characters like Ranjeet Singh and Jameela Ranjhat cascading Indian characters wherein they are trying to learn English in the UK. Having an eye over the global cinema, movies like Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom caused a little controversy wherein they casted Amrish Puri evidently. Another movie that got the eyes of a wider audience was Bend it like Beckham that attained huge success and was known for the highest record of the tickets being sold during one weekend for a foreign movie.


Various other movies made India gain fame for example, Slumdog Millionaire, Million Dollar Arm, Outsourced, the best Exotic Marigold Hotel were some great movies that reached the global cinema and made India a pinnacle with the acting of the Indian characters. Talking more, the TV Series, The Big Bang Theory and Outsourced, exposed Indian lifestyle in an immense way. Making fun of the Indian background in a jolly way made it reach at a global level where it was recognized as one of the good shows that featured life in the western world. While we talk about the gaming industry the Indian characters have not achieved recognition the way it should have been. With The advancement in technology all over the world, the gaming industry has evolved impeccably over the globe and entry of Indian characters in the pace becomes a little difficult. However, it is rightly said, “No pain, no gain”, hence there are some personalities who never gave up and struggled to get the best outcome.


While we name a few, one of the iconic characters from the Indian descent is Dhalsim from Street Fighter. A size zero personality, Dhalsim is known for his long arms that make him have a huge advantage from his opponents. The name was derived from the menu of an Indian eating joint in Oaka, near Capcom’s Headquarters. An iconic character playing various roles holds a ritual of being completely against violence and usually participates in the Warrior tournament to become a protective shield for the poverty-stricken people in the village. The flashback of the dead skulls of the starving children makes him serve his village and fight for the right. The second in line is Jayadeep Mir, popularly known as “The Ghost”, made himself familiar with various other names as Sir Henry Green, Bharat Singh wherein he stayed in London as he was an Indian immigrant but didn't leave the roots of the Indian descent in 1860’s. Jayadeep Mir aspired to become the leader of the Assassins and somehow inclined himself to be the mentor for the twins, Jacon and Evie Frye. Giving a better eye view of this iconic personality, Jayadeep Mir was ostracized in England as he could not fulfil the stealth mission and failed to make up for his father’s hopes. Contemplating the good time of his life, Jayadeep Mir, was in close friendship with Charles Dickens an influential individual of those times, moreover, he was well acquainted with Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria. However, the twist in the story was that this famous icon fell in love with Evie Frye, got married and finally both of them settled in India.



In continuation to make more Indian characters, we will talk about Ajay Ghale, Pagan min’s liaison. The character had admired Sushant Singh Rajput, a famous Bollywood actor and certainly exhibits his traits in the interior as well as the exterior. Ajay Ghale is a protagonist or the main character in the video game, Far Cry 4, where the character descends back to his native land in order to fulfill his mother’s last dying wish that her ashes be spread at Lakshmana, Kyrat. A man of few words gets trapped unnecessarily while his life before was completely an eminent one. He was a personality that raged with anger without harming anyone and soon taking out frustration by abusing wherein his abuses were worth lending an ear and made the characters win combats in a better way.


The next iconic personality from the Indian Descent is a well renowned duo of mother and daughter, Rani Laxmi Bai and Devi Nayyar. Both the females were rebellious at a high note and acted as main characters in the plots of The Order 1886. Both the iconic personalities are well known for exposing Jack the Ripper during one of the enthralling missions of their time. Witnessing women in those times to play a major part in the world of video games was a rare sight, however, acknowledgment for the better cause is a must. Both the women have a liaison with Grayson and accompany him during An Uneasy Alliance, Brothers in Arms and A Knight of Old, proving that the women should not be considered weaker in society.



Featuring various other characters in the list, Farah, a supporting character or the antagonist in “The Prince of Persia '' portrays to be “The Princess of India”. This iconic personality appears in “The Sands of Time” and “The Two Thrones” wherein this character aids the protagonist in performing all the missions successfully. Thereupon next to be mentioned in Kali, a fighter woman and the only character who doesn't wave down from any country’s anti-terrorist unit. Moreover, this iconic character is introduced in Operation Shifting Tides of “Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege”. Kali is certainly the most avaricious character from the night haven crew having a close liaison with Wamai, another mercenary character. A character of commitment carries a powerful sniper and punishes anyone who bangs on her for doing any harm. She certainly owns special gadgets and equipment in the game that certainly can penetrate through walls and destroy the electronics.


Moving further, Chloe Fraser, a treasure hunter from the Indian - Australian origin was an iconic character that played a role in “Uncharted 2”, where she was introduced as a love interest of the protagonist, Nathan Drake. Another popular Indian character Duran Mister deserves to be recognized as he appeared in the series of Street Fighter Ex incorporating the character of secret employment. Belonging to the league of the wrestlers, Duran Mister got bored fighting for the home country and thought to get in the global world gaming.  Duran’s fighting style resembles that of the well-known personality in the 1900's, Great Gama.


Talking further, let's not forget one of the first iconic characters from the Indian Descent, Great Tiger. He was an NPC opponent in the game in one of the famous arcade games, “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out”. A great Nintendo character, was the main character in the revolutionary game as this game was known for developing Nintendo and their consoles. Another iconic personality was Satya Vasvani, a famous personality known with the name of Symmetra. This personality plays the role of a supporting character in “Blizzard’s Overwatch”. There are certain very special powers possessed by the character, for example, this character holds an acquisition of a photon blaster as a primary weapon wherein the character can act as a shield for the teammates and construct teleporters further leading to goodness or destruction.


Last but not the least, we certainly come across Mahatma Gandhi as one of the most iconic personalities, popularly achieved fame as being “The leader of Indian Civilization”. Mahatma Gandhi has played a role in Sid Meier’s civilization games since the very start. Choosing his character in the game usually makes a player incorporate uniqueness through the portrayal of stepwells and elephant-based warrior units. India certainly ranks at the 8th position while we talk about the revenue generation in the gaming industry. Aspiring to reach the pinnacle with the increasing internet penetration and advancement in the bandwidths, India is striving hard to establish prominent game developers that could rule the industry globally. However, with the increased competition, Indian characters though fictitious and non-fictitious earn fame in this industry globally. The Indian characters have indeed been changing makers in the gaming industry and have evolved immensely in the world of gaming at the both ends, however, embarking upon the advancement of the technology, more characters have been trying to pursue the extreme talent.

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The ancient days called for vast computer setups and in big rooms built for the same purpose which could be operated only through the skilled and the trained people in the information technology. All major sectors, including Banks, Military and major corporations did computing to the utmost level. However, during an era of the 1960's life took a twist and turn and MIT called for the installation of the new kind of computers. Such computers did not require a room of their own rather the computers were installed in a common space to be used by everyone and not just the particular individuals. This was the time, when the term hacker was initiated wherein the hacker seemed to be an abnormal person who would experiment, create useless graphics, cut corners or maybe produce things that are strikingly strange for a normal mind.


The gaming industry certainly affects the economy in many ways, wherein unnoticeably, the gaming industry is providing job stability to nearly two million people and making one or the other breadwinner of the house. In this way, the gaming industry is receiving popularity and attracting new talent which in turn tends to bring in more revenue. Talking further, video games have tended to create more job opportunities by paying high amounts to the serving players and low amounts to the freshers. The advancement in technology has been a driving force for many wherein the efforts of the entrepreneurs are supported, other entertainment industries are subsided, and the sprawling of wealth in various other states.


Just like movies and the television industry, the gaming industry has become one of the vital forces for people as it brings in wealth, talent and acts as a strong driving force for the habitants and earning bread and butter. The aspiration of the audience in seeing everything digitally after making a shift from the physical world has been the top most priority. Certainly, the content is expected to be delivered in numerous ways, wherein the gaming industry or the digitalization has transformed itself into the peak of modernism. Moreover, the existence of the unprecedented times of Covid 19 upsurge the need for work from home, however, the gaming industry certainly evolved itself impeccably and affected the economy in a better way.


While we talk in numbers there are around 11,400 individual gaming organizations in the world wherein the gaming companies directly employ people and indirectly support the newly talented buds by training them. In this way or the other, the gaming industry has become a vast economic spine in the world. Another way that the video games are affecting the economy is the way there is an innovation in technology at a fast pace, updated interface designs with haptics, impeccable graphics made with latest advancement, designing of mobile apps and different mobile systems, software and hardware engineering and refraining from networking glitches has been a major challenge to affect the economy in a positive way. Moreover, innovations in the gaming industry have affected the economy by rendering to other industries like the medical robotics navigation, military training and simulation, educational and training applications. However, gaming industry or the rise of video games, also acts as an influential stream for the youth and helps them avail more opportunities. Certainly, it is very important for the public and other fellow members to know that the Government is trying to play with new trends to have an upsurge in the economy out of which being more competitive in this industry will for sure help in creating jobs for the youth and for the betterment of the economy.


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While we briefly describe both, it is important for us to know that Windows 8.1 was a prequel to Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. Of course, with the advancement in technology Windows 10 incorporates more features than the Windows 7 or Windows 8 wherein Windows 10 comprises an ecosystem of new features according to the suitability of almost every kind of user. For everyone to know, Windows 10 Home is a basic derivative of Windows 10. One of the most enhanced features of Windows 10 is the refurbished Start Menu. This feature did not appear in the last three versions as the company thought to make it obsolete, however, the demand of the users to revive this feature came again and this feature was introduced again.


Talking further, a well-defined version of Cortana, a voice recognized digitally, being exclusively available on Windows Phone. Numerous other features being available in this version are, TPM support, Battery saver and introduction to biometrics wherein the feature is called Windows Hello. Talking about these features chronologically, Battery saver as the name suggests, is a feature that undoubtedly makes your system power efficient. The process of the background activity is limited on the device. In order to confer additional security related functions, The TPM microchip fulfills the purpose.  Various motherboard manufacturers install the TPM chip well in advance so that Microsoft can ensure that the motherboard incorporates that chip and Windows 10 Home will provide support for it.


Another feature in this version is Continuum, wherein the user can easily shift to tablet mode from the desktop mode. This version also blessed the user with the new browser, Microsoft Edge. Last but not the least the Home version tends to support Windows update wherein, Windows tends to automatically update everything in Microsoft, and cater to the security measures such as Microsoft Passport. Furthermore, Microsoft Pro, just as the name suggests, is the latest addition to the Home Edition’s features that offers impeccable connectivity, privacy tools for example, Domain Join, BitLocker, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop and Direct Access.  Certainly, it is time to discuss the fact that out of which of the two versions is the right option for you. In case there is a requirement of the Client Hyper V, mandatory virtualization solution in Windows or there is a certain requirement to connect with the Windows Domain, then Window 10 Pro edition is the best option, else, Windows 10 Home edition suits you the best.


Waving off Windows 7 in the year 2020 and welcoming Windows 10 has been quite exciting for the users due to the obvious reasons of impeccable addition of new features in the latter. Microsoft openly acknowledges and acquaints the users with the driving changes that certainly make the windows 10 version more user friendly. A sequel to Windows 7, Windows 10 exists in multiple versions. While we talk about gaming, Windows 10 Home version and Windows 10 Pro version certainly hold distinctive features of differences. Firstly, a pro gamer requires strong CPU architecture, and there comes a thought whether we should use the 32-bit version or 64-bit version of Windows 10. Comparing the two, the 32-bit version is for the old processors while the 64-bit version welcomes the modern hardware usage. A very old version of CPU does not have a 64-bit model and to be doubly sure, it is better to check. Right clicking on the option of My computer on your desktop and choosing the option of Properties, followed by taking a look at the System type under the system section in the window can help the user to know the exact operating system without confusion.


Furthermore, talking about the RAM, Windows 10 Pro can handle RAM extensively as compared to Windows 10 Home edition. Home edition incorporates maximum RAM of 128 GB while the Pro version incorporates 2TB of data at one go, certainly the difference being an impeccable one. Other fringe benefits for pro edition are, it incorporates the free service of “Windows update for Business”, conferring a multi layered protection and security for the applications in order to match with the regular updates. To gain an impeccable PC gaming experience, Microsoft has been supportive equivalently.  A feature was introduced with the name of Games for Windows which was unfortunately not a very good idea. However, instead of thinking to move one step forward in the ladder, Microsoft thought of making a sudden shift in the Xbox, which proved to be an impeccable and best-selling console.


Amalgamating well with Xbox, Microsoft made it very easy for the users to use Xbox apps on their computers and stream the games in much better graphics as compared to the previous onset. All this was possible as Windows 10 fully welcomed, DirectX X12 open heartedly and created a far-fetched newness in the visualization aspect of the games. For the PC Gamers, Windows 10 Home version is more than enough unless and until the users don't fall for peculiar functionality and detailed IT tactics. Users can easily connect with the Xbox Interface and stream their games wherein they can easily communicate with the other gamers in real time and even buy games. The option of live streaming and multi user game streaming also stands open in every way possible.


Another feature supported by Windows 10 Home version is Cross Platform gaming wherein users can easily connect to their computers and compete with the other pro streamers with no competitive disadvantage. The game can be played using a mouse or keyboard depending upon the game controllers and one of the best parts is that there is a spike in the number of cross platform games. There are times when your Tv screen is overflooded. Rather, there is no time to lose hope, for Windows 10 Home edition has brought a way of streaming Xbox games to the PC. The smoothness does not get affected, as till the time the console controls the game, it runs smoothly and after that there is no loss in speed, while you shift to using the controller normally. There are times when the user relies on the third party software’s to take screenshots or record the screens. However, to your surprise, Windows 10 Home edition incorporates the feature of taking an endless number of screenshots or recording the screen repetitively as per the suitability of the user. Since there is not much difference in the Windows 10 Home version and Windows 10 Pro version when it comes to have a gaming experience, pricing of the two has an impeccable difference as the Pro Edition is slightly more expensive than the home edition and till the time there is no need of professional IT skills, one can do fine with the Windows 10 Home version.


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A widely recognized international game is subsequently called Super Mario for the present generation wherein the incorporation of creative aspects is at its best. The goal in the game is to purely create anything the player feels like as this game belongs to the sandbox genre wherein the gameplay comprises progression and movement in any way to reach a common point. The word sandbox is derived from an open world ideation where children kept on playing and creating whatever they wished. Just like in Minecraft, sandboxing was trending in many other games, For example, SimCity, Grand Theft Auto III, SecondLife, etcetera. Minecraft was widely recognized and easy to be adaptive to.


The developer Mojang, created the game in Java programming language, which was of course not comprehensible by everyone. The game was made public very late after going through a few testing versions privately. The gameplay embodies a 3D world of blocks with craft tools, raw material and building structure to keep going with the creativity. The players in the game can compete against each other in the game or fight through remote controlled mobiles in order to survive and get familiar with mechanics. The game can be easily modified with your will and wish to bring in an element of more creativity. Nevertheless, Minecraft has achieved a worldwide recognition for being one of the most suited video games of all time, henceforth, social media and various other adaptations made the game famous in no time.


Multifarious spin off games were introduced further for example, Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth. Minecraft is certainly played in first person perspective but somehow it incorporates third person perspective mode too. A sandbox game with no specific goal to accomplish is played with three dimensional objects like cubes and fluids while the game play refers to the process of placing and picking these customized blocks. Just like the name suggests the players have the ability to mine the blocks and place them anywhere as per their choice. The play time in this game lasts for 20 mins. The world is divided into an ecosphere of jungles, deserts, snowfields and the topography that includes mountains, valleys, caves, forests etcetera.


For more knowledge the players must know that Minecraft can also be played in a multiplayer mode, wherein various pro gamers communicate and share ideas in a single world. The setup can be arranged through LAN play, Local split screen, etc. A better way to connect for the players is to use a host provider or simply connect via Xbox Live. Furthermore, we talk about the game modes of Minecraft comprising six in number. The survival mode, hardcore mode, creative mode, adventure mode, spectator mode and demo mode. Starting with the survivor mode, the players commence the crafting of the raw materials and to bring in an element of difficulty, the monsters are respawned in the dark areas leading the players to build shelter during the night for survival. The survival mode also incorporates a health bar which deteriorates due to attacks of mobs, few falls, starvation etcetera. Also, another bar incorporated in this game is hunger bar, wherein the players must keep up with their intake of food. Just like in normal life, you stop eating and tend to deteriorate your health. In the same way, if the hunger bar is not filled properly, it will automatically lead to depletion of the health bar. However, the regeneration of health takes place when the hunger bar starts to be full again.


Wide variety of things can be crafted in this game, wherein the armor is used to keep yourself away from dangerous attacks, making of weapons keep the monsters and the fauna away from attacking the players. Players have the full liberty to construct the kitchenware and the furnaces in order to cook food and heat the material for different transformations. The game incorporates a huge inventory wherein the players are allowed to carry a certain amount of inventory as the items certainly are respawned within five minutes of their dying. Acquiring experience points in the game helps them keep going and they can do so by cooking, killing the monsters or the animal’s etcetera. Last but not the least, there are certain spellbound tools that helps the players to live longer and survive till the end however, acquiring those tools needs a proper experience of the game.


The mode to talk about is the hardcore mode, wherein the difficulty level by default becomes hard and when the player is not able to survive, all the maps must be deleted and the players must go into the spectator mode to keep away from the world. This mode acts as a modifier in the gameplay rather than just simply being a mode. Without being smart and without cheating, the player can only acquire the hardcore mode, however to acquire the hardcore creative mode and gain more experience, the player must be sly enough to edit the interface of the game, change the graphical designing, connect to LAN and be a cheat. There is a very thin line difference between hardcore creative and non-hardcore creative, wherein hardcore usually refers to hardcore survival. After the player dies, he is put into the spectator mode, however, in hardcore single player world, the game mode becomes hardcore mode and the red color starts to flag around. It is important to know that hardcore is not a game mode as it cannot be turned on with the game mode command.


The creative mode, just like the name suggests, the players have all the right to create or destroy anything and everything in the game. The players are unstoppable unless they face any kind of danger or are short of health bar, hunger bar and armor. The items not available in survival mode, for example, span eggs, the players easily have an access to these items in this mode. However, just like every mode has their own pros and cons, the players cannot have an access through the command blocks and the only way to produce command blocks is to press the set block command button to cover the range of six blocks maximum. Next is the adventure mode which was an upgradation level in terms of gaining an experience, wherein the players could use custom build maps which were user friendly to bring in advancements in the game. Objects like levers, buttons mob’s etcetera were also accessed by the players in this mode. Another advancement in this mode is the designing of command blocks in the custom map that helps to make stronger connections through scripted servers.


The next mode is the spectator mode, that certainly makes the players virtually jump through the blocks and does not allow any direct interaction. The teleport facility towards the other player is enabled in this mode, however, the players don't have inventory. While being in the third person perspective mode, the players certainly look like floating heads with no bodies. The speed of the flying mode can be adjusted by scrolling the wheel button. However, the last mode is the demo mode, wherein the players play the game with the trial motive. Also, the demo allows gameplay of survival mode through the premium account and only through the single player perspective.


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The central processing unit is the core part of the computer setup and programming. The CPU certainly controls and carries out the programming instructions by using basic arithmetic units and with a logical approach. The prospect of computer programming cannot be set up and however, in order to keep up with the whole process, the CPU helps in receiving, directing and processing the data of the computer. This component is being characterized as the heart of the desktop and is considered extremely important. While we talk about the aspect of gaming, the CPU is the lifeline of the gaming system. A modern CPU will incorporate cores between 2 to 28, focusing on different tasks however, a multicore processor is highly recommended.


Just like you while playing requires brain and power, in the same way, gaming requires smart CPU and powerful GPU. The CPU is provided with certain tasks wherein the GPU is not up to the mark in its performance. The procedure of artificial intelligence functionality of non-player characters is something that is strictly conducted by CPU. A lot is dependent on the kind of games we play, as some games run better with more cores, and some run better with faster CPU. Minecraft is an example of the game that doesn't need many cores to run, however, it certainly runs on one core and does not require extra power. The speed of the CPU has the knack of influencing the frames per second during the game. Being more descriptive, there are various games, like, first person shooter, sandbox games, multiplayer games etcetera are developed in a way that they are run by multifarious cores and keeping the CPU as the epicenter. 


Before we talk about reducing CPU usage while gaming, it is essential to know the root cause of the situation wherein there are numerous factors that stand responsible for the same. Problematic graphic drivers, unnecessary third-party applications that are running in the background can create a break in the CPU usage. Check on the in-game settings is very important as in case of first-person shooter games, it gets difficult to handle high level configuration. In case you are a game freak, and power preserving mode is switched on in your computer then CPU usage is a huge matter of concern. Another aspect to be kept in mind is to refrain from the game getting corrupted as the hardware might cause this kind of glitch where the player tends to become helpless. Last but not the least, the last reason could be that your hardware is somewhere not being able to cope with the game requirements as expected.


There are issues that certainly need to be resolved by problem solving solutions, however, catering to each one by one, first we talk about the spurring of unnecessary background applications wherein the very first thing you need to check to refrain from bottle necking is that with what resilience is the CPU being used. However, if there are unnecessary applications running you will indeed have to disable them. There are proper steps to be followed to disable the running of unnecessary applications. Firstly, press Windows + R to open the Run utility. Type the command of misconfiguration and press the enter button wherein this will open the system configuration. Choose the tab of services and check the Hide all Microsoft services box. Press the disable all option button and click ok. Press control + shift + Esc keys to open the Task Manager. Lastly, shut down all the unnecessary programs that are running by right clicking on them selecting the End Task Option. Once everything is done, it is time to restart your PC. The faulty graphic drivers can also bottleneck your CPU usage. Removing or uninstalling the troubling drivers from your computer can help you overcome this problem. However, prefer downloading the drivers from the manufacturer’s website and further continue to install and reinstall them to avoid any kind of glitches. There are steps to be followed to uninstall the graphic drivers, wherein commence with the Run utility again, type devmgmt.msc and click the ok button. Following this will navigate you to the Device Manager page on your screen. Sail through the GPU driver by right clicking on it and lastly press the uninstall button to uninstall the GPU driver.


The third reason identified is the in-game settings and changing the in-game settings is not that difficult a job. There are some in-game settings that are not compatible with the technicality of your computer. It is important to see if the in-game FPS cap is set to unlimited or set to a higher FPS cap than the CPU can actually handle. The game is all about capping the FPS properly to reduce the CPU usage in an impeccable way. There are times when the CPU usage is higher than the GPU usage, however, then the player can administer to high trending graphic settings like High or Ultra. Working on the higher graphic settings shifts the load from CPU to GPU and this is the best way possible. Incase nothing works, then it becomes mandatory for the player to play in low graphic settings mode. Another glitch to be kept in mind is to keep all power preserving modes off. These modes are of no concern until and unless the gaming is not keeping the performance of the CPU holding back.


Turning off power preserving mode requires proper steps to be followed. Firstly, type cmd in the windows search bar there will be a command prompt and right click on the option that will appear. There will be an option that will appear, Run as administrator from the pop-up menu and lead to an opening of elevated command prompt. Type the shutdown in the command prompt and press enter. You should know that the computer restores itself to UEFI Firmware settings by rebooting itself and restarting to allow further glitches. All options related to power saving should be turned off and then the computer should be restarted again. Just when the window is restarted, it is important to type the power and sleep settings in the search bar and probably click on the search bar button as an appropriate option. Click on the additional power settings below the related settings. Further on the right side will be popped the change plan settings options, choose that beside the balanced section. Select the change advanced power settings button, however, select the high-performance option from the drop-down menu and click on OK. This will certainly amend the issue of CPU usage while gaming.


There is a possibility that the game might cause a virus and stop working abruptly. There are times when the game becomes corrupted and causes certain problems, out of which CPU usage is one of the major concerns. However, the best way to fix the problem is to reinstall the game. There are proper steps to be followed to uninstall the game. Like every other way, Run the utility option again and type appwiz.cpl while pressing Enter. However, this will lead to programs and CPU options that will open on your screen. Furthermore, look for your game and right click on it. Click on the uninstall option and follow the instructions in order to refurbish the process. Last but not the least once the game is uninstalled, it is time to install the game again but make sure that you install the game through the official site in order to reinstall it and check if the game is still using high CPU. There are times when none of the above problem-solving solutions will be able to resolve your problem, however, in that case it is time to upgrade your hardware to a newer edition. Even after trying so many options there comes no way of fixing the problem, however, upgrade your hardware to refrain from any kind of glitch while playing the game. Lastly, it is important to implement the solutions in the best possible way rather than just waiting for the system to crash completely. Logistic approach applied correctly can help you mend your way.


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Playing a practice match against few players or several players usually refers to the process of scrimming. The word scrim dawns its existence from the shortened form of “scrimmage” which certainly refers to the conducting of matches against each other in an unranked situation where there are no pros and cons of playing. This practice helps the players to be competent enough in such friendly matches for a better performance on the final day. The word scrim is overly used in the First-Person Shooter games amongst the clan members online. Various games where one can actually witness the process of scrimming are Fortnite, PUB G, Dota 2, Counterstrike, Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, etcetera. It is important to know, each game witnesses the scrimming practice online, and to be more familiar with more aspects, we shall talk about pro scrimming, a practice followed by athletes while playing against other team members.


Coming down to the specificity, PUBG Scrims and tigers are worth knowing and it is important to inculcate knowledge about them. Since PUBG is widely recognised as one of the online trafficking games, it incorporates a ranking system that boosts the players and attracts more users. This skill based mobile game embodies around eight tiers depending upon the different skill set of the players and the rank is awarded as per the skills of each player. The process of winning the games in continuation increases the ranking of the player wherein losing the game in continuation decreases the ranking. Starting with the lowest, Bronze is the most basic rank in the game and is awarded to the players after they have completed their first match. This basic rank itself includes five tiers which includes Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, Bronze IV and Bronze V. There are plenty of opportunities that the newcomers get while playing the game for the first time.


Following the Bronze rank comes, the silver rank, which certainly comprises five tiers similar to the bronze ranking system. Silver I to Silver V are the tiers that are incorporated in the silver ranking. The players who have played a bit of the game usually get this rank and players playing the game are able to inflate their ranking easily. Next in the ladder is gold rank, again consisting of five tiers, Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV, and Gold V. Players who have a substantial knowledge of the game and are very well acquainted with the tactics of the game can easily embark upon gold tier. The games in this line give an impeccable experience and pursue the players for a better gameplay in order to improve their ranks. Certainly, the quote, “Practice makes a man perfect”, works in this tier. After the player passes Gold I tier, that's when Platinum comes into existence. Like all others, it consists of five tiers, and the rank is allotted to players who have imbibed a perfect game play and wish to master the game. There are no bots in the game, therefore it becomes difficult to play the game, however, constant losing can lead to deficit ranking.


Next in line is the Diamond, wherein players who have mastered the basic gameplay and are aware of their inflating skill sets belong to the category of achieving Diamond. The players play with a challenging and competitive spirit while attaining this tier and are experienced to not let go of the minutest of mistakes by the opponent players. Next is Crown, which certainly comes after the Diamond rank. Players who have transcended all the difficulty levels and are experienced learners in the skill set for shooting, aiming and strategic gameplay are certainly meant for this bracket. Regular practice, consistency and determination can help the players jump to the next higher level. The next level is Ace, which is again followed by Crown with five tiers. Players that exhibit fantabulous performance and strong decision-making skills along with logical approach are best suited to accomplish this badge. Turning the tables upside down and making the whole game in your favour is not everyone’s cup of tea however, players in the Ace bracket are renowned to do this as they are wise enough to use the inventory. Last in the line is the Conqueror tier, just as the name suggests, this tier is an epitome of perfection wherein top 500 players from each strata are given this badge. This bracket incorporates professional players with outstanding capabilities of using the inventory, weapons and grenades, however, professional gameplay is the need of the hour and failing that, players are called mere PUBG Mobile players.


Furthermore, while we talk about the advantages of playing the game, there are various benefits that we get and are unaware of, however, knowing your equipment and familiarising with your equipment with utmost possibility is the need of the hour. No professional player shall be happy to lose the game because of a poor technicality issue. Secondly, it is important to understand that practising makes it easy to know the tips and tricks of the game and there is a reason why Arcade and War mode is there in every game. Practising again and again helps to improve the skill set and endurance of each player. One can have a better gameplay with strong instincts, consistency, and focus on the weak points. Before even starting to play the game, it is very important to have a proper gameplan, however, this requires a proper set of teams. When the players play in a team, they are certainly in less danger. As an individual player, the burden remains more and survival becomes a task. Survival of the fittest with the team is still better than struggling to survive alone. Therefore, it is advised to always stick with your team.


Another pro tip is to acquire a dynamic approach rather than a stagnant one. It is important to keep moving in different directions and dodge the other players rather than sitting at once place and aim. Changing whereabouts and the directions in the game can make your moves unpredictable and help you make the other players more tiring. Therefore, smart minds tend to achieve more laurels. Another advantage that can help you survive for a long time is to have patience while playing the game. Impatience can lead to a huge destruction in the game, in case you are losing, it is better to keep yourself safe rather than risking it all. Last but not the least, another advantage that a pro gamer can have is to exactly be known of the inventory and the stacking of the weapons. Travelling with the least inventory can also give you an edge while you are losing.


Moving on with more details, there is a stepwise proper guide to be followed while playing PUBG as it helps the players to refrain from confusion. The journey simply begins by downloading and installing PUBG Mobile from the google play store in your smartphone. Downloading the game on a smartphone can help you to be away from all the glitches and other technicality issues. Once the app is installed it showcases three options, in order to play PUBG through your Gmail id, download the app from the play store, fill in the credentials and click on the icon, there you will see play games. In case you don't find the option to tap, clicking here and there twice will help you reach there. Another way of logging in and playing is through Facebook and Twitter and you are good to go. Thirdly, there is a possibility that you would want to play without any login id, however, clicking on guests will make you do so. It is important to note that in case, the device or the setup changes, the player cannot continue logging in with the name of the same guest.


There is an advantage for the IOS users wherein the players can login through Game Centre Account and further, you will have to press the “More” button and mend the Game Centre Settings. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the players can set sail on their journey of playing the game. Using any kind of option will certainly bring you to the same interface wherein the players can either enter the game directly by tapping the START button or create the opportunity in a better way, by basic optimisations, choosing the outfits of the players, downloading the maps that help the players to navigate through easily, attend the training sessions and practice with focus to be able to make it to a professionalism. Every player must practice in a way that they know the tactics of winning the game and have an edge with every difficulty. In this game of survival of the fittest, the players must be well acquainted with the gameplay to remain alive till the end. For all to know, GameSee sponsored PUBG Scrims wherein the elite Prize pool Scrims Season 1 was arranged by Scam Esports and the prize pool was 50 INR, daily. It was held from 1st June till the 30th June, the registration was conducted at 1 pm every day on discord and the match timings were scheduled from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


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While we talk about the online ventures, live streaming helps a brand to create, grow and evolve immensely. Certainly, life streaming helps you get engaged and infused in the moving aspects, in terms of figures and literary sense. The best part about the scenario is that the struggle and the hardship in the starting calls for a party and a handsome amount in the end. The competency level among the content creators has no bounds in this generation as people are tremendous and superfluous with their skills. There are various tips and tricks used to be certainly successful in live streaming and that can help you grow to have a better experience.


Starting on, the first step is an integration of the pre-show or the pre setup wherein you can freely gain an experience without worrying about major technicalities. It is essential to keep your setup simpler as every addition to your setup can lead to an incorporation of any kind of glitch unnecessarily, therefore avoid keeping your live show at risk during the pre-setup scenario. There are possibilities that an incorporation of a simple set up can lead to backup issues. Be aware of the fact that it is always the minor things, for example, monitor or the mouse that can create havoc during a live show, however to refrain from the problem kindly keep a proper backup and in order to keep the things going.


A strong network with a proper bandwidth is a must and it is important to check the uploading speed before making the effort of streaming live as the break in the video might ruin all of your effort. Keeping extra time for the audio is beneficial as the audio setup is usually taken for granted and the actual glitch arises there. It is advised to configure the audio settings properly and make sure that the side noises have a minimalistic effect for a better stream play. There is a certain span of time delegated to each live stream channel to stream in real time automatically. Channels like YouTube and Facebook have a scheduled time to stream live and there are chances that the uploading is not done at the right time, in consequence to which you must keep a double check to see whether the video is uploaded at the correct time.


Last but not the least, during the integration of a pre setup, it is important to gather immense ideas and newness in content. However, the activity of engaging and interacting more and more with the audience and the viewers, help you understand the needs of the targeted audience and makes sure that you oscillate with your audience in the same direction. Moving on to the ways of live streaming a professional show, it is certainly not a child’s play. Indeed, practice makes a man perfect. Always think with a wider horizon and learn from your mistakes. Firstly, monitor the display of your screen externally before going live as it gives a reality check to you while the viewers are viewing it live. Practicing this can help you monitor the streaming more confidently and make your effort worth the watch. For example, Webcaster 2 is a streaming equipment that helps you monitor your stream, see comments and engage with people.


Comments in the live stream obviously appear for a short span of time, and it is suggested that you should reply instantly. If not instantly, it is important that you comment right after the session. An interaction with your viewers is a must as this lets you be in constant touch with your viewers and make sure that they show up for more live streaming videos. Take a longer prep time than required to ensure that you are mentally ready for the live streaming and are organized in the best possible way to overcome any kind of glitch, if any. This in turn will help you deliver a standard live stream session. Hence, taking more time than required can help you reduce your anxiety and bit of stress in order to perform extremely well and run the live stream smoothly.


Usually, pre-hold place holders are used to take that minimal second of buffer time before starting a video normally. While streaming live, please ensure that the session does not embody any pre holder images as it certainly does not give a good impression while streaming live. This act should necessarily be avoided in all aspects as it is of no help. Having another eye view on your live stream is a cherry on the cake. Just like every story has two versions, sometimes delegating the responsibility of the responsible person can help you detect glitches before time and help you improvise on them. Preferably record your live stream locally, to avoid a flop show in case of minor glitches. Local recording can help you configure the settings and mend the glitch.


Live streaming evidently augments the name of your brand in the market and maximizes the ability to reach a wider audience and have a drastic engagement. Few ways to inflate the recognition is through streaming live on Facebook groups. Posting the videos in various groups can help you make your videos reach a larger audience and to a wider horizon. People can find relevance to your content and let you earn name and fame as all the content creators wish for.  A catchy title is a plus in live streaming as it is very important to attract the attention of the audience and keep up with them till the end. Text title adds value to the live streaming session, also, placing keywords aptly in the title can make you good to go.


Mentioned above are the facts that should be kept in mind, therefore these live streaming videos act as a pro to augment your market value, therefore be consistent with the streaming session and create more content in order to keep the newness intact and not be frustrated with the same old content. It is important to create a broadcast in a professional way to add recognition to your brand and be a leading edge in the world of competency.


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SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations is an upcoming Indian Mobile FPS Game, a forthcoming game for mobile phones, developed by a very renowned game developer, Indic Arena. This game belongs to the genre of first-person narrative and certainly embarks upon India’s ethics and monumental importance in the upcoming gameplay. With an incorporation of multiplayer mode for the android devices, this game is completely a free to play one. Evidently, SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations belongs to the action game play exhibiting various characters, levels, modes, maps, weapons and fast paced multiplayer action. No doubt, SICO is terming to be an alternative to PUBG games. Featuring the Battle Royal combat, the game has been recognized as an efficient one for the pre registrations to start on the google play store.


Talking about the release date of SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations, it is observed that online free to play games like Call of Duty and Free Fire have moved the massive player base in the country to another level. Just to let the players deviate from the monotony, the gaming industry thought to binge in a new game with commendable game play. Also, the concerned authorities have been trying hard to get PUB G game back to public as the game acted like a stress buster for the players and certainly is hoped to be back in order to let the pro gamers have a significant time pass activity in these crucial times of the pandemic. Unfortunately, no release date has been announced for the game till now.


This game is a free play for friends and with other players online.  SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations, a free to play modernistic outlook game, incorporates an intensive knowledge of multiplayer action, Sniper, kill streaks, hard core weapons and immersive multiplayer maps, wherein survival of the fittest is the key to win the game. However, the game offers a Battle Royal mode wherein hundred players can play the game in the campaign mode to combat certain challenges and missions to complete. The game comprises five modes as per the latest information, starting from Team DeathMatch, Free for all, Multiplayer Team DeathMatch, Domination, Gun Race. In addition to the multiplayer mode, the game comprises a single campaign mode too wherein the users can have the game play without the team mates.


Currently the game is still being updated with overall and refurbished concepts, also the navigating maps and terrains of the game have been structured according to the Indian culture and Indian surroundings. In the official trailer there was certainly a hint given on the names of the navigating maps, Vanam, Mandapa and Parvata, giving full reference to the Indian background. The mechanism of the game seems a bit similar to the mechanism of COD Mobile. In actuality, SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations embodies various customized features in regard to the weapons, score streaks and various equipment that certainly let the players dwell in increased game challenges.


The players are certainly given names in this game, however, the four characters that we are introduced to are, Captain Shaurya Singh, Rudra, Ana and Shiv. For more knowledge it is very important to know that, the genre of first-person shooter game and Battle Royal game are achieving a huge fan base among the players in the gaming industry in India. These kinds of genres certainly gain more prominence among the Indian communities, however, SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations was thought to abide with these kinds of genres to have recognition as soon as possible.

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It is widely observed that technology has roosted the gaming industry to a large extent wherein there is a thin line difference between fictional and nonfictional worlds. In the modern times, Gaming industry not only serves the purpose of entertainment but also provides educational knowledge and has become a massive source of income for many individuals. Mobile gaming competently acts as a driving force for more and more individuals to binge in the gaming world and become a resourceful part of the industry. With the advancement in technology, gaming has evidently ruled our generation. Talking about the time with the introduction of electronic games till the coin-op games, the gaming industry has immensely developed and achieved recognition throughout the world.


The concept of video games arose in the 1980's and gradually these games intended to improve the gaming experience of the player. With this the gamers got more engaged in playing video games with better tips and tricks. Past few years, there are many technological advancements that have been initiated for a better gaming experience in online casinos. In this article we shall talk about the advancements that have led the gaming industry to future technologies. Firstly, the emphasis lies on virtual reality wherein, it incorporates the technology of Optical Character Recognition. The process gives a life like experience to the players in the casino. As the name suggests, the concept of virtual reality widens the horizon of online gaming as it makes everything seem real in order to give a real time experience. The dynamics of virtual reality certainly match the interfaces of real time.


Another factor to be discussed is Augmented Reality wherein the virtual reality elements are introduced in four-dimensional space. The users who are a part of augmented reality have an inflated and an immersive experience, where they can slyly use the tactics and interact in the digital environment. Talking about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality specifically, the former exhibits the virtual elements specifically, wherein the latter exhibits real time content and audio along with the virtual elements. Augmented reality covers a vast arena, wherein it allows the gamers to use the existing environment and create their own gameplay, also, to handle the genre of post-apocalyptic world, the virtual factor rules the reality, for example, the trees seem more dry and decay. Wearable gaming became popular as it made the users come to ease due to the fact of its portability. This certainly helps in making your gameplay less interfering to such an extent that well renowned brands and companies are aiming to infuse fitness applications with entertainment.


Furthermore, due to the increased demand of smartphones, coin - op gaming became an essential part in the gaming world and provided a very good gaming experience. In the situation of passing time and commuting, there are various people who switch on the multiplayer mode on their phones and start to play in order to pass their time. However, mobile gaming achieved recognition and has also advanced in the digital market. Users these days have experienced another way of playing games, which is through voice recognition. Games that are controlled by the usage of voice tend to give a rich gaming experience in the gaming world. Controlling the gameplay through your voice, certainly helps the players to interact with each other in a special way and through social media networking. One can easily use this opportunity to make contacts in the gaming world wherein the system readily acknowledges the commands and stimulates an impeccable gameplay. Moving on, facial recognition is another way of improved dynamics in the gaming world, as it certainly creates an impersonation of the same character while playing the game. The process of facial recognition and three-dimensional scanning, helps the developers to create dynamic interfaces of the game and on the other hand helps the gamers to run the game as per their own suitability.


Gesture control games have had prominence the past few years, as the gameplay becomes easy in a way that natural movements of the body are often mimicked, captured and portrayed in 3D cameras. Gesture controlling games were a game changer in the industry wherein the players interacted with each other and played the game on a personal level. In addition, cloud gaming held prominence in a way that rather than introducing games on proper hardware systems, it is better to develop the game on cloud and make the game play easy. Unlike old days, games don't require the disks and the memory space, in fact the games are developed in a way that it varies in the size limit and the software is widely acceptable via the internet for the players to continue the online gaming. On demand video gaming is another way of adapting the advanced technologies wherein one can stream live while playing the video game.


The introduction of 3D graphics created newness among the players which incorporated real looking textures, real time interactions, real looking physical environment etcetera. Well-designed features and aspects in the game play boost the players to have an immersive gaming experience. Last but not the least, majorly the credit of advancement in online gaming usually goes to the smartphones and the gaming apps wherein the games incorporated in handy and pocket size devices give a rich experience of online gaming and keeps the players at ease and comfortable. Smartphones are making sure that there is an incorporation of each kind of gameplay, single player and multiplayer modes along with fun games for the amateurs to pass their time. Henceforth, with the blockchain technology there has been no chance of fraud in the online payments Usage of crypto wallets and crypto currencies have made the scenario of transaction safer as none of the details of the players can be recorded. The money certainly is received without worrying. However, it is very important to be adaptive to the new technologies in order to cope with the future advancements and have a gaming experience like none other before.

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First person shooter games, labelled as FPS games, is a part of the shooter video games wherein the player comes in direct contact with the opponent and uses the gun or other equipment in a combat through the first-person perspective. These games are basically played in a three-dimensional space, and fall under the category of action games too. Since the inception of multiplayer mode games, FPS games have been an integral part of the clan. In these games, the mind of the players connects with that of the character through the eyes to have an exquisite combat. These games incorporate an avatar, premier league equipment and wide number of enemies. These games seem more realistic with the exhibition of three-dimensional effects of lightning, collision and sound.


The players of this genre can witness the game with the logical approach and incorporate a heavy style of gameplay to be in the game. The dynamics of these games is far beyond the understanding of the infantile player, which in turn means that only the pro gamers are streamlined with this concept. These games are free to play in order to reach a wider set of audience and in consequence to which the players combat to an utmost level. FPS games incorporate a world of their own where the first-person shooters combat persistently. These games comprise innumerable levels or a long narrative that continues for a long time keeping the first-person shooter completely active. For everyone not aware of the fact, FPS games were termed as “Doom Clones”. The speculative work of id software, jumped with a phenomenal rise over 20 years ago, wherein the shooters gained an experience of LAN parties, more experimentation, esports and single player gaming.


For the first-person shooters, knocking off the enemies with the guns is their only gameplay. In this discussion, we will highlight a few games where the first-person shooter can take out all his frustrations and bomb the opponent with his weapons. Dusk was the game that was released in 2018, by the developer David Szymanski. Dusk is one of the top-rated shooters of 2018, wherein, the character is largely influenced by Quake, Doom and Half-Life. It is a horror story that incorporates impeccable dynamics for the players to play freely. In case the players want to divert from the 90’s, this game is the best way to have a diversion. It is a fun play game with rivets exploding, keeping ammunition in hand. Another renowned FPS game is Titanfall 2, which was released in 2016, by the developer Respawn Entertainment. Even after the game showcased valuable multiplayer options, the campaign ended up being one in a million. Developing the single player for the game was not an easy job, however, the developer called in for various ideas to choose the outlook of the single player Titanfall 2. It is a mischievous game that incorporates a talkative metal dog, an amalgamation of thrilling challenges and puzzled elements.


Bulletstorm is a game belonging to the FPS genre that was basically released in 2011, by the developer People can fly, Epic Games. Bulletstorm is a far-fetched attacker that can easily wind the way with smartness. The incorporation of a different level of energy and the ability to kick the enemies and the fastidious movements somehow help the player be in the game with the help of various ammunition and armory. Certainly, Bulletstorm incorporates a comedy script written by Rick Remender wherein, the action matches the kind of play. The game streams in a full clip edition. Prey, released in 2017 by the developer Arkane Austin, wherein the game lets you completely experiment and discover new things in the playground. It is a modern and a deeply engaging sim classic, imbibing the vast ideas from its system shock predecessors who have advanced technology with the rapidity of time and most importantly it emulates Arkanes’s incredible eye for the artful design. The best part about developing this game was to let the players experiment and experience a different gameplay wherein they can play the game according to their own choice.


No one lives forever, the game has its inception since 2000, by the developer Monolith productions. The game has impeccably represented the era of the 1960's and incorporates dynamic gameplay. The game centers around a female protagonist Cate Archer, who secretly works for an organization to gather world peace. The game is an amalgamation of first-person shooter and sly gameplay. The gadgets used in the game are very strong and intriguing also, the players can easily achieve missions by the deed of impersonation and tactfully handling the opponents. The game very well incorporates the remarkable feature of Artificial Intelligence. Somehow the designing of the game was an impeccable creation, however, Monolith ended up developing a hilarious version, which could not be outgrown by anyone till now. Metro Exodus released in 2019 by the developer 4A Games, belongs to the FPS genre and incorporates a sly gameplay. The game is casted in a horror set up centering around the post-apocalyptic world. The players in this game use custom and handmade weapons to make a stronger gameplay wherein the surroundings of the game incorporate amalgamation of linear levels and sandbox environment.


Black Mesa, released in 2020 by the developer Crowbar Collective was certainly developed in response to Half Life. The gameplay calls upon various tasks to be performed and solving of immense puzzles to progress in the game. The plot of Black Mesa is similar to that of the Half Life wherein the players incorporate an approach of survival of the fittest. Wolfenstein: The New Order was released in 2014 by the MachineGames belongs to the genre of FPS games, and is an action adventure, where the players combat with their opponents throughout all the levels. The game incorporates features like regeneration of health, melee attacks, exploding the opponents, intense combat between the two parties and use of customized weapons majorly comprising assault rifles and laser guns. SWAT 4, a game released in 2004 by the developer Irrational Games, wherein the opponents are not enemies but are termed as suspects. The instinct of the movie to shoot first is sometimes, bad and a rewarding experience. The secured rooms and doors call for an impeccable experience to play the game for the players.


Aforementioned, are various first-person shooter games that can be termed as the best games to play out of the lot. Almost all of the games are free to play and certainly, require impeccable graphics and dynamic interfaces. In the age of three-dimensional spaces, it is a task to identify the characters with great shooting. Last but not the least, it is very important to be majorly acquainted with the mechanics, longevity, interfaces, visual designs, game play, and skill set of each player to be able to win the game of this genre.

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Live Streaming, just like the name suggests, it refers to broadcasting and recording the video in real time. It is very important to know that streaming can be done in any form, however, live streaming certainly incorporates everything as a whole, be it social media, professional sports and video games. There are various live streaming platforms that exhibit the concept to be recognized for example, Facebook Live, Periscope, Bilibili etcetera. One of the interesting facts is that Live streaming also incorporates the procedure of covering the sports event in real time which is somehow an attraction for the viewers. Another prominent site that has gained popularity is Twitch wherein, people play video games, watch esports and be a part of the live coverage.


Never did anyone think, Live streaming would achieve recognition so drastically. People have become more acquainted with the concept of live streaming than the other ways of watching videos. Live streaming has become a full-time concern for various people than just to remain as a hobby. As a result of which, people have started making money out of the process and to be honest, it doesn't involve bits and pieces of money, it certainly incorporates immense money making and has made people rags to riches. No one can become rich overnight, also, in the gaming arena, it is important to observe and then play practically for a better experience. To start over, live streaming follows a protocol, firstly we shall discuss the way we can acquire the basic knowledge about live streaming.


More than the platform of live streaming, incorporation of apt equipment would provide a better learning and money-making experience. Things basically needed are - Gaming device, referring to a computer, Laptop or PC. The headset for a quick reception, the webcam to play face to face, Good internet connection to keep the game going without any glitches, Own choice of game and most importantly Accounts on your chosen platform as it will help in quick recognition among your gaming friends. There are various ways through which live streaming platforms can help you earn money. Let's discuss a few in detail below, firstly the players must be aware of the fact that the viewers watching them can tip them in accordance to their performance. All live streaming platforms incorporate a window of receiving tips from their fans. There are times when the players don't receive any kind of money, donation from their audience, then it is vitally important for the players to acknowledge the tips given by the people among the audience or the viewers. Believe it or not, acknowledging the effort of the fans and the audience can stimulate the viewers to tip you for the next time too.


Secondly the players can earn money through subscriptions, wherein, viewers subscribe to the particular channel or the live streaming and this is the way the players can receive the payments. It is very important to keep your content crisp and concise for more people to let you in the game attract more of their attention. There is a certain fixed amount that you get when the people subscribe to your channel. One of the top streaming games Ninja, set a record on Twitch with immense viewers, and switched to another platform where he received more than 1 million views in 2018. Certainly, Ninja jumped into YouTube and received more than 22 million viewers. Thirdly, it is essential to be aware of the fact that an infantile needs a hand to walk therefore, assisting yourself with a brand and partnering with them would be a cherry on the cake. Brand sponsorships help you reach a wide audience. Talking about the banners and advertisements, they certainly help you to control a wider range of audience. The banner or the advertisement erupts in the form of a video at the start or mid-way of the game. One brand can easily sponsor your entire channel in order to connect with the right audience.

In the category of the sponsored content, specific content is displayed wherein the developers of the game usually pay the players.


Once you acquire a special entity in the world of life streaming, marketing comes into form wherein you can acquaint yourself with various brands and promote explicit products. Following this process, the players receive a small amount of commission on each purchase. You are provided with a URL by the partners, as soon as someone does a purchase, you will get a URL that is certainly the golden ticket to receive commission. It is advised to sell the equipment that is not used by you, for more people to binge in the sales. It is important to not always run for money, rather run for recognition. Cater to reputed and valuable brands, as their marketing is free and it is better to acquaint yourself with these brands to attain free products and small lumps of money.


Another way is to let people avail your tickets virtually, however, the act of selling the tickets virtually is termed as pay-per-view streaming. To cherish the outcome, it is very important to incorporate loyal followers and post content which is worth the spending of the viewer. In some cases, posting a price tag can reduce the number of followers. Selling virtual tickets is not as easy as it seems to be. The player certainly needs to be a part of a virtual live streaming ticket process, for example, StreamTick. Through this platform you can conduct live ticket sessions on YouTube and Facebook. One the players achieve recognition, there are chances to be insecure of keeping the supreme standing intact, however in that case, it is viable to keep the money flow at the third-party platform. These third-party platforms help the players to maintain and substantia balance of the image and process donations and subscriptions.


Last but not the least, create your own merchandise, as it will help you gain attention from a larger audience. There are people who are dependent on various live streaming content and purchase the products seeing the videos. Affiliate the merchandising link with your channel to earn money. Building your own infrastructure with creativity and designing can help you partner with valuable live streaming platforms like YouTube, and provide you impeccable profits. Also, be a coach of your own game, wherein the players can easily reveal various tips and tricks to play the game by being observant in the whole scenario.  Selecting the platform of your own choice certainly helps you to be a leading edge with a handsome income. There are three aspects to be kept in mind in order to set sail the journey. The focus while streaming live should be laid on reaching a massive audience, hop into a site that charges low commission as a beginner cannot compete with the pro gamers. Last but not the least, be in a minimalistic competition with other streamers. There are countless sites where you can make money, however, jumping on to a low budget site can help you generate revenue in the best possible way. The only thing that you need to balance is that the site should incorporate an inflated number of users and incorporate a low commission scenario.

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An old invention by Nintendo which was a sequel to the game Mario Bros was one of the favourite games played by children and was released in 1985. The game received wide recognition in the market as the game was released to bid farewell to Famicom’s cartridge with the upcoming graphics and impeccable interfaces. Mario or his brother Luigi  is controlled in the game as both the brothers are duly responsible for rescuing Princess Toadstool from King Koopa and survive even after the attacks done by Bowser while travelling through the Mushroom kingdom. The framework of the first level, called World 1-1 certainly serves as a  tutorial for the first time video gamers for them to know the tips and tricks, moreover the mechanism of the gameplay. 


While we talk about the game play, this multiplayer mode game follows a pattern of side scrolling from the screen wherein the player progresses from left side of the screen towards the right side. The game in all comprises eight fantasy worlds with four sublevels in each world. The extended levels keep the interest of the pro streamers alive, wherein the underwater stages intrigues the players to play more. 


To our surprise, Mario Brothers game was auctioned where it was sold at a stupendous amount of $ 660,000. Fairly mentioning the story of the game being sold, firstly, the game was bought as a christmas gift and was not remembered at all, thereafter the issue aroused in the public eye again after a few weeks while the cardboard copy was discovered packed and sealed in a drawer for around 35 years. 


 In addition to this, the Auction house states “ Not only is this the finest plastic- sealed copy with a perforated cardboard hang tab we’ve ever offered of any black box title, it is also the oldest sealed copy of Super Mario Bros, we’ve ever had the opportunity to offer. This is only the fourth version of Super Mario Bros, ever produced and its window of production was remarkably short. Just to paint a better picture of how short this really was -- the nationwide release for the console came in mid to late 1986, and black box games distributed for that release did not have the “Game Pak NES - GP” code. It's worth mentioning that Nintendo managed to add the trademark symbol to the Nintendo Entertainment System on their game boxes by the beginning of 1987.” 


Super Mario Brothers is one of the renowned platform games, the finest copy of which was claimed to be banged at. The day Mario began, it was 10th March, however, this day is certainly celebrated as Mario’s birthday and was one of the massively paid video games. The way this game achieved fame and reached heights was unimaginable. “Who doesn't love Mario?” says McLeckie. One in a million games worth playing was designed for the audience outside Japan where the game was widely appreciated in all forms. 


Furthermore, Nintendo Mario Brothers Game was one of the most expensive platform games to be sold and was accompanied by various other games that were auctioned, namely Mega Man, 1987, and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Nevertheless, Super Mario Brothers Game has been sold at a premium rate with the highest buying capacity, more than 50 million copies sold worldwide, than any other game. The popularisation of Super Mario Brothers stimulated the recognition of the side scrolling platform genre. Last but not the least, original version of Mario game released in 1983, incorporated a black and white screen feature, whereas the Super Mario Bros was a creation of a colorful concept and better interfaces with larger characters. 


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Electronic sports are a rising sports broadcast platform. It is a sort of video game live streaming. It covers online gaming live telecasts from all over the world. With the onset of easy availability of cheap and fast internet connection, a surge in viewership of esports has been observed to be followed in recent times.


Online multiplayer games such as Fortnight, PUBG, Call of Duty which are quite popular around the world, are broadcasted. The popularity of these online multiplayer games is such that separate gaming tournaments are organized on a large scale that covers a stadium. The money involved in these competitions is also relatively higher than one can expect. Sometimes winners take home whopping amounts counted in millions of dollars by winning a world-level championship of these games. So, one can expect the amount of money, craziness, and prospect of popularity involved. Due to these factors, e-gaming picked up such speed and fame, and ignorance of a platform like Esports became inevitable.


Several live gaming broadcast platforms like YouTube, Mixer, and Discord have played an integral role in the base development and further enrichment of these online worldwide gaming tournaments. These live streaming platforms have come as a philosopher's stone for the eSports industry. Providing them an absolute wide reach around the globed and also features like in-stream chat. In-stream chat is a feature that allows the viewers to comment on something or ask something while the gamer is playing his game. While playing their game, Gamers can reply to their viewers, thus engaging the viewers more and making this whole live-streaming thing seem more tempting. Additionally, YouTube has a feature called super chat using which a viewer can donate money to his/her favourite streamer, thus monetarily benefiting the streamer, and the winner might also get a shoutout. A shoutout is nothing but calling out the name of a person among many, thus shifting focus on him for few seconds. 


This way, there takes place the development of a community of a streamer or creator. As the streamer or creator would regularly be active on his or her streaming platform often, a habit develops for the people who like them to come simultaneously to watch. Thus, a group is formed who have similar tastes, and on interacting with each other for quite some time, a community is formed. This strengthens, even more, the creator or streamer in their field, and they become famous. That is how fan pages are made, Facebook support groups are formed, and the streamer or creator achieves fame. These fan pages play a vital role in the popularity of artists by having their schedules spread around in different groups among family and friends. Thus, creating an ecosystem of advertisement, which by the way is unpaid but is as effective as any other channel of advertisement? In a world where advertisement costs a bomb for most businesses, if there is a method one can get advertised for free, it shows nothing, but the potential of the growth and outreach of the method involved.


Henceforth streamers find it relatively easy to manage their activities monetarily and feasible to monitor too. As no especially designed setup is required for streaming, just a computer, mic, green screen (optional), camera, and screen recorder, and that's all. No extravagant costs, no high-end hardware, just easily obtainable nominal costing things. Then comes the turn of choosing which platform(s) to stream on. Some platform(s) pay handsomely the existing streamers, thus paving the way to lure new talent in.


The Prospect of eSports in India:


As eSports continues to be regarded as a proper form of gaming across the globe, most of India still lacks the enthusiasm to declare it a proper sport. "Competitive gaming is not considered to be a proper kind of sports," says the director of ESFI (eSports Federation of India). Most of the country still lacks the aptitude of assessing eSports as a proper form of sports. Confusion is still hovering over the fact that which games can be regarded to be eSports like Counter-Strike, PUBG, Racing games, Rummy, Ludo King, all these are regarded as eSports in India. While the first three are correct, the last two are outright incorrect. The head of ESFI further talked about the prospect of eSports being recognized by IOC. He even spoke about eSports becoming a medal awarding sport in the upcoming Asian Games. Above one hundred countries have put eSports in their traditional sports department and are treated alike as other sports. Even governments of underdeveloped countries like Sri Lankan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia have put eSports under their respective sports ministry. In the 2018 Asian games, eSports was organized as a demo event, and in that, India bagged the bronze medal. This shows the enormous amount of talent in our country's players. According to a survey, there are some 300 million eSports players in India.


Being valued and identified by the ministry of sports and games can positively impact the future of eSports. Then India can rightly use its enormous potential in the sector of eSports to achieve something considered worthwhile.


Advantages associated with eSports gaming:


1) Development of aptitude: With competitive gaming comes the ability to perceive and think according to the current situation. This develops one's brain in such a way that one can analyse any puzzle quickly.


2) Systemized thinking: Competitive gaming instils the qualities which one should possess to ensure them thriving. Some of these qualities include teamwork, leadership, confidence build-up, etc. 


3) Career prospect: The career prospect of someone in eSports can be quite broad as just now we discussed so many prospects and world championship, streaming rewards, and whatnot. Additionally, there are different prospective career fields that one can enter, like engineering, medical architecture, etc.


4) Academically bright: Students who are seen to participate in competitive gaming are also observed to have their GPAs more than average in comparison to their counterparts who aren't interested in competitive gaming.


You can Download GameSee App and make a career in eSport. 


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An online pro-player video game that centers around the soccer sport was introduced to the gaming world in 2015, with the name Rocket League. The conceptualization of this game first came in the mind of Psyonix and thus was developed by him for Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4. The brain wave of the game existed for IOS in 2016 and became entertainment as it was free to play in September 2020. 


This game incorporates eight members in each team wherein the players score points by hitting the ball in the opponent’s goal having been aided by rocket power vehicles. This game can be played in both ways, as a single-player game and a multiplayer game. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a prequel to Rocket League didn't gain much success even though the concept was somehow similar to Rocket League.  


It was observed that the gameplay of Rocket League was improvised to a large extent, the graphical interface was impeccable, players played soccer but with rocket-powered cars, and the battle, cars were advanced. Having been introduced in 2015, the game became part of the E-sport league at the beginning of 2018 with the congregation of professional players. Following the concept of this game, the developer of this game, Psyonix thought to instill a new game in the phones with the name of Rocket League Sideswipe. 


Mentioning the features in detail, the original game of Rocket League incorporated four players in one team and the total span of the match was five minutes. The incoming feature of sideswipe matches incorporates the match for two minutes and conducts the matches that feature one versus one and two versus two in order to plunge in more people on the phone. The players can access the proper field from the side perspective wherein the players have all the control via touch and can navigate in different directions. 


There are not many details mentioned in the blog of Psyonix. The only aspect that holds prominence is that Rocket League sideswipe is easy to grab wherein scoring points is not a child”s play and laying hands on the advanced techniques gets a little difficult. Keeping in mind the tactics of the original gameplay, the spin-off feature keeps the car customization at a focal length through the unraveling of locks, and the knack of playing plays a very important role. However, overall details about the processing of the game are yet not out. 


Sideswipe is free to download and requires no paid subscription as this aspect in a game attracts a huge and loyal fan base and helps the players to be a part of the E-sport tournament more often. One can easily get acquainted with the gameplay if anyone has experienced the gameplay of Rocket League before on any other platform. The overall motive of the game is to be easily played on the mobile phone without fusing in any kind of glitch. 


The camera with a wide range lens and an altered control feature is embodied in the new game as the functioning of the software in a phone is completely different from the laptop or the PC. As per the information from various sources, there is no official release date mentioned for Rocket League Sideswipe, however, Psyonix gives a statement of it being released in the later months of this year. The game features the provision of being bet upon and being tested upon in the near future. 


Having been initially released on PS4 and PC in 2015, Rocket league became paramount and got ported to Xbox and Switch. The actual start to the game was done by Epic games inconsequent to which Rocket League became free to play. So far and so forth, the gameplay of this game has remained more or less the same, even after being introduced with new side perspectives. None of the new updates has changed the interface of the game till now to an extent of the changes by Sideswipe. Moreover, regional tests on the game are performed to be more aware of the functioning of the game. Proper feedback on the game is yet to come. 


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Garena Free Fire, a label given to Free Fire battlegrounds or FreeFire, belonging to the genre of Battle Royal Games, developed by 111 Dots Studio. People started downloading the version of the game in 2019. After achieving fame, the game was felicitated with an award of “Best popular vote game” in 2019 by the Google Store. To talk about the gameplay, Garena Free Fire is played with the third-person perspective and is played online holding on to the genre of battle royal games and is certainly an action-adventure. On the other hand, Player Unknown’s Battleground, termed as PUBG is an online pro game that is played by all the multiplayers and developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole video game company. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows in 2017. 


With profound grief, it was announced that PUB G would be banned in India in September 2020. This game was an addiction for various online multiplayer and it is becoming a task to make a comeback of this game. As it is said, everyone finds a substitute in terms of anything, therefore, stream players nowadays have shifted their interest in playing towards games like, Call of Duty, Garena Free Fire, etcetera. It is essential to know the reason for the game being replaced. PUB G having been banned by India, could not be played legally, therefore, players tried their level best to play the game through certain illegal means, using Korean APK’S and VPN services. For all the fans to know, PUB G could not more be downloaded on the app store of Apple or Google play store. In contrast to the other game, Garena Free Fire, can be easily downloaded through Google play store and Apple store and can be played by the pro players freely. 


Stating the system requirements of both the games, it is advised to acquire at least 4GB of the RSM , wherein the minimum requirement for both the games is 2GB for sure. While we talk about the storage, Garena Free Fire requires around 680 MB of space whereas PUB G acquires 610 MB of internal space. The operating system for PUB G used is IOS 9.0 or above wherein the android remains unknown yet. Garena Free Fire, acquired on android 4.1 or above and IOS 8.0 or above. For more knowledge, let's add more information. Graphics certainly are the backbone of the games, no doubt graphics pf PUB G is any day better than the graphics of Free Fire. PUB G gives a realistic outlook with detailed characterisation, huge weapons, vehicles and navigation maps. In comparison, Garena Free Fire incorporates an animated outlook in terms of Graphics. 


One category in which Garena Free Fire can dominate the existence of PUB G Mobile is on the fact of characters. There are certainly more characters in the former than the latter. The characters keep changing instantly in the game which certainly soothes the viewers or the pro players playing in a better way than the same characters coming on the battlefield with different clothes. The mind remains more active while playing with different faces every time as one can have a better experience. The number of players participating in PUBG Mobile can be more than 100 wherein the number of players participating in Garena Free Fire are curtailed to just 50. Due to supplemental players in the game, the maps incorporate longer navigation routes and the tenure of the matches is longer as compared to the Garena Free Fire Games. Therefore, people who want to play shorter matches with less duration of time can do so in Garena Free Fire games. 


Concluding the above said, online pro streamers somehow cannot be satisfied with any other game than PUBG Mobile as this game has incorporated a huge fan base. Due to the fact of PUBG Mobile being banned in India, online multiplayer are passing their time by playing Garena Free Fire, not to forget the fact that the latter is considered a substitute for the former. Last but not the least, since PUB G has better gameplay and incorporates commendable interfaces, it is certainly important that the game should have a comeback in order to let the multiplayer have a better user experience. 


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In the world of new innovations and tremendous advancement in technology, existed the concept of live streaming. It plays an essential role in keeping the audience and the viewers engaged in order to help them develop a keen interest in the particular event. Giving a detailed description about live streaming is a way of broadcasting the videos or the audio versions in an instant way and making the live event accessible to the people. 


Furthermore, talking about live streaming in the arena of sports, the viewers can take joy in watching the matches streamed live, playing games live over the internet, rather than downloading or recording it. To many people, regular streaming and live streaming seem to be very similar concepts, however, they differ in terms of being instantaneous. The former follows the process of recording and downloading wherein the latter follows the process of streaming on the spot. 


Just when live streaming started to gain popularity, the ecosystem of Electronic sports came to light. Esports, as the name suggests, referred to playing games online with unknown players. This concept of virtual sports competition also became bread and butter for some people with time. To earn fame, it is essential to burn the midnight oil, however, developers behind live streaming concepts and ESports had a vision that was not understood by many. 


Right from live streaming the YouNow App in 2011, till today where each app incorporates live streaming, this concept has only augmented. One of the few reasons for live streaming being preferred is that it gives instant bliss to the viewers wherein the viewers no longer have to wait to engage with the content rather be a part of the process in real-time. An immediate interaction takes place between the online users and intensifies the marketing strategy of various companies for the purpose of buying and selling the product. With immediate interaction, comes immediate feedback to acquaint the marketing companies with the actuality of the product and adhere to the reviews of the users. 


Secondly, live streaming acts as a trailer of the movie wherein the companies acquaint the targeted audience with the actual purpose and build trust accordingly among the users. While live streaming it is important to abstain from scripted broadcasting as it certainly leads to boredom. In this way, the viewers refrain from doubting the inner workings of the company and help to promote the brand while being completely familiar with the ongoings. Thirdly, live streaming took an upsurge not only in the marketing sector but also in the ecosystem of Esports as the viewers took joy in dwelling themselves for a live session. Live streaming plays a vital role in reaching a huge mass if it is done efficiently. Glitches in the love broadcast can divert the attention of the users. 


Who doesn't want to be in the lap of comfort? Well, with the rapidity of time, technology has shown wonders and as humans, we are its prey. With the help of new innovations, the comfort of seeing live matches at home, playing live games on the internet, broadcast audios, being a part of multiplayer games, participating in virtual sports competitions, everything is possible under one roof without showing physical presence at any event. The idea of live streaming and Esports have risen to an extent where the tournaments are not only conducted for the purpose of playing, winning, or losing rather people have involved themselves in the havoc of betting online. 


World-class tournaments of any game incorporate team members that have a huge fan following and are used as a means of betting. Various multiplayer games like, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Streetfighter, Starcraft etcetera are the games that people usually bet in. Therefore, online betting is mounting day by day. Bringing forth another factor, somehow people have imbibed each crumb of luxury while watching everything streaming live at home. Instead of barging into each other, settling for less through different angles, and trying to attain a perfect view, there had been a sudden rip over to streaming live and cherishing the live broadcasting of an Esports tournament. Observing this pattern, people are seen as more relaxed and witness a feeling of rejuvenation in lieu of tireless efforts of being a part of the tournament. 


More than anything else, watching the live broadcast from home is bliss. In the process of gathering more facts, another benefit of live streaming and E sports tournaments is that pro players can become a benchmark for the supporting players or the infantile talent to get trained completely. Watching the videos stream live, can help juvenile players gain experience and observe the tactics carefully. Sometimes, Esports tournaments act as substitute sports activities to fulfill the purpose of betting. Just like premier sports events and matches of football, tennis, cricket,  etcetera, evolve as huge credentials in online betting. 


Withstanding all the facts mentioned above, live streaming of an Esports tournament is a blessing for the fans and the viewers. It has gained success immensely due to the pandemic wherein people were bound to sit home and not be put off their houses unnecessarily. Talking about the present generation, the children undeniably belong to the class of inexperienced and undisciplined people as they are highly pampered by parents. No doubt, there are individuals who have developed an interest in gaming after watching various online tournaments and have thought to earn their bread and butter by excelling in this field. Live streaming and the concept of Esports have been a boon and a bane both, for many. There is huge teamwork that is done behind the curtains that comprises, compression, encoding, Content Delivery Network, caching, Decoding, Video playback, hence a glitch in any one of the technicalities would lead to havoc in a virtual setup. The most common genres that are entitled to be a part of the Esports tournament are Battle Royale, Real-time strategy, first-person shooter, Multiplayer online battle arena, Fighting card etcetera. Intensification of the concept of live streaming has led various individuals to choose Esports as a career option


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FAU-G, a congregation of online multiplayer gameplay holds its existence due to the ncore games. This game certainly represents a eulogy for the dead heroes who fought for the nation’s pride. Fearless and United Guards, FAU-G is a portrayal of the courageous and brave attitude of the heroes with the special name FAU-G commandos. With the acquisition of sudden fame from the game, the developers thought to bring in a new feature which was to introduce the Deathmatch mode in the game. 


Team Deathmatch mode, sets in motion, the action of one team to have an encounter with the opponent team. While this gameplay mode is on, the players become alive even after being slashed to death wherein the highest points are given to the players who do the maximum killings. The player with the maximum number of frags is considered a winner. 


Deathmatch mode is a composite multiplayer mode, where the pro gamers are having a duel with each other and fulfill the genre of fighting games, action games, and racing games. Having control of your mind while playing virtually is not child’s play. The virtual characters are evidently guided by the pro streamers, however, the deathmatch games follow different rules and regulations during the gameplay or the encounter match. 


For your information, the famous Actor Akshay Kumar is religiously involved with the updates of the game and keeps a close association since the very start. The latest news of incorporating the deathmatch mode in FAU-G was proclaimed by the actor, Akshay Kumar, and the developers of the game, ncore games. Quoting the exact words, the developers, ncore games state “ Find your friends, form your squad, fight for freedom! FAU-G’s multiplayer Team Deathmatch mode is coming soon.” 


According to the news, Team Deathmatch mode allows a formation of five team members in the gameplay, wherein the main motive of the deathmatch is to encourage the players to earn more and more points by fragging the players and prevent one oneself from being fragged. Ncore games look forward to expecting better ratings of the game by adding better graphics and robust interface features for the game to become user-friendly and gain popularity among pro gamers in a developing country like India. 


Each game requires impeccable graphics and a strong gameplay field for the users to keep their interest alive and avoid any kind of sluggish element invading. FAU-G game holds 3.2 ratings out of the total on the google play store, however, the whole concern of adding the feature of Deathmatch mode was to have improvisation in the gameplay and create newness for the users to keep their interest alive. In addition, the probability of the game being a part of the IOS still remains in question. 


Initiation of Deathmatch mode did not only mean an influx of a multiplayer mode but also welcomed new weapons to the game. This mode imbibed a 5v5 setup with a limited time play to avoid any kind of glitches. In case both the opposing teams do not achieve decent frag score, the team with the highest number of frags is considered a winner. 


Withstanding the facts mentioned above, the introduction and incorporation of Team Deathmatch mode was a plus for the developers of the game as it became a juncture of repetitive moves and encounters featuring a tussle that did not intrigue the pro players for a very long time. It is time for the gamers to gain an experience that is one of a kind and let the developers hold their breath for the better deliverance of the ratings. 


By admin | 18 Mar 2021

With the rapid advancement in technology, there has been a sudden recognition among the people about the range of Esports. An abbreviation of “ Electronic sports”, incorporates a terrain of various players who tend to play on an online portal to fulfil their purpose of entertainment or livelihood, an aspect certainly depending from individual to individual. 


Long-term affiliation in the field of esports encourages the players to form a club and be a part of various championships organised by the club. Keeping in mind certain rules and regulations, winning players and the winning clubs are felicitated and are applauded for their performance. There are certain credentials to be followed by the players in order to keep proof of being a part of the online gameplay in the form of subscriptions, etcetera. 


For a developing country like India, esports is considered a pass time and is not given much importance. Soon after the pandemic prevailed there were people who recognized their talent and wanted to showcase their gaming skills. To be a  part of the gaming community, it is essential to be acquainted with the gaming environment and the rules. 


Incorporating a diligent attitude in knowing various positive aspects of Esports is a great windfall. Let's talk about some of the benefits of Esports that can help us grow our knowledge and keep us aware in a better way. 


  • Stress burster - Talking about facts, playing games is a great way to decrease your stress. Taking an example of children, they spend their infantile years playing games. However, in professional terms gaming can help the players to play in glee during the friendly matches and release their stress to have greater peace of mind. 


  • Exquisite plan of attack - It is very important to formulate strategies before the player starts playing the game. There are various genres of the games, for example, action games, sporting games, puzzles, etcetera wherein each game comprises different congregations of the plan and robust implementation of the tactics. One should completely avoid believing their instincts while playing games as being practical is better than being an emotional fool. 


  • The self-independent frame of mind - Usually it is observed that people who play games are more active in life and have a logical approach than those who don't involve themselves in gaming. A robust gameplay is beneficial for people who sail through various psychological issues as the practice of playing games tends to incorporate a self-independent frame of mind. 


  • Set right hand to eye coordination - Great coordination of the hand movements and the eye movements certainly ameliorates the performance of the pro streamers. Outdoor games like badminton and tennis require the skill of tactfully managing both movements simultaneously. Better the functioning of the hand and eye movements, better will be the results achieved in the gameplay of Esports. 


  • Strong decision making - Prefrontal Cortex, a small part of the brain which duly affects the decision-making power of an individual, while playing the game. A gaming geek should be spontaneous in his thought process in order to succeed in the encounter. The cognitive behavior cannot be unsurpassed however before the players start playing the game, it is very important for the gaming geeks to have control over the cognitive behavior. 


  • Keeps your memory intact - Gaming geeks are so prone to playing games online that they start to remember the fellow players and opponents, the interfaces of the game, the construction aspects of the game etcetera. Usually, the aspect of keeping the memory intact is more noticeable in older video games where the players incorporated a logical approach, revamped their thought process, and remained self-independent. Facing challenges in the game keeps your mind active and helps you to attain a sharp memory. 


Just like any other leisure activity, various players who are a part of the Esports arena enjoy gaming and feel elated during the gameplay. Sometimes, people experience being in the seventh heaven as playing games brings them joy. Therefore, having a calm peace of mind, our immune system will respond in a better way, which certainly would lead to imbibing a healthy lifestyle overall. The domain of Esports lets you experience being a spectator while watching the game rather than always play the game. More than providing satisfaction, gaming is a way of earning bread and butter for many after the pandemic. 


By admin | 18 Mar 2021

All work and no play will make you sad and grey’, rightly said by Habeeb Akande. As in our busy working schedules, recreational activities play an important role in the overall development of an individual. Hence the key to a healthy mind is a balanced form of lifestyle which includes work and plays both. Therefore keeping the same view our office administrators gave us the responsibility of conducting some activities for the office staff but in the prevailing situations of COVID19, it was merely impossible to keep our employees motivated and channelized. Thus keeping the government protocols in view we managed to conduct an Esports tournament namely ‘Valorant Revenge Cup’ which was organized in January to bring a kick start to the year. The registrations for the interested candidates commenced from the 5th of January 2021 and the commencement of the event was scheduled from the 27th of January 2021. The Tournament was Broadcasted on GameSee.Tv.


Wherefore we took assistance from our I.T Department and superintendent in forming teams and Knockout matches. It was a full-fledged six-day tournament with a prize pool of rupees 4000 to the winning team. The schedule of the matches was uploaded over our online portal and an acknowledgment message was sent to all our respected participants before the inception of the event. As the date of the event was approaching all the participants showed a different level of excitement and one could feel the sense of sportiness in the work environment, as it was a great change after such a hectic year of work from home and lockdown situations.


Day 1 of the tournament was set at around 3:00 pm in the noon on the 27th of January and it was called Knockout round 1 which consisted of seven rounds and 14 different teams participating. It lasted for around three and a half hours allowing each set to be around 30mins. We could witness competitiveness and neck-to-neck fights, where each team was on fire and an urge to win was burning the screens up. The first set of teams were Adbhut Esports versus Sapphire where Adbhut Esports easily took the grounds from Sapphire. Whereas a tough fight was visible in the second and third set of teams that were between Standup Esports versus Rushbee Xoxo and Team MTX versus Team Overconfidence. 


Where the swords of team Standup Esports and team Overconfidence brought victories to their respected houses. Hence the winning and losing of the teams picked up some pace and by the end of the Knockout round 1 we had team Disunity win over Weird esports in set 4, team Spiritual gangsters over Believers in set 5 and Team Anonymous ruled over team A2Z Esports in set 6. In set 7 which was conducted between Level zero Esports and Hype Esports, Levelzero Esports were seen raising their flags. And with this, we came to the closing ceremony of the day 1 tournament with the speech of one of our company associates.


By the start of day 2 that is Knockout Round 2 all the teams were highly prepared and had taken all the inputs from the teams of day 1. It was conducted on the same principles as of day 1 but on this day we had 16 new teams participating with 8 sets of matches. Whereby with the end of the day we resulted as team Masterbaiters win over Team Septics, Team Castiel win over Wild Wolf, Savage squad over Richmonks, EXE sports over Jetr Vyuha in the fourth set . With clicking clocks the last four sets resulted in the victories of NHK over TEG, Team Fangs over Egomanics , TE5 Over team Parabellum, and Team Glitch Esports over Vikings. All the winning teams were congratulated by our staffs Vice President hence looking forward to day 3 of the tournament Knockout round 2 was accomplished 


On the 29th of January, Day 3 of the tournament and Knockout Round 3 successfully launched with 8 sets of matches between the winning teams of Knockout round 1 and 2 plus one new team naming Alone Jaguars. The time allotted for each match was 30 minutes and by the end of the fourth set of match, we could notice the flags of Adbhut Esports waving over Standup Esports, Spiritual Gangsters flags over team Anonymous, the flags of team Levelzero sports over Alone Jaguars and Team Overconfidence waving its flags over the flags of team Disunity. Where in the concluding 4 sets team Castiel, NHK, EXE Esports, and team Fangs stepped forward defending Master baiters, Savage squad, TE5 and team Glitch.


On day 4 the Quarter Finals of the tournament. The screens were all set to get our winners and all the teams were ready to showcase their talents. We had arranged live viewing of the matches for all of our staff members. Day 4 consisted of 4 sets of matches each comprising about 40 minutes. The first match was held between Adbhut Esports and Standup Esports, the second match was fought between Spiritual Gangsters and Team Anonymous where Adbhut Esports and Levelzero esports came up with a distinction and were announced as the winners of the first two sets of quarter-finals. Whereas the last two sets were celebrated in the names of Team NHK and Team Fangs. Day 4 came to an end with all eyes on day 5 which was the Semi Finale scheduled between the Team Fangs versus NHK at 5:00 pm on the 31st of January.


This day both the respected teams joined their screens right in time all our office staff had joined us live to witness the rage of our competitors The Semi finale had 3 rounds, 5 points each. The timers were and as soon as the match began team Fangs wrote round 1 in its name, whereas the 2nd round turned up to be a tie between both the teams where the tiebreaker point was ruled by team NHK. By the time we had entered round 3 which was the deciding round wherein no time and no extra effort, we saw team Fangs emerging as the winners of the semi-finals of the tournament.


After such a high-spirited competition and 5 days of all the struggles, the time rushed us to the Finals of the Valorant Revenge Cup. On the 1st of February 2021, the final two unbeatable teams Adbhut Esports and Team Fangs entered the battlegrounds where all the eyes were set on the screens and all the heats were just beating for the results.


Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”  And this is exactly what was showcased by all our teams throughout the tournament. It was such an ineffable experience for us henceforth such positive responses from all our members motivated us for conducting further such activities.

By admin | 17 Mar 2021

Livestream content is rapidly gaining popularity due to its unscripted and unpredictable style. Among all live stream video types, video game live streaming has developed into a completely separate industry. Every day millions of users login to several platforms to watch their favorite streamers and video games. The industry has developed so much that the top streamers are today making a lot of money through their content. 


If you have heard about video game live streaming and want to explore this world of infinite possibilities, here's a quick walkthrough for you. 


How to watch?

If you want to watch and enjoy live stream video games, you need to start by visiting a live streaming platform that hosts live stream video games. Several platforms are available where you can find exciting video game live stream content. Platforms like Twitch and Mixer are some of the first to start video game live streaming. But with the rise of the industry, other platforms like Facebook and YouTube have also started their video gaming platforms. Just like visiting any other platform, all you need to do is log on to these platforms and directly watch your favorite streamers online. 


If you want to watch video game streaming in a separate app, you can Download GameSee App. GameSee is a brand-new leader in the world live stream video games. Here you can find a lot of interesting games and sports tournaments where you can participate in a matter of few clicks. 


How to Stream?

Now if you don't wish to be just a watcher and want to start streaming your video games sessions from your own channel, you can add your account on any of the above-mentioned platforms and begin streaming. 


However, to become a successful streamer, you need to have some streaming tools with you. For high-quality video recording, you need to have a webcam that gives superior quality video and a microphone that can record your voice in good quality. You'll then need a gaming platform such as a PC, PlayStation, or a smartphone, depending on the type of games you'd like to stream. Once you have all the equipment ready, you can register to one of the many broadcasting platforms and start streaming. 


Will You Get Paid?

There are several ways of monetizing your live stream video game content. Just as any other type of content production, monetization in video game live streams mainly depends on the number of viewers you can get. The more the number of viewers on your channel the wider the range of monetization methods you can use. Streamers use various monetization techniques like merchandise sales, donations, subscriptions, and sponsorships. 


How to Make Good Content?

To get a higher number of viewers and to monetize your content you need to develop good content on your channel. Your videos must be entertaining and fun for the viewers so that they can watch them for a long time. 


Here a few tips that'll help you create more interesting content:


1. Choose the right games

To keep the audience interested in your content you need to choose the rights games to stream. Repeatedly streaming the same games can also become boring, so you need to research and come up with new and exciting games that your audience is interested in. You can ask your viewers to comment suggestions for you so that you can get an idea of what the viewers want to see. Streaming the latest releases, popular games, high difficulty games, and multiplayer games, can improve the entertainment value of your videos greatly. 


2. Be Consistent


To develop a rapport with your viewers, you need to be consistent with your sessions. If you are not consistent, your viewers cannot expect when to see your next video, and it will seem like you are not interested in streaming. When the videos are consistent the viewers start waiting for your content and improve viewership.


3. Engage with the audience


If you do not interact with your viewers the stream will soon become boring and you can see the number of viewers dropping very rapidly. Therefore, it is important to constantly engage with your viewers while you stream. Practices like greeting everyone, mentioning the regular viewers, asking the viewers to comment, answering questions once in a while, can all generate positive reviews for you. When viewers get a good interaction, they would like to stay more on your channel and recommend your channel to others as well. 


4. Run Events 


In some time, constantly streaming the videos often makes repetitive. To break the slumber, you need to come up with some kind of event that'll wake everyone up. Give some tasks to your viewers, give out gifts, or feature some guest on your channel. Such events can revive the excitement levels on your channel from time to time. 


5. Be Thankful

Always remember to appreciate your viewers and their support for you. Never miss a chance to say thank you to them, and if you can afford you can send out some gifts to your most loyal viewers. Such one-on-one interaction will push other viewers to also contribute like your most consistent viewers. The more the viewers will feel appreciated on your channel, the more they would like to watch you. And the more they watch you, the better it is for the success of your channel. 


Get Set Go!

Video game live streaming is quite easy to start. You don't have to go through the hassles of finding a niche, making a script, shooting, editing, and so on. You just need a good game a good webcam and you can get started. If you understand how to interact with your audience, you can very quickly increase viewers and get started with monetization. 


So, gaming is no longer just a hobby. With the option of live streaming, gaming can become your profession. You can enjoy the games, interact with numerous viewers, and also get paid at the same time. 


So, don't wait anymore. If you like video games don't just play, start streaming too. 


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For the gaming communities to experience a  bonanza, it requires a certain formulation of strategies and theorems more than luck. The pro players come forth in a situation where they feel that they will be recognized and can aim to earn their livelihood eventually. While we talk about the players during their infantile, it is very important for them to watch the live videos or short gaming videos and have a better learning experience, though simply observing the players in the videos doesn't fulfill the criteria of being a gaming geek, however, it certainly helps them to be familiar with the tactics and techniques of the game. 


There are various ways through which you can manage to get more and more views on GameSee TV gaming videos. We shall discuss a few of them in detail to have a better picture of the live streaming platform and be acquainted with live streaming in a better way. 


  • Choose your preferable game: After you choose the game that you prefer the most, it becomes easy for the fellow players to have better company and be a part of more friendly matches. One can easily choose, high-ranking games like Call of Duty, PUBG Live, GTA V etcetera, and watch others play the game, get familiar with the content provided in order to give an extraordinary performance in the matches. 


  • Magnify well-operated features: Having intensified in-stream features can help in increasing the views. Who doesn't want to have an experience of matching the videos smoothly or without any glitches? Well, it is important to make sure that the graphics of the video is up to the mark by providing clarity in the video and the sound. 


 Furthermore, stating comments is the best way to engage with your followers, and receiving feedback, be it negative or positive, certainly helps in improvisation of the tactics and tricks. Also, the room of public attention is filled. Having a positive approach or replying with positivity helps you to maintain a better relationship with the audience. 


To talk about the title, a detailed description in short and crisp form is likely to enhance the views wherein certain specific details like the Name of the game, details that can help to access the game easily etcetera. Last but not the least, thumbnails should be employed in a way that it comprises the name of the pro streamer essentially. Also, avoid putting or uploading random pictures as it does not give a good image professionally. 


  • Be social media savvy: Becoming a social media geek is a call for the day. In order to amplify your In-stream process, strong networking is very important as it helps all the gamers to reach a pinnacle. Being active on social media is the best way to attract attention before you get live. It's not easy to gain followers and become known in the gaming industry. However, it is advised to make a short video of around thirty seconds, giving a short description of yourself. Giving a shoutout before you come live, adding certain descriptions under the videos, exchanging opinions about streaming live, being a part of various social media communities helps to boost the confidence of the pro players and help to gain frequent attention. 


  • Associate yourself with others : One fundamental piece of advice to follow is to collaborate with others to gain a better experience rather than considering yourself a pro. Cheering your fellow team members and the opponents helps you build a strong relationship and keeps your confidence intact. Also, teaming up with other streamers can help you grow your views online. 


  • Use of Webcam : It is always said actions speak louder than words. However, using a webcam can help you portray all your skills in front of the viewer to create an interactive session as a correct body posture, body language, immaculate facial expressions play a very important role. It is essential to have complete knowledge of being visible on the screen and prove your personality for gaining more views. 


  • Be consistent : It is essential to follow a particular live streaming schedule as a discipline is mostly welcomed in all industries wherein resulting in a tremendous rise of followers and their views. Streaming live every day at the same time tends to prove your loyalty towards the profession and takes care of your viewers as they are used to matching the content at that particular time. 

Withstanding all the facts mentioned above, it is very important to cheer the fellow members and boost the confidence of every individual. Giving genuine views and sharing honest opinions while you are streaming live, creates a great impact in the mind of the viewers and helps you to fetch more viewers for attaining a  better rank in gameplay. 


By admin | 14 Mar 2021

Valheim is an enduring game and a barbarous expedition that is played by 10 players at the maximum and is certainly crafted on the basis of Viking culture set in a bottomless pit evolving a world full of sufferings. To our surprise, this game transcended around three million copies and experienced a breakthrough in less than three weeks. Everyone in the gaming industry as well as in the eyes of a common man Valheim overwhelmed the audience by being one of the greatest hits in the history of Stream. 


Becoming paramount in the sales charts was not as easy as it looked like, however, witnessing the process of the immense rise in the sales was interesting. One week right after the launch, Valheim striked the sale of one million copies, in continuation, after five days it left a mark of around two million copies. The ongoing sales started nearly around 10th February and reached the pinnacle around 24th February, ending with an unexpected sale of four million copies. 


To be honest, acquiring fame is easy, wherein upholding the same is what exactly matters. While we talk about Valheim, it ranked second among the most played games in the list of Steam. This game is easily covering slots every day and is positioned at the level of PUBG and Dota 2. While we talk about the chart of top ten games, Valheim has hit the blockbuster for coeval players by bolting off Grand Theft Auto V. There was a rough amelioration for a few days, certainly by the 21st February, Valheim bolted the fifth slot and smacked down the record of four more games. The game peaked during the Lunar New Year sale with zero discounts, which indeed is commendable. 


A well-renowned developer, Iron Gate quotes that “ It's already been played for a total of 10,000 years.” Furthermore, parallel to Valheim existed another game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that acquired almost the same tactics and was recorded to incorporate consistent players. This in turn laid a huge impact in the counterplay genre as it brought forth games like Fortnite, Call of Duty : Warzone, and various others. For more knowledge, you must know, it took a couple of years for PUBG to become a leading edge in the action-oriented zone and fall under the spell of a captivating watch. 


Valheim on the other hand is a systematic and well-regulated game though being a little slow-driven. The game prepares an afflicting background for the pro gamers that pushes the players to scratch around with their weapons, track the movements of the opponents, chase their enemies, hunt for revival coins or the health generation coins to remain alive during the gameplay. Adding on, this game sets a picturesque and pastoral scenery that gives a pleasing feeling to the players, wherein they are also exposed to calm music and a super-colossal map that acts as a guiding spirit for the players. 


Coming down to a conclusion it is often observed that games incorporating survival genre are straight-laced and have a static mechanism. To talk about Valheim, this game doesn't seem to be a tough nut to crack, however, this game incorporates an automated logical approach. Nevertheless, Valheim has achieved fame through the word of mouth and might continue to gain importance in the same way. Last but not the least, According to the developer, Iron Gate, this game is an unexpected success as the game holds the tendency to incorporate more content and graphics while encouraging a better encounter on the battlefield. This game has been extremely liked by the game geeks and has been streamed for more than twenty-eight million hours till now. 


By admin | 14 Mar 2021

One of the most exemplified agents, not only propositionally but also in the gameplay, Astra controls all the energy of the cosmos to restructure the battlefield according to her own passing thought. This exclusive private eye is introduced in Act 2, Episode 2 of Valorant. We shall talk further about certain aspects that should be known to us about Valorant Agent Astra. Having incorporated a multiplayer setup, Valorant is set in a post - portentous world where the team in this video game tries to possess complete control over the cosmos by acquainting yourself with rapid advancement in technology, through scientific explorations or through the emission of the light rays of Radianite, that holds its presence in catastrophic events. 


Valorant belongs to the genre of shooting and was certainly developed by Riot Games. The developers in this game have been too experimental and have ended up discovering tremendous maps, new found agents, making the game more dynamic in nature. The reality is surpassed and the ongoing possession of superpowers is somehow encouraged. Agent Astra holds proficiency in having deep insight of the next action taken by the opponent and the ability to formulate the strategy to knock down the enemy in the best possible way. The celestial agent Astra, waves down from Ghana and reigns in a different realm of superpowers. The acquisition of earthly endeavors and the astral form of the agent entices the players and provokes them to be played till the end. 


Not everyone can understand the know-how of Agent Astra, as one must know that the Astral form takes place through the X Button. The astral form is basically an articulation of placing the stars high up and above in the location of the map. Technically, the X button plays a dual role of exhibiting three normal abilities and one ultimate ability. The activation of the stars depends upon three buttons, Q, C, and E by being randomly pressed on any location of the map. As per the rules, Astra has the potential to have a maximum of 5 stars per round. 


Further, talking about the C button, it has the potential to engulf the opponent players in the hole, thereby making them more vulnerable. One can easily activate a star to form a gravity well in order to take in the players and shatter their powers making them more delicate and fragile. It is important to know that the opponents can easily escape from the well, however, it is the most unsubstantial power possessed by Astra. The gravity well is best suited at the time, while capturing the most fetched positions. Q Button is the Nova Pulse, which is quite resilient and has its own self-drilling period. After getting charged, it strikes the opponent players, without prevailing any kind of damage. It is a secret way of not letting the opponent players enter your vicinity so easily and thereby help you to take advantage of the choke points. 


Moving on to the next, it is the E button which is termed as Nebula wherein one can activate the star and it becomes smoke. Two Nebulas can be activated at a single time and you are certainly given a span of 15 seconds for the cooldown, to stop the continuation of the cycle of converting another star into a Nebula. While we mention the last button, it is the F Button, wherein the star is asked to go back and dissipate. The process of squandering the stars ends up forming a fake Nebula, at the previous location of the star where it was located before returning. The process is complete when the star is placed at a new position after a relevant delay. 


Having concluded the facts mentioned above, Astra is considered to be the changemaker of meta in Valorant. Since this agent obtains energy through the Radiant, the Icebox maps were kept under the Radianite boxes wherein the stars were teased. The diversified personality of Astra Agent can do wonders in the game, Valorant, causing an enormous change in the meta, far and beyond. 


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Story Mode Game is a collective name given to the computer games in which the game runs in various episodes where every player is given a different character to perform and possess. Technically, the story mode takes approximately 20 hours to complete the first time frame. While playing in this mode, the players get encouraged to unlock the doors of acquiring more weapons. Usually, these stories confer to adventures through fabulous graphics and there is impeccable connectivity between the players while performing actions on the battlefield. 


To talk about Interactive story mode games, it is important to refer to PC Games, Android Games and IOS Games. Whether it is a single-player game or a multiplayer game there are various story-driven games that lay more impact and grab more attention than a book or a movie.

1. Gone Home:- one of the best story mode PC Games, in which a youthful girl visits her home after completing her education from abroad and doesn't get to see her parents and siblings - Sam. This game incorporates a gothic genre and an emotional tone where the player has to find letters and observe certain objects to keep the game going. 


2. Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic is another PC Story Mode Game that gives a flamboyant Star War experience. This game incorporates certain new elements one after the other where the players leave no stone unturned about the opponents and come up with a twist by the end. This story mode game helps you dwell in a new environment and new challenges.


3. Invisible Inc:- is another game that is mainly conferred by IOS and leaves you bewildered by the end. It is certainly set in the future, the year 2074 where heuristic programming of computers will have more prominence than human beings. This game portrays the working of an agency that gathers information for major corporate organizations and plays a huge role in the hacking. It is one of the best story-driven games and is a bit complex while playing for the first time. 


4. Old man’s journey:- is an IOS oriented game that got fame in a very short span of time and proves that it is not important that a story can be told through words rather the story can be easily told through nonverbal means and in this case visuals are employed for the better gameplay. The plot of the story revolves around an old man and the tone that it employs is sad and emotional.


5. Yesterday:- is one of the best story mode games to be played in Android, the plot of which revolves around a real life person, Henry White where the characters identify a genuine killing in NewYork devise a plan to look for people who possess a Y shaped scar on the hand. 


6. Life is Strange:-  is another story mode game that incorporates five episodes and has a revolutionary genre. It is a highly replayable game where the player can easily change the present, past, and future aspects. The plot of the story revolves around Max Caufiled who unearths the fact of having the power to experience the concept of time-lapse and tends to save her best friend.


7. Chloe Price:- It is an android friendly game and is one of the best adventure stories. This game incorporates an authentic interface and full controller system that can help the player to rewind the time in case the player wants to change events. 


8. Walking dead:- is a renowned series of games that is divided into five parts incorporating a story of a convicted criminal who is given a second chance at life. It is a thriller game that enhances the decision making power of the players and the players lead a path according to their actions in the game. Certainly, the actions of the players affect the series. One can easily choose the story episode online also all the episodes have been award-winning. Last but not the least, the game incorporates soothing sound quality with impeccable graphics. 


9. Firewatch:- is an adventurous game developed by Campo Santo for Microsoft windows, IO, Playstation 4 etcetera. This story mode game highlights the American state Wyoming from a first-person view. All the players in the game are assigned the role of Henry who comes across baffling and mystical occurrences in the local regions. It is a game that has an effective storyline with graphical inputs and is absolutely thrilling. This game runs on the Unity game engine with cosmic voice dialogue. 


10. The Witcher:- as the name suggests, belongs to the gothic genre and is one of the best story mode games. This game is developed by CD Projekt Red and is a primitive fantasy game that incorporates the protagonist as a traveling monster hunter possessing supernatural powers. There are various fighting styles that the game has however, the players can choose any of them to play. The most fundamental part of the gameplay is alchemy, therefore, decisions taken in time have various consequences. This game has a setup of clear translations, with good voice inflections and rich cinematic experience. 


Well, mentioned above are few best Story Mode Games that make the developers perform their task in an exquisite way. Certainly, the developers make sure that the functioning of the game and the time lapse between the action and reaction is balanced. There is a quick play which is expected in these games and the players are often challenged to combat the challenges efficiently on the battlefield. The storyline is created to keep the interest of the players intact and give an interactive approach to the game. Acquiring new weapons, unlocking certain challenges, regeneration of health, acquiring certain moves as the episodes move forward can only be done if the overall game has a linear approach. However, the incorporation of extensive and boundless graphics to prevent the game from being boring is a must. 


By admin | 26 Feb 2021

Free fire games belong to the genre of Battle Royale where the game comprises around 50 players, each of them descending from the parachute on an island looking for weapons and get loaded with the equipment to have a warfare with the opponents. It is an action-adventure conducted on an online portal in a third-person perspective. Having been developed by 111 Dots Studio, this game is formerly known as Garena Free Fire. The game promulgated in 2018 and has hit the ecosystem of Esports immensely


A massive audience marked its presence in the official tournament incorporating synchronous spectatorship of around two million in number. To know how exactly the game gained importance and was considered an outstanding option to play, it was important to identify the shortage of premier dollar phones in certain places. One of the Esport spectators states that “There is a direct relation of the game and the phones that are being used.” Basically, free-fire games hold dominance in American and Asian countries, while we talk about the choice of the gamers in these respective regions, a different league evolves as it is a game that is free to play. 


One of the reasons that Free fire games certainly became popular globally was due to the game being more economically friendly than PUBG and Call of Duty. People in Brazilian countries have grown up without desktops or computers but certainly, almost everyone owns a cell phone as it is more affordable than the PC. Since Garena free fire does not demand high functionality software, this game can be easily played by millions of people. Having said that, games like PUBG and Call of Duty need a high-performance spectrum to make themselves worth the play and unfortunately, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to buy expensive phones and play the games. 


Having a choice of playing a game totally depends on the gamer, however, different gamers acquire different propaganda. The graphics and animation of Free Fire games is very basic however, games like PUBG and Fortnite have impeccable graphics that somehow attracts the gamers while playing. Garena Free Fire games have amplified the Esports reach so widely that the spectatorship has outgrown in numbers even without having an overly prized pool possession. The thrill to knock one’s socks off in a serious or amicable way makes the game competent and popular enough. 


While we talk about the League of Legends World Championship 2019, Free Fire has had a very convincing viewership of around four million and has been immensely gaining prominence in all other developing countries. This game has teams that came from nowhere, however, it is rightly said, between the gamers and the game, the role of content creators plays a very important role. Without the script, the story is nothing. Therefore, the practical implementation of a theoretical script is a must. 

Garena free fire promoted an aspect of community engagement and comforted the players to have a long-term engagement with the Esports tradition. For someone to move from a stagnant to dynamic growth, Free fire is the right choice as the players started playing from home and now have wide mansions. Games like PUBG and Fortnite require heavy processing units which is not possible in each phone. Therefore, talking about the competitive growth of the Garena Free fire games, it has a rising trend in the upcoming time as this game is apt in terms of being generic rather than maintaining a league of the high-performance spectrum, apt storage space, or ornate graphic designing. This game can be played by every kind of person regardless of the phone the person has. 


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Hitman 3 is one of the games developed by IO Interactive for Microsoft Windows and is a sequel to the first two games, Hitman and Hitman 2. The third to the assassination trilogy is Hitman 3 which is played from a third-person perspective, where the players once again take control of the assassin Agent 47. This game incorporates new shortcuts with a new addition to the gameplay. Every stage of the game embodies a locked door that can be unlocked from one side and remain open for the whole of the gameplay in the future. Since the first two games of the trilogy didn't have a multiplayer mode in them, Hitman 3 came up with huge success due to its advancement in strategic gameplay and imbibing PlayStation VR Compatibility. 


No wonder, Hitman 3 was a blockbuster in the era of Esports and certainly ended up retrieving all of the development cost within a week. The success of this new Hit Game was celebrated even more due to the fact of this game being self-published by IO Interactive. It was observed by IO Interactive CEO that the game has achieved laurels and recognition through constant PR and marketing keeping the development team in the loop. There was a huge amalgamation of the creative and the development side of the IO Interactive studio in close connection with the publishing and marketing strategies. 


The portrayal of a fictional location with rich vegetation and a terrain illustrating the winemaking process featuring alongside the portrayal of Argentine culture like that of Tango and the drinking of mate was an addition to its success. However, the company kept a core focus on the appropriate voice quality which was globally accepted rather than recording the dialogues with Argentine accents. The actual reason for not incorporating Argentine accents was the budget constraint that the company was facing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, the dialogues in globally accepted voice inflection became a cherry on the cake and added to recover the development costs within the first seven days.


Another reason for achieving notable success was the new toy that the new Hitman game imbibed. It was basically a camera that certainly had the potential to hack or examine the switches which were handy. Nevertheless, there was no major change in the interface, graphics, or the controlling aspects of the game. The exquisite implementation of planning, patience, and hiding aspect in the game where the players explore the killers through disguise and often end up killing and an unseen escape giving rise to sudden actions and reactions in the game, adds up to the success of the game in some way. 


This game gives an individual an experience of a single-man army with rational thinking rather than embodying over rushing in the game. Double-dealing and misleading the guards with unapologetic distractions evolved in the game relentlessly, however, the action kind of became a part of solving a puzzle giving rise to sudden humorous elements in the gameplay. The locations, maps, and the kind of environment created by IO Interactive is one of the most remarkable creations to date and somehow the encounter in Hitman 3 is worth the play.  


Hitman 3 is one of the stealth series and rewarding games that can be replayed endlessly. The refined collection of maps makes the game robust and provides strong compatibility among all the three games in the trilogy while playing. Embarking upon the spark, Hitman 3 likely lets you cover all the impeccable assassination opportunities to keep the game interesting till the end and not make it boring. 


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Honestly speaking, getting through the technicalities of the gaming world is no child's play. Games that are played on the online portals confer smart minds and quick reactions. It is often noticed that boys have more interest than girls in such games during their infantile and however, the keenness keeps growing with time. This certainly doesn't mean that the girls are not fond of such games but the majority calls for the boys being more interested. 


While we talk about Esports, it is a kind of sports competition that is held on online portals and is a way for some people to earn their livelihood. The matter of fact is to know about those who make a career in the field of Esports. As mentioned above, it is not easy to confer to the tactics of these games, however making it a career requires hard work, smart work, and talent. One should certainly have the optimum level of willingness to be an Esports star and that willingness comes from the level of interest an individual holds in the field of video gaming. 


There are some fundamental aspects that an individual must be aware of before stepping into the world of Esports and making it a career. Becoming an Esports player seems easy but is not, clearly stating don't judge a book by its cover. Imbibing a feeling of recognition or promoting yourself on social media and making an account on sites like youtube gaming, Twitch etcetera can be a plus for your career growth. To excel in the field of video gaming, it is important to make yourself known to your fellow beings or the targeted audience. Doing this will help you to show off your gaming skills and enhance your competitive growth. Many people have been through challenging gameplay to be a leading edge in the field of Esports. 


It is rightly said, “Practice makes a man perfect” however, becoming an esports star is a toilsome journey. Before you make up your mind, make sure that you are ready to sacrifice everything and get into the world of recognition after being a part of the challenge. One has to work arduously for several hours to hit the right spot at the right time and this perfection is possible only through immense practicing. Alongside, it is advised to not overdo things, in a way that practicing and resting should be directly proportional to each other. It is fairly important to rest in order to regain the energy or momentum of doing the task. Excellent performance, participation in a good gaming rig, and improved sleep patterns can help you reach the pinnacle and become a renowned Esports player. 


Certain players cater to prized pool possession more than earning fame, however, winning prizes in these tournaments act as a motivation for the players to get into this field and make this a career for a better future prospect. Furthermore, participating in renowned International and National tournaments is a must. This in turn boosts your confidence and makes your ranking higher as a gadget geek. If you are an amateur gamer, taking part in these iconic platforms can help you attain success in the minimum time possible. It is certainly advised to pick a well-established game to become a pro gamer as you can easily look for prior resources and the tactics of the game to amplify your chances of winning and keep up the competitive spirit. 


Gearing up with the principles of the game and having an exact hang of the tactics of the game, getting acquainted with the various ways of becoming a part of the team, sacrificing all your comfort to be called the best, climbing the ladder of success by improving the scoreboard is the key to become a successful Esports player


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Watching videos is the most fun activity of this era. Whenever there is a break or free time, people enjoy watching videos online. Online videos are not just entertainment material, but people today use them more frequently to learn or access information. Even from an entertainment perspective, there is a wide range of video content to suit everyone's interests. You can find Vlogs, short films, informative videos, e-learning videos, livestream video games, and many other types; the list is just never-ending. 


However, watching a lot of videos may consume a lot of data as well, and if you are on a mobile data plan, it is better to keep an eye on your data consumption. Mobile data is expensive but allows you to use the internet in places where there is no Wi-Fi. 


So, how do you use your internet data?


Should you download online videos or Livestream content? 


Let's take a look at how you should watch videos to make your mobile data's best use.


Streaming Vs. Downloading


In general, streaming or downloading does not make much difference. Almost the same amount of data is consumed when you download a video or stream it directly. When you stream a video directly, your device actually downloads the video and pays it in real-time. The same happens when you download a video; the only difference is that the video is not played directly as it downloads. However, depending on the various factors like your usage, network speed, mobile data, and Wi-Fi availability, streaming or downloading can have some differences.


When using your mobile data, the primary issue is that you may use up your daily data very fast, and you may not be able to access the internet for the rest of the day. Some service providers may start deducting your balance currency without any notice as soon as the free data is over. Such instances can cause hassles when you need internet data or mobile currency in an emergency. 


Due to these reasons, it is important to use your internet data wisely. You must monitor your data consumption and understand how to use your data so that you don't end up losing money. Let's take a look at how you can determine whether streaming or downloading is a better option for you.


Purpose of Watching


The purpose of watching a video plays a key role in determining whether you must download a video or just stream it. People watching educational videos and e-learning videos tend to watch the same video, again and again, several times. Educational videos have a lot of information, and the viewers tend to watch them several times for reference. So if you watch such videos, it is better to download them as you may lose data every time you stream the same video again and again.


However, it is better to stream the random videos that you watch just for entertainment. Such videos are not usually watched again and again, and you may not have the time to watch the entire video. Therefore, streaming the video is a better option for data saving. 


Internet Speed


Internet speed is a crucial parameter that affects your video viewing experience directly. If your internet speed is low, streaming content can be extremely irritating. The video may not play smoothly, and if it does, the video quality may be very bad. So, if the internet speed is low, downloading the videos would be the better choice. You can add videos for downloading at the required video quality and then watch it later when the video is downloaded. 


However, if you have good internet speed, streaming would be the best choice. Streaming will allow you to watch the video immediately without having to wait for it to download. You can directly click on a video and start watching it, and it will also save your storage space. 


Availability of Data


Online videos use up a lot of internet data if you don't use it wisely. Mobile data packs are often limited, so you need to understand how to use the data so that it lasts throughout the data without abrupt stoppage. 


Before you start to watch or download videos, you must check how much data is left on your mobile data plan. If the data is low, it is better to avoid watching online videos, but if it is an emergency, download the video in lower quality so that it does not use up the remaining data on your phone. 


Most online streaming platforms have an automatic selection of quality depending on the internet speed. So if you have high-speed internet, the platform will stream the video in HD quality regardless of your data availability. So if you have less data, the data will be used up very fast if you choose to stream videos. 


Should You Use Mobile Data?


If you have Wi-Fi available near, the best choice would be to use Wi-Fi internet at all times. Wi-Fi would give you better speed and a better network to stream an unlimited number of videos. 


However, if you are using mobile data, you must always check your data usage. If you don't need additional data for the day, you can watch online videos on mobile data, but if the data is low and you need data for some important work, it better not to watch online videos. 




You can watch online videos or livestream video games and entertaining videos on your mobile data plan. But you must be careful about the above conditions and use your data wisely so that you don't run out of it.


If you like to watch online video games, you can watch Livestream gaming sessions in your desired video quality from mobile. Just Download GameSee App, and check hundreds of exciting games that are played there. You can also live-stream your gaming sessions yourself in a few simple steps and start your journey of becoming a live game streamer.


So, don't waste time anymore. Use your mobile data wisely and watch live stream video games in desired quality.


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The acronym FAU-G certainly stands for Fearless and United Guards, wherein it is a game that is played on online portals. As the name suggests, FAU-G  is one of the most overrated games in India and pivots around real-life events that are supervened on Indian borders. This game incorporates its own national anthem and the credit for the development of this game goes to Bangalore headquartered nCore Games, revealing the fact that it is one of the made in India games. 


While we talk about the mischievous play in the game, it is full of encounters on the battlefield. Usually, the rivalry is dealt with numerous kicks, hard fist punches, and prevalent weapons which is given an abbreviation by some people as “Taandav”, wherein, not many people are aware of this. Games like PUBG incorporate military operations at an exquisite level. The shoot out combat is worth playing and gaining experience. However, the FAU-G Game review is not very pleasing as compared to PUB G.


FAU G Game in India is a single-player oriented game where Team Death modus and Battle Royal modus is yet to be supplemented in the game. The making of the game is done in a very constricted way incorporating where the path of the players is circumscribed from the starting point to the ending point in an undefeated and definite way. One of the made in India games became a polestar by fusing three things together, namely, Action, Smack, and Guard. FAU G Game review is sluggish in a way as the counterplay doesn't call for jumping or flinging of weapons, which in turn proved to be a wearisome and flat game with predictable actions. 


With the concurrent introduction of hand held weapons, there is no newness left in the game. Talking further, due to the linear set up of the game, the aspect of reviving the health of the game is facile. Each spot check embodies bonfire and the players can easily move to and fro for regaining their health again. Another thing that is exorbitantly defied in FAU-G Game is the fact of dealing with the opponents in a way that each of them starts attacking at the same time rather than waiting for their chance. Carrying the weapon, chasing the opponent, and using the weapon in the battlefield.


Talking about this game further, the actions in the game are overly dependent on the timer. Having failed to meet the time requirements, the game takes a backseat and resumes from the last point, where the player left from. The matter of fact that FAUG Game is an alternative to PUB G is because of its nature of being a time-consuming game. Each weapon in this game constitutes a certain number of strikes which dies out in the minimum time possible. The most challenging situation for a player is that the weapons do not get replaced with the new ones till the time more and more invaders are not killed or attacked. Getting a complete hold and control of the weapons was indeed a situation, not experienced by many while playing the games. Usually, a player tends to bend down and punch the opponent who is nearest in the reach, however this game propagates the usage of the left button on the remote control. There are times when the players negate the encounter of the opponent by attacking the opponent at the first place and this in turn eradicates the use of the defending button. To be precise, Intense counter-attack is missing. 


Another factor to be mentioned is the lack of rapidity in the game. The actions performed and the tactics used are monotonic and unvaried, moreover, the team of opponents is by and large the same in the warfare. Sudden cutscenes appear in the game randomly, however, a gadget freak can easily acknowledge the glitch. As the concept of this game erupted from a real-life event, there are certain motivational lines that are being repeated in an automated way and become monotonous by the end. 


Soon there will be a  profound availability of more and more gameplay modes, the players will be able to easily buy weapon skins and gather more coins. Withstanding all the facts mentioned above, FAU G Game review is a melange where the graphical aspect is satisfactory is the best possible way. The only thing that makes the players sick at heart is the unvaried style of gameplay that can put one to sleep due to boredom. The game still confers to some minor glitches that make the functioning a little slow. For the FAU G Game to be superfluous, the certain emphasis is yet to be laid on the combat play and encounter strikes in order to let people enjoy playing it for at least half an hour. 


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Video Game Live Streaming is an emerging idea of content creation that is rapidly gaining popularity among youngsters and adults alike. A few years ago, not many people were even aware that one can create a career just by playing video games. But today, streaming video games has become a global multibillion-dollar industry, with millions of gamers indulging in various gaming activities online.


However, for a complete beginner, live streaming of video games can be quite confusing. It is a little complicated than just playing the game, and therefore, it is common to have some questions if you are a beginner. 


Beginners trying to start game streaming are often concerned about what they will need, how monetization works, what the legal guidelines are, and so on. 


To make things easier for you, we will try to answer all the early concerns about video game streaming in this article. So here's your 5 steps simplified guide that'll help you get started with video game streaming.


1. What Is Game Streaming?


Well, the name itself is self-explanatory. Video Game streaming or live streaming is when a gamer streams his live gaming sessions on the internet through live streaming platforms. People can visit these platforms and watch the games live in realtime as their favourite gamer plays. Gamers interact with the viewers and monetize their content using various methods like subscriptions and sponsorships.


2. What is the Past, Present, and Future of Online Streaming of Videogames?


Well, live streaming of video games began back in 2011 with the arrival of the popular gaming platform Twitch. But at that time, very few people know about live streaming games, and the viewership was also quite low compared to the present. 


The industry just grew relentlessly over the past decade, and today Twitch has at least 1 million people watching live streams on their platform at any time of the day. It is estimated that the most successful game streamers are today making anywhere around $100K to $800K per month. Game streaming has, therefore, become a much-desired career option for millions of youngsters around the world. 


The online gaming global market is worth more than 152 billion dollars. These numbers are expected to only increase in the coming years as more and more people are getting interested in game streaming entertainment. Recently, big companies like Google, Youtube, and Facebook have shown interest in the industry and have started gaming platforms where gamers can stream live content. 


So, in simple words, the videogame streaming industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past decade, and this eruptive progress and the industry itself has an undoubtedly promising future to come.


3. How Business Works?


For a beginner aspiring to make a career in game streaming, the question "how business works in videogame streaming?" is the most important one. 


Well, let's simplify the process for you.


Gamers stream various exciting gaming content to attract viewers to their channel. On the channel, game streamers provide reviews about the game, give out gifts, and carry out various activities to interact with the viewers. The better the streamer is at viewer-engagement, the easier it is for him to monetize the content. 


Once a streamer reaches a good volume of viewers, he can get sponsorships for his content, can generate donations from fans, and sell out merchandise on the channel. Good streamers may also receive subscription contracts from their streaming platforms. So, there are many ways for a streamer to make money once he has interested viewers on the channel.


For fans, popular streamers are no less than celebrities, and businesses understand that they can promote their product to millions of people by sponsoring the videos made by popular streamers. The chances of sales are also higher in the game streaming industry than in other content because the game streaming viewers are more active and there by choice. 


Businesses are launching products, giving out offers and gift vouchers, announcing upcoming events, and even launching new trailers on popular game streaming channels today. So, business on game streaming works both ways; the streamers get money through the content, and the companies attract sales through the viewership of the streamers.


4. What Are The Legal Issues Related to Game Streaming?


As with any content uploaded online, game streaming videos also require legal rights. Every platform has its community guidelines that have the list of rules that a streamer must follow. Before starting your stream session, make sure that you read the community guidelines carefully. 


If you plan to use some music in your videos, make sure that you have permission to use that music on a live stream. Playing copyrighted music can cause copyright infringement, and you may have to mute the audio of your stream session. 


To avoid legal issues, it is best to be check and abide by all the copyright restrictions of third-party content that you are going to use in your video.


5. What Do You Require to Become a Game Streamer?


To start your gaming channel, you will need basic recording equipment, a paying platform, and a streaming platform. So, if you plan to stream PC games, you'll need a powerful computer that can support the games you want to play. 


As a beginner, it is best to get started by streaming mobile games as you can save money by playing through your smartphone. You'll also need recording equipment like a camera and a microphone so that your viewers can see and hear you while you stream your game sessions. 


Once you have the equipment, you can now start your channel on any popular video game streaming sites. Twitch, TV, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, and Facebook Gaming are currently some of the most popular streaming platforms available. However, it can be quite difficult for a beginner to gain traffic among the big competitors on these famous platforms. We recommend that you start your game streaming journey through


Download GameSee App which offers a starting line for beginners to understand how game streaming works and helps you grow as a professional in the video game live streaming industry.


And that's your 5 step guide to live game streaming. We've almost covered everything that you need to know about the industry. So, don't waste time anymore and kick start your game streaming journey today.



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There are a plethora of games that are played all over the world. Every game has its own fan base. Some may like a certain game whereas others may not. 

Well, my friend the gaming industry is just another level. Every here and then, a new game is released by the professionals and in no time it lures the attention of so many people.

This has happened with a game that was and still is best known in the industry. Yes, you are reading this right. It is none other than Grand Theft Auto.

Have you heard about GTA (Grand Theft Auto 5)? If not, you have arrived at the right page. Here, we have explained everything about it. Take a look.


There is no denying the fact that GTA 5 has gained so much popularity all over the world. In fact for people who are new to this, we would bring to your notice that GTA 5 has just turned seven years old. Nevertheless, the thing is we are still here writing about it. Well, is it just us discussing it? With the game popping up in the headlines every single day, the game somehow gets a lot of attention from the gamers.


At present, you will find the game most probably at everyone's place? However, there are still some of them who need to get hold of GTA 5. Now, this is where people may wonder whether "is it worth buying GTA 5 in the year 2021".

Until and unless a game is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) or it becomes an e-sport hit that the developers select to endlessly iterate upon instead of coming up with a sequel, there are games that tend to fizzle out when it comes to factors like relevance and mass appeal seven years after the release. The same happens even when there are some of the superb and biggest AAA releases here and there. Sure, gamers will elaborate how they've been playing the game occasionally, and some of them may even give a thought about purchasing it, however, they are not a part of the zeitgeist. With GTA things are a lot different.


The game is still very relevant and famous as it was never before. Stepping out of the box and breaking every convention that the game shelf life normally ascribes to, the GTA 5 did see the increase of active players and sales with time. Every year there are various platforms that do share the highest concurrent player at least once or twice. This way even the gamers get to know how and which game has broken the record. In fact, you may be surprised to know that every quarter the professionals update the sales metric with a jillion of shipped copies.


Now, let's come to the point without further ado. People who were asking whether it is worth purchasing GTA 5, well, honestly it is a personal choice. If you have an interest in the game, you should surely purchase it. One major reason behind the same is because Grand Theft Auto 5 is an award-winning experience and there is a reason behind it. The game has outstanding characters. In addition to this, it is absolutely overflowing with fantastic content. Like you would've never imagined the game to be this mind-blowing. If we talk in technical terms, Grand Theft Auto 5 still holds up in the graphics department too. One thing you should be knowing about GTA 5 is, it is a single-player game.

When it comes to multiplayer games that are years old, the question is understood and valid. Many games are at the risk of being shut down either because of fewer playes or no interest of people or because of no popularity. That being said, but GTA 5 is here to stay.


To all the game especially Grand Theft Auto 5 lovers, professionals have made an announcement regarding the release of the game on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in 2021, with Online splitting off and continuing its life as a standalone free-to-play title, owing to its ever-increasing popularity. Because most of them enjoy the profit from the Grand Theft Auto 5 gains, this makes a lot of sense - and also allows Online to live on whenever the time comes for GTA 6 to be launched. Professionals have given their word to continue making content that is in support of GTA 5 Online indefinitely - they'd be silly not to, considering how popular it still is.


Hence, if you are giving a thought about purchasing GTA 5 now, you've picked a time as good as any. As mentioned above, the game is more famous than ever, the content you get has been bolstered by 7 years' worth of constant DLC updates and it's very, very far from being on its last legs. One could say GTA 5 is one of the best games. Instead, it is fine like wine. You enjoy the wine with every sip. Similarly, you enjoy the game every time you play it.


The Final Thoughts 

These are some of the reasons why purchasing Grand Theft Auto 5 is worth it. We hope we have done justice to the game and provided all the information about the game which is apt. To receive more details, you can always seek help from the internet and gather all the information required. Till then, get hold of GTA 5 and get started.


What are you waiting for? Christmas? Get in touch with reliable providers. With this, we mean that there is no point in getting in touch with providers who only claim to offer the best products. Do your homework and end up contacting reliable providers.


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2020 is a year that will be remembered by all. Well, you may be wondering why? Let's start with the good and the worst.


With New Year's, every individual out there was excited. But nobody knew that the tables would turn and happiness would go away this soon. With the coming of the COVID 19 pandemic, the government announced a complete lockdown. With no liberty to go out from home, this was the time when everyone started looking for different activities they could do. However, the lockdown time was a bit easy for the game lovers. From Counter-Strike to Ludo, PUBg, and more, there were numerous games that were played by people. Nevertheless, what happened next totally blew away the minds of people. The government announced the ban of fifty-nine Chinese apps citing the sovereignty and integrity of Indian cyberspace. Among these apps, one major app that was banned was PUBg, the very famous battle royale game. There is no denying the fact that this game came as a complete shock. One primary reason behind the same is India is one of the largest markets for Tencent. But fortunately, that was not the end. The developers came up with some fantastic substitutes. So without further ado, let's get started. Keep these games in mind as you can find these games on both iOS and Android.


Best Battle Games That Can Be Played 

If you are wondering what are the best battle games which are somewhat like PUBg, we have got your back. Like we bet you have come to the right page. Here, you will gather all the information as we dug deep and have bought the best games like PUBG Mobile for both Android and iOS. We have mentioned all the information including the pros too. 


  • Call of duty: Mobile - A year back, Call of Duty: Mobile was launched for both iOS and Android. The main motive for the launch of this game was to give a tough fight to PUBg and grab all the attention of the gamers. Later, this game did make its place in the gaming industry but couldn't replace PUBg. Nevertheless, now that the game is banned, you can surely give a thought about playing this one. Secondly, Call of Duty: Mobile is published by Activism which by the way is a US-based studio. They say that as of now there are no chances for the game to be banned. You may be wondering why? Well, the best part about this game is it provides everything you used to see in PUBg. From having a 100-player battle royale mode to various multiplayer modes like black Ops and COD, the game has it all. In addition to this, you can customize your character endlessly, unlock new characters, earn rewards, and enjoy other perks too. Want to hear something more exciting? The game takes up around 2GB of storage and runs pretty well on budget Android devices. This is one major reason why it can easily replace PUBG Mobile in the Indian market. So what are you waiting for? This is surely a great game to hop on.


  • 100-player battle royale 
  • Features other multiplayer games too
  • Compatible with both budget and high-tier devices
  • Takes up 2GB of storage


  • Fortnite: Fortnite was ousted from iOs and PUBg was banned. Now was the time to bring something new to the game industry. Because seventy-five percent of people use Android, the game would gain more popularity. However, do not forget the fact that this game has been removed from the play store. But there is nothing to worry about. You do have an opportunity to download the game through its own store. The installation procedure is simple and if you do not know how to get started, you can always follow the instructions given or check YouTube. For your information, the game takes about 8GB of storage. On top of that, the game needs an Android device running android 8 or more than that which means at least 4GB RAM. Now moving to the game, this one is also somewhat like PUBg. There is no denying the fact that you have four separate modes. From 100-player battle royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World. Party Royal is just like PUBG’s Cheer Park; Creative is where you can create your own island and Save the World is a co-op tower defense survival game. Both developers and professionals have said that Fortnite is a thousand times better than PUBg. And now that the game has begun, you surely cannot miss a chance to play it.


  • High-quality graphics
  • 100-player battle royale
  • Multiple gaming modes
  • Gameplay is excellent


  • Garena Free Fire: 3volution: This can be the game for you if you are not a big fan of jumping into a high capacity fight. The controls of this game are present on the screen and are very simple to use. All you have to do is go against forty-nine users in a time period of ten minutes. This way you will be able to survive till the end of the game. The basics of this game remain very same. All you have to do is drop a remote on the island and look for weapons and medkits. In addition to this, you also have to stay inside the safe zone and win the battle. For your information, you can also form 4-man squads and speak to one another to prepare some strategy with the help of voice chat. The graphics are smooth so you will not face any problems during the game.


  • 49-player battle royale
  • Loot and shoot
  • Supports in-game voice chat
  • Pretty good graphics


  • Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival: There is no denying the fact that hopeless land: fight for survival is another game just like PUBg. It has got rave reviews from many of them from the mobile gaming industry. It is a good substitute for PUBg because of its survival as the main theme. The game has a survival mode where you can play against 121 players and the last man standing wins the match. The environment is somewhat an Asian aesthetic. It feels like you are at your home. The best part is you can drive a helicopter and land in new places without facing the death match. Its environment has an Asian aesthetic and you would find yourself at home. You can drive a helicopter, land in different places without facing the death match. After all, the game is not just about guns and weapons, but you need sharp strategic skills like PUBG to win the round. Here too, you are followed by a hazard zone and you need to be inside the safe zone to continue the game. And the best part is that it’s compatible with a range of Android devices. All in all, with over 50M downloads on Play Store alone, Hopeless Land is a fit replacement for PUBG Mobile, both on Android and iOS


  • 121-players battle royale
  • Asian aesthetic environment
  • Fly in helicopters
  • Strategic game like PUBG


  • Battlelands Royale: The name says it all. The game is most certainly like PUBg. Nevertheless, it has some fun twists. It’s not your casual blood-filled shooter game but brings cute characters and a cartoonish gameplay environment. But you do have the main theme: a 32-player battle royale game where the carnage does not stop. The best part about the game is you do not have to wait in the lobby for others to join. You just have to enter the game and you can start playing. You can play the game either in solo or duo mode and you have to dominate your arena from all sides. The map is also kind of huge and you will have to play the game to learn about the various positions. So go get started. What are you waiting for?


  • Fun and harmless battle royale
  • Quick deathmatch
  • Supports solo or duo mode
  • Features detailed map


  • Scarfall: This royale combat has a unique distinction on this list. This one is among the few battle royale games that has been developed by an Indian studio. Yes, you are reading this right. According to YourStory, “ScarFall emerged as one of the top Made-in-India apps in the gaming category in the recent Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hence, if you no longer want to play Chinese games, this one will be an apt choice. All you have to do is survive in the shrinking mode zone no matter if you are playing in offline mode or online mode. In addition to this, we would like to tell you that you can also play solo.


  • Graphics is pretty good
  • Both offline and online multiplayer mode
  • Supports FPS and TPS
  • Growing community


  • Danger close: Danger Close is another battle royale game that has enhanced with time. Similar to PUBg, here you can play in an intense multiplayer battle. The best part about the game is the Danger Close, which now features a new map. This map is much bigger and has added new mechanics like recoil, looting, and a brand new inventory system. When you talk about the map, now you have an opportunity to select to play in eight different places such as alien planets or a pirate-infested island. In addition to this, you can also join the online FPS deathmatch. The best thing is you can play anytime you want. Like obviously the graphics are not so close to that of PUBg, but with such a small footprint, you are able to quickly join an online deathmatch which is amazing and apt. Simply put, if you are in for a quick multiplayer game then Danger Close is a decent alternative to PUBG mobile.


  • Online multiplayer deathmatch
  • Much bigger map
  • Can choose from a variety of locations
  • Download size is pretty small


The Final Thoughts 

These are some of the games that have made way to the gaming industry especially after the ban of PUBg. Now you no more have to find other substitutes for PUBg. You have a plethora of games developed. We bet you will have the best experience while playing the games. You will enjoy the battle, the characters, and everything else. Overall it will be worth playing the games. We know for a fact that after the ban of PUBg most of them were upset. In fact, people went into depression according to the newspaper readings. Hence, we decided to shed some light on the fantastic substitutes that are now available both on iOS and Android. You can do some research and see which one is suitable for you. However, we will suggest trying different games. This way you will get to know something or the other about each game.


Do you want to try any one of them? Don't fret. We have got your back. All you have to do is download the game from the app store and there you go. You just have to follow the instructions given. Check Youtube if you are facing any trouble while downloading the game.

If you want to gather more information about the games, do yourself a favor and feel free to speak to the professionals today. These are the experts who have years of experience in the industry and know which game will be loved by the gamers. They keep in mind the requirements and develop a game that will surely lure the attention of the gamers. We hope this piece has been useful for you to get all the information about the leading games. Even though PUBg has been one of the best games for every individual out there, we would say that it is never wrong to step out of the box and try something new. Who knows you will find something more interesting? So give it a try and do not let the ban take away the fun of playing games.


By admin | 29 Dec 2020

There is no denying the fact that you do not realise how long ten years is until and unless you sit back and relax and take a stock of all the things that have happened in the space of a decade. Well, a decade is a lot and it is an undeniable fact.


Now think back to where you were ten years back. You had a different workplace, you had different human resource managers, a different house etc. And then the pandemic hit. Well the same goes for the games. With years there has been a lot of change in the gaming industry. A lot of developers are focusing on building new games that will grab the attention of the customers.

Since we don’t get many chances to look at a decade as a whole, we thought it’d be nice to look back on the past ten years in video games and select what we consider the best of the best, ranking them all to boil some piss. So let us get started.


Stellaris: This one brings together two of the best gaming strategies: the grand strategy and sci-fi. The game consists of running an empire, taking a look at the galaxy, and claiming new systems and worlds while tackling the encounters which can change the course of your game.


Cities skyline: Cities Skylines is a strategy game – it’s more of a chill simulation. All you have to do is set the road network, lay down the infrastructure, erect your buildings, then watch the world go by as night falls and headlights twinkle along the motorways. However you need to think about what you need to place and how. If you need to move forward in the game, you need to invest more money. To do the same you need to gather people.


Pokemon: This one has the exact same concept as pokemon yellow. However, you can select between a Pikachu and an Evee. The best part about this game is that you can play it on the television. Playing this game is absolute fun and a fantastic way to introduce pokemon to your near and dear ones.


Fortnite: This one has grabbed the attention of a lot of people. The focus is on the battle royale game. It is somewhat like pubg which also has a very strong fan base.


Far cry 3: There are a number of reasons why this one is known as the best game of the decade.. That, by the way, never gets old. Neither does exploring the fictional pacific paradise of Rook Island, liberating outposts and learning new combat skills to help in your fight against the pirates that have taken control. None of its sequels quite managed to strike the balance so well and it even became the template for countless subsequent open-world shooters.


Grand Theft Auto 5: It is considered as the fifth major entry in the long-running, celebrated "Grand Theft Auto" series. The game is like different sequels. All you have to do is sell an absurd amount of money.


Heavy rain: This game has a very strong fan base. The game focuses on four characters connected by the hunt for a kidnapped little boy, with his father. This game deserves a place on the list for the memes.


Marvel spiderman: Everyone out there is a big fan of Spiderman. This is one major reason why this game was introduced. The game is about how the character breathes new life into Peter Parker's familiar story with warm charm.


The last of us: There is no denying the fact that this game has everything a player would want in an AAA game. The last of us is one of the memorable games introduced by Sony. The game consists of beautiful characters with a wonderful cinematic experience. Instead the game has tight mechanics, visually stunning environments, characters with emotional depth, and fantastic scripting. However, the relationship that steals the show is none other than Joel and Ellie’s. All the people who like to play this game cannot wait for the release of the last of us season 2 and see what it offers.


Mass Effect: When deciding on one of the best games of the decade, everyone knew that this one will surely make it to the final list. However, not everyone knew that even Mass Effect 2 would create history. Even though Mass Effect was the best game on its own, the part of Commander Shepherd’s is one of the elements which is why this game has a big fan base. You can straightaway continue playing by retaining the look of the commander and obviously his personality. You leave no stone unturned to make sure the character is truly your own. Mass Effect 2 takes the best parts of its predecessor and makes them better than ever, adding more depth to both the story and characters. It’s the best the series has ever been.


The Final Thoughts 

These are some of the games that have made it to the final list of the best games of the decade. However, when you dig deeper, you will surely come against a plethora of games that have attracted the players. The last ten years have been like a roller coaster ride and these were some of the games that made the decade better. All the games mentioned above may necessarily not be the ones we think have had the most cultural or technological impact, nor are they ranked whatsoever. It only means that most of the gamers like playing these games from a decade ago. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to make a ‘definitive’ list of the best games of the past decade, not everyone will agree  - as we all have different tastes and opinions - plus there’s only a finite amount of games we can include.

If you want to gather more information about the games, you can always search for them over the internet.

So sit back and enjoy a journey down memory lane with GAMESEE.TV.


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The Future of Game Streaming in This Uncertain World



The concept of game streaming has been popular for many decades. The company which popularized it many years back was OnLive. The company got into game streaming service in 2009 at GDC and assured to revolutionize gaming services by beaming several games to multiple devices that were not compatible to process high-fidelity games. This company was welcomed very well in the market but struggled due to pricing and quality issues. There was a major quality difference in comparison to using a console or PC to play games.


But, in 2012, the company's assets slowly sold off, and it was closed. Here came the company Sony which gobbled up the technology and further combined it with Gaikai to form the PlayStation Now game streaming service. After this, individuals can get access to about 750 games by just paying $20 a month and can stream to Sony's PlayStation 4 or a PC.


How will game streaming affect mobile gaming?


Video game live streaming getting popular with time has resulted in more people playing games on their phones. Games that are offered on multiple platforms serve different kinds of audiences. The audience which enjoys game streaming is following games from several years. They like high-fidelity games but do not want to manage the hardware. This results in mobile gaming complementing various game streaming offerings, like PCs and consoles for several years. You can always download Gamesee App for an excellent streaming experience.


Games that were tailor-made for playing on smart phones saw massive success, such as hyper-casual genres. These types of games are specially made to be played one-handed. Their game loops are short so that you can enjoy playing a couple of rounds in the meantime. It requires players to buy and carry a gamepad and must have a speedy internet connection when it comes to game streaming. For players on the go, with the rollout of 5G, game streaming can become a viable option. And when it comes to killing time, mobile games are considered great offerings. With the advent of game streaming, players have a variety of options that were not possible on smart phones before. Developers can approach niche audiences as the game market reaches certain maturity.


What is the future of the gaming industry with respect to streaming?


In today's scenario streaming music and video have become popular. They have surpassed cable in a total number of subscriptions. Infrastructure is the biggest challenge faced by game streaming services. In developed countries, especially in urban areas, have access to a minimum of 25mbps connection speed, which is necessary for streaming 1080p games at 60fps. But if we consider rural areas, especially in underdeveloped or developing countries, they may not have the proper streaming infrastructure. In addition to that, internet companies generally cap the users' bandwidth, which comes in the way of proper streaming.


Another thing to consider is that the business of games is fundamentally different from audio and video service. Services such as Spotify pay the singers or artists by the stream, but what is the way to pay game developers for streaming services? There are also issues with respect to competing platforms. Will the users need to play on different game streaming services so that they can access their favourite games? There is a huge scope for game streaming, but there may be some time to watch the effects of its disruption with respect to the gaming industry.


And if we see mobile gaming, it is totally clear that the demand for mobile gaming experience will never become obsolete. Smart phones will become one of the most popular devices for streaming various games in the future, and the experiences provided by every platform will not be the same. A gamer may be interested in crushing some candy, but at the same time, he/she may opt for streaming a game on a long commute. For consumers as well as developers, this shows more opportunity and choice. Developers will develop more and more games for their ideal audience, and consumers will have multiple choices over the kinds of games they want to play.


Multi-hardware options for game streaming


Game streaming has been recognized to have the potential for breaking down device borders and, in turn, simplifying playing video games the way Netflix has simplified binge-watching. Game streaming platforms and services will paint an idyllic future where a gamer can play any game on any device with a screen. You will no longer require the greatest and latest PC hardware or the latest gen console to play games. Your smart phone will serve you in every way you desire. No need of large downloads and installation files. It is as simple as you click and start playing.


Technical requirements for streaming games


Although some technical requirements are a must, such as a stable internet connection, the latest 5GHz Wi-Fi is just not enough to support. Google recommends that you will require at least 10 Mbps speed for comfortable gameplay at 720p 60fps. If you are looking for a full 4K 60 fps service, you will require at least 35Mbps. In PC gamers' language, it means you are using from 4.5GB to 15.75GB per hour.


These technical specifications are immediate hurdles that need to be resolved before if you want effective game streaming. Huge demand for interactivities and real-time responses to chat means requiring a good quality internet connection. It is suitable for you to opt for unlimited data plans because most of the money will be spent on the game.


Most of the entertainment and technology industry is heading towards streaming services as a preferred distribution method. This has benefits for various users as well as distributors and publishers. It provides appropriate control over access to the content. In today's scenario, being able to play a game anywhere and on any of the devices, without worrying about the hardware, is a dream come true for the gamer. Unfortunately, this goal is still far away.


By admin | 18 Dec 2020

PubG was one of my favorite games. The lockdown still was a bit easy, and it passed really soon. It actually felt like never before sad yet satisfied, because PUBg saved our ass. We did not realize we were actually facing the lockdown period. And suddenly everything changed. The world was upside down, especially for the game lovers. The government of India has further banned 118 Chinese apps, just after closing the button on 59 other apps on June 29 and refusing 47 more apps, just a month later. 


Nevertheless, what you all did not see coming was the release of FAUg. Yeah, you are reading it right. PUBg Mobile was considered as one of the most popular games that were banned by the Indian government. A few days later after the ban, the famous Bollywood star Akshay Kumar introduced the release date of FAU-G (Fearless and United: Guards), an Indian substitute to PUB-G, a game that grabbed the attention of all the gamers worldwide.


The announcement of the PUBg mobile version was already made on November 12. Nevertheless, there is still no official announcement for the same as of now. Now let us talk about the new game. Do you think it will be able to do justice to the Indian version? Will gamers like it? Well, there are numerous questions out there. After the announcement of the new game named FAUg, a lot of gamers started making their comparison and has assumed about it. But is it not too early to judge a game after all you should never judge a book by its cover! 


Developed by a studio based in Bengaluru, FAU-G has a strong fan base and has already gained so much attention. However, the developers of the new game already cleared the doubts of people. They said that FAUg is not a substitute to PUBg Indian version. In addition to this, it will not feature the famous BR mode while the game will be released all over the world. But they say that the same feature will be added once the game is introduced and they know whether or not is liked by people.


Ever since the release date, most of them are waiting for it to be released. The excitement is next level. If you are someone who is excited to know about this new game, you are indeed on the right page. In this piece, we will explain everything you should know about the new game. So grab your beer and continue reading now.


PUBG Mobile Indian version vs FAU-G


Real-world scenarios and virtual simulation training ground: There is no denying the fact that FAUg is a war based game. If you open the game in Google Play Store, you will see that the description says it is wholly based on real-world scenarios. The title will give an idea to all the gamers about the sacrifice which is made by all the soldiers at the Galwan Valley. If you go through the reports provided by the professionals, you will see that the first level of the game is set in Galwan Valley itself. Now if we talk about the announcement of the return of PUBg return to the country, there was a press release was released by the PUBg Corporation which added that the PUBg Indian Version will be set as a virtual stimulation training ground. The game will feature some changes made by the professionals to reflect the requirements of the users in the country. This consists of the green hit effect, which will reflect the limit to the game time and more.


Game Modes: If we talk about the game modes, the developers of the new game FAUg, have stated that the game will provide a single-player experience. They also say that the battle royale mode will be introduced later with other new updates. The PUBg Indian Mobile Version is known to be among the top battle royale titles available on the mobile platform. It not only features various modes but also offers the regular battle royale mode and TDM, Payload 2.0 are no exception.


Age Rating: If you talk about the age rate of FAUg, it is rated 16+ on the Google Play Store. This shows the feature of strong violence. On the contrary, the global version of PUBg Mobile Version has “teen,” and the Indian version may or may not have the same rating in the store. This states that the tile features of violence and blood. The age rating explains the reduced maturity level of the content in the application.


Key Takeaways

If you are waiting for the game to be officially released, we bet you are not alone. The game will be in the store in no time, and you will be able to play it. Hence, mark the date or set a reminder and be all set to enjoy this new fantastic game which will indeed take you to another level of enjoyment. The characters of the game will be seen using blower mechanics to fight with the enemies.


By Admin | 27 Nov 2020

With the advent of technology, video game live streaming has become a reality. Gamers in today's time are making a living out of it, which was not even imagined earlier. In this post, you will get a comprehensive idea of live streaming video games. You will also get to know about the pros and cons of popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch and how you can make money and grow your audience with live streaming. 


How has video game live streaming become popular?

 People are always hungry for communication and emotions. You will notice that the most popular streamers are incredibly talkative and energetic. This concept is loved by people all over the world. Another significant factor which has led to the popularity of game live streaming is a sense of community. Every gamer wants to become a part of the community. As per a study, 48% of gamers like to watch live streams and play video games themselves. Being professional eSports players, streamers help viewers learn something new as well as become great at their preferred games. The viewers can ask various questions related to the game apart from learning from gameplay. The key component of any good streamer is live interaction.


What are the things you require for video game streaming?

 The basic requirement is the machine you are using. The more powerful the machine is, there will be better stream quality. If you want a low-budget machine, you can consider an Intel Core i5-4670 processor with 8GB of RAM and Nvidia FTX 650 series or more. You can also use smartphones and consoles to live stream. A good microphone and webcam are also required apart from a powerful PC. You should never underestimate audio quality in comparison to video quality because sometimes, viewers only listen to live streams instead of watching them. You also require a third-party app such as Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio. These apps transfer the data to the streaming platform. If you want to stream sessions of chatting without any difficulty from your browser with your viewers, you can always consider going with Restream Studio. In this way, you can get rid of dozens of windows and tabs when you consider taking a break from streaming video games.

Another important thing to keep in mind is a stable internet connection. It is not preferred to live stream games on a wireless connection. An ethernet connection serves best in this area. You should always prefer a connection with good upload speed as it decides the amount of information that can be streamed every second. For decent quality live streams, an upload speed of a minimum 5Mbps is recommended. Some viewers also love the lighting and special effects as a plus point in live streaming. You can easily invest in effects like custom overlays and green screens, which can catch the attention of more viewers. You can download GameSee App for streaming games with the help of your mobile easily. It provides live streaming of high-quality, and you can also access video on demand within no time.


Which streaming platform is the best for you?

A few years back, people do not doubt this question as Twitch was the only harbour for all the gamers. But with different alternatives at present, gamers can consider other streaming platforms as well.


·        YouTube Gaming-

 YouTube Gaming is the platform preferred by many gamers these days. It has many features like an easy-to-use interface, a better-integrated chat, and convenience in earning income. The biggest con of YouTube gaming is that if you are considering growing your audience, and you don't have an established audience on a normal YouTube channel, it may become challenging for you. It also has other demerits, such as a few chat moderation options and comparatively weak new channel support.


·        Facebook Gaming-

Some streamers have experienced that Facebook Gaming is much better in terms of earning money than Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Gamers can easily share the streams in the gaming groups and on their timelines. Another merit of Facebook Gaming is a unique program known as Level Up, which gives streamers access to top-quality streaming like 1080p, 60fps. But the biggest demerit of Facebook Gaming is that it has only 11% of the entire hours watched.


·        Twitch-

Twitch is the elephant in the room of the streaming platforms. Twitch is best in everything from an easy-to-use interface and chatbots to millions of viewers and a good partner program. But this platform also has some disadvantages. You need to be aware of trolls while live streaming. There are a number of users who will try to mock and insult you on this platform. But some gamers are affected by this mocking. So, you need to be confident and calm while using this and all will turn out to be right. 

Sometimes, you want to live stream simultaneously on multiple platforms. With the help of Restream, you can multistream different platforms. Restream comes with various features such as chat, analytics, and Live Studio, which will help to improve your stream quality and increase your audience.



There is a bright future ahead of you if you want to live stream. In this way, you can pursue this magnificent career option as a professional streamer. You need to check for the basic requirements like a strong smartphone, PC, or console for streaming and other things like a microphone, webcam, and a stable internet connection. The additional benefit provided by engaging lighting is a top-notch feature to take care of. If you have decided on a game which you would like streaming, be consistent, and continuously interact with the viewers of your stream. You can always choose Restream for streaming multiple streaming platforms. In this way, the difficult choice to consider one out of many is avoided. And if you have any problem with the scheduled time, consider using Restream Scheduler. So get ready to conquer the world of video game live streaming and fulfil your dreams.



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Popular Games That Will Rule The World In 2021


There is no denying the fact that everyone, especially the young generation, love games. With that being said, 2021 is all set to leave a benchmark in the gaming industry with some amazing set of games. Yes, you read that right. So grab a cup of coffee and be all the eyes because we bet you will be surprised to know about the games that are all set to make their way.


After the ban of so many online games, including PUB-G, a lot of people, especially gamers, went off the table because they had utterly nothing to do. Obviously, what else will gamers do if they do not live stream? However, 2021 still has a lot of things on the plate for us. But before we dig deep into what's going on in the world, let's first discuss the games that are waiting to be released. Continue reading!


 Developed by a person named Bandai Namco, the release date for this game is 2021. The entire concept of The Tales of Arise has been in the news for some time now. Nevertheless, the series is all set to receive its brand new installment straight after the Tales Of Berseria. Coming to the game, the series follows two specific characters who come from different planets. The first planet is known as Dhana. This planet is a medieval world that is under the control of another planet named Rena. The reason behind the control is technological advancements. The gaming industry professionals are still waiting to gather more information about the game, along with the confirmation of the release date. The idea was to release the game in 2020 itself, but because of the pandemic, it shifted to 2021. However, if you have played the series before, this is the game for you.


The game was supposed to be released in 2017, but it was delayed for some reason. If you talk about the game, the character enters a raincoat clad child's shoes whose name is Six. He has to sneak all over the world amidst people who do not wish nice things but only harm. Their world is designed in a different way by the developers, which is one primary reason why a sequel was planned. Hence, if you want to play this game, you no more have to wait further. Little Nightmares 2 is all set to release on February 11, 2021. The game will be introduced with a new host of challenges to destroy the enemies in the world. Even though the sequel notices the return of the character named "Six," it seems as if he will disappear and a new hero named" Mono" will take charge and destroy the enemies.


 To all those who are new to the game, WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. It is one of the games which is very famous all over the world. About the game, you should know that instead of showing all the characters in the game, the game features a cartoonish style of all the members in the game. The game is available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.


Published by the Xbox Game Studios, Fable is considered to be an action RPG franchise that was cherished by a lot of gamers. The professionals in the gaming industry say that it has been dormant. In addition to this, it was heard that the IP was picked up again. Well, the good news is here. Microsoft has announced the reboot of Fable with none other than Playground Games. To all those who are new to this studio, it is best known for its work on the series named Forza Horizon. There is not much news about the game, but the professionals expect some more highlights before its release. As of now, there is a short cinematic teaser of the game.


Blizzard Entertainment publishes this game. This game is an iconic dungeon crawler. With time the industry has seen three installments. In 2019 the professionals got the news that Diablo 4 was in development and will be released anytime soon. The gamers can expect heroes who belong to various classes like Druids, Barbarians, and Sorceress. The main enemy will be none other than Lilith. Anybody playing this game needs to face this character. With that being said, this game is not a full MMO game, which is why you will not come across other players in the battleground. For other news, you will have to wait until the game is released. As of now, there is no indication that this game will be released in 2021, yet rumors have still made their way.


 Ubisoft worked wonders when it came to showcasing a pirate's life inside the sea. Considering most of the gameplay mechanics, Ubisoft is all set to come up with its sequel in 2021. If you talk about the game, it has players who will be set out in the open sea to follow and track the profitable shops for loot. The players can take control because they are their captains. Ubisoft developed the game itself and can be played by four players at a time only.


These are some of the games that will make a way in the gaming industry in the year 2021. And that is not the end of the list. Professionals say the list is enormous, and the best part is there are various types of games that will be introduced. This means that they have just not focussed on one specific game. Instead, the needs of the gamers are considered, and every game is developed in a way that lures the attention of people.

So if you are a big fan of online games, 2021 is the year for you. It has bought a lot for you. Check out the games that will be released, and there you are. We bet that you will indeed like playing them and have a good time.


By Admin | 17 Nov 2020

FAU-G: A Substitute to PUB-G Release Date Is On The Calendar


After the ban of PUB-G, a lot of players were upset. Nevertheless, with the Indian gaming industry in the headlines these days, the good news is not that far. Yes, you guessed it right. The credit goes to the release of FAU-G (Fearless and United: Guards), an Indian substitute to PUB-G, a game that grabbed the attention of jillion people. 


Developed by a studio based in Bengaluru, FAU-G has a strong fan base and has already gained so much attention. The game was made by a developer named Akshay Kumar. This is one primary reason why the teaser was also released by Akshay Kumar, the famous actor, marking Dussehra's occasion on Sunday.


The entire teaser of the game is for about one minute. It will give you a glimpse of the first level of FAU-G. The game is based on the Galwan Valley engaging between India and China. The characters of the fame will be seen using blower mechanics to fight with the enemies.


The game will be available in the Google Play Store very soon. Some of the information about the game has been leaked. Headlines told that the game size would be about 500mb to 2GB. Like PUB-G, this substitute will also be a multiplayer battle royale game. The trailer of the game showed that this fantastic alternative would also have similar features to PUB-G. Vehicles, weapons, characters, everything is taken care of, and the features are revamped in the best way possible.


Nevertheless, the map and locations will be different. The developer named Akshay wanted to lure more people's attention, which is why he tried to make more changes in the game. Most importantly, he wanted to make the players understand how the Indian Soldiers put their heart and soul to protect the nation. The developer also revealed how the whole first season is based on the event of Galwan Valley. In addition to this, there have been rumors that they would donate twenty percent of this name's profit to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust Fund.


Hence, to sum it up, let's wait for the game to be in the store as this is one of the most awaited games in India. And the best part is that the gamers need not be sad now (pun intended). So mark the date and be all set to enjoy this fantastic game which will surely blow you away.

By Admin | 28 Oct 2020

This is a basic guide for the game valorant. The name of the character is Sage. So without further ado, let’s get started.

We will first use the heaven map and share the details. Secondly, one thing you need to keep in mind is to select a wall because we are defenders. Then we will first go towards the A long, especially if it is attacked as you can see in the video and we will make a wall. Once the wall is made make sure you sit at one side of the corner to kill the enemy if by chance they try to break the wall. However, you need to wait for the enemy to come yet be aware. If the enemy is coming through the wall which is in the A long, make sure you cover yourself and attack when needed. Enemy will exhaust the ammo in breaking the wall and will reload his weapon, we can use this as a window to attack him. You need to follow the same procedure while you are going towards the B shot, nevertheless do not forget to purchase the wall. Start making the wall the moment you reach the B long. The best part about B long is the wall is very effective. Once the wall is made make sure your teammates are sitting at different sides of the corner. This way it will be easy to kill the enemies. Attack once the enemy breaks the wall and in the next moment, he will be dead. You will get cover from both the sides since Sage is the easiest character. However, you need to make sure that you are following the right tricks throughout the game.

Next, we will go towards the C long where you will find numerous enemies. Hence, you need to stay aware and play smart. Again make a wall on the C long but remember the enemies will make their way from the B long. Make sure your teammates are at different corners. If the enemy enters from the wall, then the teammate which is near the wall will kill him. If the enemy enters from the B long then the teammate who is at the other corner will attack.

Next, you will see that you have an ultimate ability which is the slow orb. Use the orb to slow the enemy. Doing so the enemies will not be able to make their way inside. Throw an orb towards the A long the moment you see the footsteps of the enemies. Stand at the corners of the A long and attack. Throw the orb towards the enemy. It will make him slow and you can throw fire at him and he is dead.

Next thing is if your other teammate is taking a fight and the enemy is coming from the A long, you can heal him too. Use the E button to heal and the C button to make a wall. In addition to this use the Q button to give a slow orb. However, you can only heal your teammate to a certain extent. He may die if the enemy reaches to him and your teammate is not fully healed. The best part is if your teammate dies you can revive him. Ask your teammate to stay at A long and make a wall there so that no activity can take place. You can give a cover to your teammate. If he dies, you should first kill the enemy and then revive your teammate.

Thus, these are the basic things which you can do in the heaven map.

Now let’s take Sage to the wind map. Go to the A long and we will make the wall in a way so that it becomes easy for you to stay on the top of the wall. Sit behind and listen to the footsteps of the enemies because they will make their way and try to break the wall. Attack as soon as you see them come and make sure to shoot them at their heads. This way they will die very soon.

Now since you are alone and the enemy team will try to follow you with the other fellow members, and do not forget to spray. The moment you see them coming sit at the backside of the portal and attack. Once the first enemy is killed, the other one will try to enter the portal for sure. Kill him the moment he enters inside. After the wall, the portal is the second technique you can follow.

The third technique is the shower. When the enemies will enter the shower, you need to throw the slow orb. The enemies will make their way from the phase. Throw the slow orb while you see them coming. Stay aside. Wait for them to run back and kill them then and there.

The next thing you need to do is make a wall at the  B portal. Give a spray when you see the enemies coming.  Wait for them to take the portal. Once the portal is with them, they will start firing and break the wall. Throw the orb and attack them. Amidst this do not forget to reload your gun.

Next thing you need to keep in mind is it is essential to play smart. Because there is more manpower in the other team they will try to spike a plant for sure. Make a wall if they try to come from long A and start defusing. The enemies will try breaking the wall. Make use of the opportunity and defuse because breaking the wall will take time and till then your job will be done.

This was all about the wind map.

We would like to thank Sardarji Gaming, KING_OP GAMING and PARM_IS_LIVE who have helped us prepare the video.


By Admin | 27 Nov 2020

Ideas to Improve Your Video Game Live Streamingssss

Live streaming video games is fairly a new idea in the world of live streaming content; however, the future of video game live streaming seems to be very bright.

A lot of creators were quite skeptical about the idea in the beginning, and it was generally thought that the audience would not allow much popularity to live streaming of video games, but the ground reality was completely on the contrary.

Not only the viewers watched these streams, but they also loved them to the extent that the video game live streaming has now become a multimillion-dollar industry still being at its initial stages of progress. Platforms and top streamers are now making millions of dollars every year just by streaming video games.


However, gaining popularity and becoming successful is not as easy and as simple as playing video games. The streamers carry out a wide range of engaging activities in their streams to keep the viewers entertained throughout the length of the live stream session. Streamers have to constantly come up with new ideas, to generate a constant rise in the number of viewers over time.


Here are some of the most successful video game live streaming ideas which can come in handy for creators struggling to generate viewers:


Game Reviews


Game reviews are a great option to add a twist to the regular video gaming content. Once in awhile successful streamers get their hands on the most awaited video game and conduct a game review session.  


The latest games are very interesting to viewers, and the number of viewers increases by a good margin whenever a review is conducted on it. The live streamer must announce the game review session in advance and advertise the intentions a bit so that the viewers can know what’s coming.


While conducting a review, maintaining a level of suspense can be recommended as it makes the viewers more interested. It is best not to give out any spoilers about the game’s storyline and other important aspects. 


Keeping the session brief, engaging with the viewers, and explaining to them about the gameplay would attract more viewers who want to know about certain things before making the purchase.

Giving honest and helpful reviews often makes viewers follow all the gaming review sessions of a streamer.


Equipment Upgrade


Showing off the gaming gear is also the most frequent activity of all successful gamers. Every once in awhile they purchase some new equipment and show it to their viewers and ask their opinion about it. A streamer would give a short review of the new equipment, recommend it to his viewers and ask their opinion about it.


There are no specific criteria; any equipment that can be interesting to the viewers can be shown. Streamers usually show new types of equipment such as a new monitor screen, system specifications upgrades, gaming consoles, smartphones, headphones, webcams, and any other interesting equipment related to gaming.


While there is a specific section of tech-savvy audience which subscribes to streamers just to know more about their latest gadget choices, this activity also attracts sponsors who want their products to be shown to the viewers. 


Therefore, this idea is a double-edged sword for any video game streamer; it will not only attract viewers but also sponsors.


Targeting a Genre


Whenever there is a halt in the growth of viewers, successful streamers try to target certain genres and types of games to attract specific audiences. For example, a streamer may announce an event and then target certain genres such as action games, adventure games, puzzles and racing games; the streamer will then continue to carry out the next sessions on the same genre. Streamers may stick to one genre or switch between genres according to their popularity to attract viewers who are hardcore fans of these genres.


Q & A Sessions


It is advisable to conduct Q&A sessions at regular intervals along with the usual live chat interactions. A Q&A session can be carried out by announcing the viewers that a Q&A session will be conducted on a certain day. The viewers must be encouraged to post the questions that they would like to be answered. Then out of the received questions, the most interesting questions must be shortlisted and answered on the decided day.


This highly increases a streamer’s interaction with the viewers and allows him to gain a personal-level relationship with the viewers.


Recognizing the Audience


Successful video game live streaming creators keep a watch on their most regular and most active viewers. They give a shout-out, acknowledge their presence, and interact with them more, to appreciate their interest in the content. This not only makes the most-valued viewers happy but also makes the new viewers turn more active so that they can interact with you more at a personal level, thus, generating more constant and steady viewership.


Giveaways and Merchandise


To become a successful video game streamer, it is very important to carry out giveaways and merchandise sales. All successful streamers research to find out what merchandise interests the viewers and carry out sales of that merchandise. This way, they make money, promote their brand, and also attract new viewers.


Giveaways are usually carried out with a goal, such as increasing viewers, increasing subscribers, increasing popularity of other social platforms, and so on. Streamers would give their viewers certain tasks to complete and pick out the worthiest few viewers, announce their names in the live session, and send out a gift item to them.


These activities are viewer-engaging and will attract more and more viewers to a channel, make them interact more often as they have a chance to win exciting goodies.




These are some of the most tried and tested ideas with which numerous streamers have made a successful career in video game streaming. Video game live streaming is today entertaining millions of viewers across the globe, and this viewership is only expected to rise in the coming years. This also means that the career future for video game streamers is very bright.


The top performers are already making a great amount of money, and yet the field of live stream video games can still accommodate thousands of successful streamers more.


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