Esports: A Revolution in the Gaming World

admin    |   16 Apr 2021

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Electronic sports are a rising sports broadcast platform. It is a sort of video game live streaming. It covers online gaming live telecasts from all over the world. With the onset of easy availability of cheap and fast internet connection, a surge in viewership of esports has been observed to be followed in recent times.


Online multiplayer games such as Fortnight, PUBG, Call of Duty which are quite popular around the world, are broadcasted. The popularity of these online multiplayer games is such that separate gaming tournaments are organized on a large scale that covers a stadium. The money involved in these competitions is also relatively higher than one can expect. Sometimes winners take home whopping amounts counted in millions of dollars by winning a world-level championship of these games. So, one can expect the amount of money, craziness, and prospect of popularity involved. Due to these factors, e-gaming picked up such speed and fame, and ignorance of a platform like Esports became inevitable.


Several live gaming broadcast platforms like YouTube, Mixer, and Discord have played an integral role in the base development and further enrichment of these online worldwide gaming tournaments. These live streaming platforms have come as a philosopher's stone for the eSports industry. Providing them an absolute wide reach around the globed and also features like in-stream chat. In-stream chat is a feature that allows the viewers to comment on something or ask something while the gamer is playing his game. While playing their game, Gamers can reply to their viewers, thus engaging the viewers more and making this whole live-streaming thing seem more tempting. Additionally, YouTube has a feature called super chat using which a viewer can donate money to his/her favourite streamer, thus monetarily benefiting the streamer, and the winner might also get a shoutout. A shoutout is nothing but calling out the name of a person among many, thus shifting focus on him for few seconds. 


This way, there takes place the development of a community of a streamer or creator. As the streamer or creator would regularly be active on his or her streaming platform often, a habit develops for the people who like them to come simultaneously to watch. Thus, a group is formed who have similar tastes, and on interacting with each other for quite some time, a community is formed. This strengthens, even more, the creator or streamer in their field, and they become famous. That is how fan pages are made, Facebook support groups are formed, and the streamer or creator achieves fame. These fan pages play a vital role in the popularity of artists by having their schedules spread around in different groups among family and friends. Thus, creating an ecosystem of advertisement, which by the way is unpaid but is as effective as any other channel of advertisement? In a world where advertisement costs a bomb for most businesses, if there is a method one can get advertised for free, it shows nothing, but the potential of the growth and outreach of the method involved.


Henceforth streamers find it relatively easy to manage their activities monetarily and feasible to monitor too. As no especially designed setup is required for streaming, just a computer, mic, green screen (optional), camera, and screen recorder, and that's all. No extravagant costs, no high-end hardware, just easily obtainable nominal costing things. Then comes the turn of choosing which platform(s) to stream on. Some platform(s) pay handsomely the existing streamers, thus paving the way to lure new talent in.


The Prospect of eSports in India:


As eSports continues to be regarded as a proper form of gaming across the globe, most of India still lacks the enthusiasm to declare it a proper sport. "Competitive gaming is not considered to be a proper kind of sports," says the director of ESFI (eSports Federation of India). Most of the country still lacks the aptitude of assessing eSports as a proper form of sports. Confusion is still hovering over the fact that which games can be regarded to be eSports like Counter-Strike, PUBG, Racing games, Rummy, Ludo King, all these are regarded as eSports in India. While the first three are correct, the last two are outright incorrect. The head of ESFI further talked about the prospect of eSports being recognized by IOC. He even spoke about eSports becoming a medal awarding sport in the upcoming Asian Games. Above one hundred countries have put eSports in their traditional sports department and are treated alike as other sports. Even governments of underdeveloped countries like Sri Lankan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia have put eSports under their respective sports ministry. In the 2018 Asian games, eSports was organized as a demo event, and in that, India bagged the bronze medal. This shows the enormous amount of talent in our country's players. According to a survey, there are some 300 million eSports players in India.


Being valued and identified by the ministry of sports and games can positively impact the future of eSports. Then India can rightly use its enormous potential in the sector of eSports to achieve something considered worthwhile.


Advantages associated with eSports gaming:


1) Development of aptitude: With competitive gaming comes the ability to perceive and think according to the current situation. This develops one's brain in such a way that one can analyse any puzzle quickly.


2) Systemized thinking: Competitive gaming instils the qualities which one should possess to ensure them thriving. Some of these qualities include teamwork, leadership, confidence build-up, etc. 


3) Career prospect: The career prospect of someone in eSports can be quite broad as just now we discussed so many prospects and world championship, streaming rewards, and whatnot. Additionally, there are different prospective career fields that one can enter, like engineering, medical architecture, etc.


4) Academically bright: Students who are seen to participate in competitive gaming are also observed to have their GPAs more than average in comparison to their counterparts who aren't interested in competitive gaming.


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