PUBg Mobile Indian Version Or FAUg? Which Game Will Work Wonders?

admin    |   18 Dec 2020

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PubG was one of my favorite games. The lockdown still was a bit easy, and it passed really soon. It actually felt like never before sad yet satisfied, because PUBg saved our ass. We did not realize we were actually facing the lockdown period. And suddenly everything changed. The world was upside down, especially for the game lovers. The government of India has further banned 118 Chinese apps, just after closing the button on 59 other apps on June 29 and refusing 47 more apps, just a month later. 


Nevertheless, what you all did not see coming was the release of FAUg. Yeah, you are reading it right. PUBg Mobile was considered as one of the most popular games that were banned by the Indian government. A few days later after the ban, the famous Bollywood star Akshay Kumar introduced the release date of FAU-G (Fearless and United: Guards), an Indian substitute to PUB-G, a game that grabbed the attention of all the gamers worldwide.


The announcement of the PUBg mobile version was already made on November 12. Nevertheless, there is still no official announcement for the same as of now. Now let us talk about the new game. Do you think it will be able to do justice to the Indian version? Will gamers like it? Well, there are numerous questions out there. After the announcement of the new game named FAUg, a lot of gamers started making their comparison and has assumed about it. But is it not too early to judge a game after all you should never judge a book by its cover! 


Developed by a studio based in Bengaluru, FAU-G has a strong fan base and has already gained so much attention. However, the developers of the new game already cleared the doubts of people. They said that FAUg is not a substitute to PUBg Indian version. In addition to this, it will not feature the famous BR mode while the game will be released all over the world. But they say that the same feature will be added once the game is introduced and they know whether or not is liked by people.


Ever since the release date, most of them are waiting for it to be released. The excitement is next level. If you are someone who is excited to know about this new game, you are indeed on the right page. In this piece, we will explain everything you should know about the new game. So grab your beer and continue reading now.


PUBG Mobile Indian version vs FAU-G


Real-world scenarios and virtual simulation training ground: There is no denying the fact that FAUg is a war based game. If you open the game in Google Play Store, you will see that the description says it is wholly based on real-world scenarios. The title will give an idea to all the gamers about the sacrifice which is made by all the soldiers at the Galwan Valley. If you go through the reports provided by the professionals, you will see that the first level of the game is set in Galwan Valley itself. Now if we talk about the announcement of the return of PUBg return to the country, there was a press release was released by the PUBg Corporation which added that the PUBg Indian Version will be set as a virtual stimulation training ground. The game will feature some changes made by the professionals to reflect the requirements of the users in the country. This consists of the green hit effect, which will reflect the limit to the game time and more.


Game Modes: If we talk about the game modes, the developers of the new game FAUg, have stated that the game will provide a single-player experience. They also say that the battle royale mode will be introduced later with other new updates. The PUBg Indian Mobile Version is known to be among the top battle royale titles available on the mobile platform. It not only features various modes but also offers the regular battle royale mode and TDM, Payload 2.0 are no exception.


Age Rating: If you talk about the age rate of FAUg, it is rated 16+ on the Google Play Store. This shows the feature of strong violence. On the contrary, the global version of PUBg Mobile Version has “teen,” and the Indian version may or may not have the same rating in the store. This states that the tile features of violence and blood. The age rating explains the reduced maturity level of the content in the application.


Key Takeaways

If you are waiting for the game to be officially released, we bet you are not alone. The game will be in the store in no time, and you will be able to play it. Hence, mark the date or set a reminder and be all set to enjoy this new fantastic game which will indeed take you to another level of enjoyment. The characters of the game will be seen using blower mechanics to fight with the enemies.