Rocket League is coming to phones called "Sideswipe"

admin    |   12 Apr 2021

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An online pro-player video game that centers around the soccer sport was introduced to the gaming world in 2015, with the name Rocket League. The conceptualization of this game first came in the mind of Psyonix and thus was developed by him for Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4. The brain wave of the game existed for IOS in 2016 and became entertainment as it was free to play in September 2020. 


This game incorporates eight members in each team wherein the players score points by hitting the ball in the opponent’s goal having been aided by rocket power vehicles. This game can be played in both ways, as a single-player game and a multiplayer game. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a prequel to Rocket League didn't gain much success even though the concept was somehow similar to Rocket League.  


It was observed that the gameplay of Rocket League was improvised to a large extent, the graphical interface was impeccable, players played soccer but with rocket-powered cars, and the battle, cars were advanced. Having been introduced in 2015, the game became part of the E-sport league at the beginning of 2018 with the congregation of professional players. Following the concept of this game, the developer of this game, Psyonix thought to instill a new game in the phones with the name of Rocket League Sideswipe. 


Mentioning the features in detail, the original game of Rocket League incorporated four players in one team and the total span of the match was five minutes. The incoming feature of sideswipe matches incorporates the match for two minutes and conducts the matches that feature one versus one and two versus two in order to plunge in more people on the phone. The players can access the proper field from the side perspective wherein the players have all the control via touch and can navigate in different directions. 


There are not many details mentioned in the blog of Psyonix. The only aspect that holds prominence is that Rocket League sideswipe is easy to grab wherein scoring points is not a child”s play and laying hands on the advanced techniques gets a little difficult. Keeping in mind the tactics of the original gameplay, the spin-off feature keeps the car customization at a focal length through the unraveling of locks, and the knack of playing plays a very important role. However, overall details about the processing of the game are yet not out. 


Sideswipe is free to download and requires no paid subscription as this aspect in a game attracts a huge and loyal fan base and helps the players to be a part of the E-sport tournament more often. One can easily get acquainted with the gameplay if anyone has experienced the gameplay of Rocket League before on any other platform. The overall motive of the game is to be easily played on the mobile phone without fusing in any kind of glitch. 


The camera with a wide range lens and an altered control feature is embodied in the new game as the functioning of the software in a phone is completely different from the laptop or the PC. As per the information from various sources, there is no official release date mentioned for Rocket League Sideswipe, however, Psyonix gives a statement of it being released in the later months of this year. The game features the provision of being bet upon and being tested upon in the near future. 


Having been initially released on PS4 and PC in 2015, Rocket league became paramount and got ported to Xbox and Switch. The actual start to the game was done by Epic games inconsequent to which Rocket League became free to play. So far and so forth, the gameplay of this game has remained more or less the same, even after being introduced with new side perspectives. None of the new updates has changed the interface of the game till now to an extent of the changes by Sideswipe. Moreover, regional tests on the game are performed to be more aware of the functioning of the game. Proper feedback on the game is yet to come.