Valorant Agent Guide: Sage | Tip, Tricks & Strategies

Admin    |   28 Oct 2020

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This is a basic guide for the game valorant. The name of the character is Sage. So without further ado, let’s get started.

We will first use the heaven map and share the details. Secondly, one thing you need to keep in mind is to select a wall because we are defenders. Then we will first go towards the A long, especially if it is attacked as you can see in the video and we will make a wall. Once the wall is made make sure you sit at one side of the corner to kill the enemy if by chance they try to break the wall. However, you need to wait for the enemy to come yet be aware. If the enemy is coming through the wall which is in the A long, make sure you cover yourself and attack when needed. Enemy will exhaust the ammo in breaking the wall and will reload his weapon, we can use this as a window to attack him. You need to follow the same procedure while you are going towards the B shot, nevertheless do not forget to purchase the wall. Start making the wall the moment you reach the B long. The best part about B long is the wall is very effective. Once the wall is made make sure your teammates are sitting at different sides of the corner. This way it will be easy to kill the enemies. Attack once the enemy breaks the wall and in the next moment, he will be dead. You will get cover from both the sides since Sage is the easiest character. However, you need to make sure that you are following the right tricks throughout the game.

Next, we will go towards the C long where you will find numerous enemies. Hence, you need to stay aware and play smart. Again make a wall on the C long but remember the enemies will make their way from the B long. Make sure your teammates are at different corners. If the enemy enters from the wall, then the teammate which is near the wall will kill him. If the enemy enters from the B long then the teammate who is at the other corner will attack.

Next, you will see that you have an ultimate ability which is the slow orb. Use the orb to slow the enemy. Doing so the enemies will not be able to make their way inside. Throw an orb towards the A long the moment you see the footsteps of the enemies. Stand at the corners of the A long and attack. Throw the orb towards the enemy. It will make him slow and you can throw fire at him and he is dead.

Next thing is if your other teammate is taking a fight and the enemy is coming from the A long, you can heal him too. Use the E button to heal and the C button to make a wall. In addition to this use the Q button to give a slow orb. However, you can only heal your teammate to a certain extent. He may die if the enemy reaches to him and your teammate is not fully healed. The best part is if your teammate dies you can revive him. Ask your teammate to stay at A long and make a wall there so that no activity can take place. You can give a cover to your teammate. If he dies, you should first kill the enemy and then revive your teammate.

Thus, these are the basic things which you can do in the heaven map.

Now let’s take Sage to the wind map. Go to the A long and we will make the wall in a way so that it becomes easy for you to stay on the top of the wall. Sit behind and listen to the footsteps of the enemies because they will make their way and try to break the wall. Attack as soon as you see them come and make sure to shoot them at their heads. This way they will die very soon.

Now since you are alone and the enemy team will try to follow you with the other fellow members, and do not forget to spray. The moment you see them coming sit at the backside of the portal and attack. Once the first enemy is killed, the other one will try to enter the portal for sure. Kill him the moment he enters inside. After the wall, the portal is the second technique you can follow.

The third technique is the shower. When the enemies will enter the shower, you need to throw the slow orb. The enemies will make their way from the phase. Throw the slow orb while you see them coming. Stay aside. Wait for them to run back and kill them then and there.

The next thing you need to do is make a wall at the  B portal. Give a spray when you see the enemies coming.  Wait for them to take the portal. Once the portal is with them, they will start firing and break the wall. Throw the orb and attack them. Amidst this do not forget to reload your gun.

Next thing you need to keep in mind is it is essential to play smart. Because there is more manpower in the other team they will try to spike a plant for sure. Make a wall if they try to come from long A and start defusing. The enemies will try breaking the wall. Make use of the opportunity and defuse because breaking the wall will take time and till then your job will be done.

This was all about the wind map.

We would like to thank Sardarji Gaming, KING_OP GAMING and PARM_IS_LIVE who have helped us prepare the video.