ways to reduce CPU usage while gaming

Admin    |   10 Jun 2021

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The central processing unit is the core part of the computer setup and programming. The CPU certainly controls and carries out the programming instructions by using basic arithmetic units and with a logical approach. The prospect of computer programming cannot be set up and however, in order to keep up with the whole process, the CPU helps in receiving, directing and processing the data of the computer. This component is being characterized as the heart of the desktop and is considered extremely important. While we talk about the aspect of gaming, the CPU is the lifeline of the gaming system. A modern CPU will incorporate cores between 2 to 28, focusing on different tasks however, a multicore processor is highly recommended.


Just like you while playing requires brain and power, in the same way, gaming requires smart CPU and powerful GPU. The CPU is provided with certain tasks wherein the GPU is not up to the mark in its performance. The procedure of artificial intelligence functionality of non-player characters is something that is strictly conducted by CPU. A lot is dependent on the kind of games we play, as some games run better with more cores, and some run better with faster CPU. Minecraft is an example of the game that doesn't need many cores to run, however, it certainly runs on one core and does not require extra power. The speed of the CPU has the knack of influencing the frames per second during the game. Being more descriptive, there are various games, like, first person shooter, sandbox games, multiplayer games etcetera are developed in a way that they are run by multifarious cores and keeping the CPU as the epicenter. 


Before we talk about reducing CPU usage while gaming, it is essential to know the root cause of the situation wherein there are numerous factors that stand responsible for the same. Problematic graphic drivers, unnecessary third-party applications that are running in the background can create a break in the CPU usage. Check on the in-game settings is very important as in case of first-person shooter games, it gets difficult to handle high level configuration. In case you are a game freak, and power preserving mode is switched on in your computer then CPU usage is a huge matter of concern. Another aspect to be kept in mind is to refrain from the game getting corrupted as the hardware might cause this kind of glitch where the player tends to become helpless. Last but not the least, the last reason could be that your hardware is somewhere not being able to cope with the game requirements as expected.


There are issues that certainly need to be resolved by problem solving solutions, however, catering to each one by one, first we talk about the spurring of unnecessary background applications wherein the very first thing you need to check to refrain from bottle necking is that with what resilience is the CPU being used. However, if there are unnecessary applications running you will indeed have to disable them. There are proper steps to be followed to disable the running of unnecessary applications. Firstly, press Windows + R to open the Run utility. Type the command of misconfiguration and press the enter button wherein this will open the system configuration. Choose the tab of services and check the Hide all Microsoft services box. Press the disable all option button and click ok. Press control + shift + Esc keys to open the Task Manager. Lastly, shut down all the unnecessary programs that are running by right clicking on them selecting the End Task Option. Once everything is done, it is time to restart your PC. The faulty graphic drivers can also bottleneck your CPU usage. Removing or uninstalling the troubling drivers from your computer can help you overcome this problem. However, prefer downloading the drivers from the manufacturer’s website and further continue to install and reinstall them to avoid any kind of glitches. There are steps to be followed to uninstall the graphic drivers, wherein commence with the Run utility again, type devmgmt.msc and click the ok button. Following this will navigate you to the Device Manager page on your screen. Sail through the GPU driver by right clicking on it and lastly press the uninstall button to uninstall the GPU driver.


The third reason identified is the in-game settings and changing the in-game settings is not that difficult a job. There are some in-game settings that are not compatible with the technicality of your computer. It is important to see if the in-game FPS cap is set to unlimited or set to a higher FPS cap than the CPU can actually handle. The game is all about capping the FPS properly to reduce the CPU usage in an impeccable way. There are times when the CPU usage is higher than the GPU usage, however, then the player can administer to high trending graphic settings like High or Ultra. Working on the higher graphic settings shifts the load from CPU to GPU and this is the best way possible. Incase nothing works, then it becomes mandatory for the player to play in low graphic settings mode. Another glitch to be kept in mind is to keep all power preserving modes off. These modes are of no concern until and unless the gaming is not keeping the performance of the CPU holding back.


Turning off power preserving mode requires proper steps to be followed. Firstly, type cmd in the windows search bar there will be a command prompt and right click on the option that will appear. There will be an option that will appear, Run as administrator from the pop-up menu and lead to an opening of elevated command prompt. Type the shutdown in the command prompt and press enter. You should know that the computer restores itself to UEFI Firmware settings by rebooting itself and restarting to allow further glitches. All options related to power saving should be turned off and then the computer should be restarted again. Just when the window is restarted, it is important to type the power and sleep settings in the search bar and probably click on the search bar button as an appropriate option. Click on the additional power settings below the related settings. Further on the right side will be popped the change plan settings options, choose that beside the balanced section. Select the change advanced power settings button, however, select the high-performance option from the drop-down menu and click on OK. This will certainly amend the issue of CPU usage while gaming.


There is a possibility that the game might cause a virus and stop working abruptly. There are times when the game becomes corrupted and causes certain problems, out of which CPU usage is one of the major concerns. However, the best way to fix the problem is to reinstall the game. There are proper steps to be followed to uninstall the game. Like every other way, Run the utility option again and type appwiz.cpl while pressing Enter. However, this will lead to programs and CPU options that will open on your screen. Furthermore, look for your game and right click on it. Click on the uninstall option and follow the instructions in order to refurbish the process. Last but not the least once the game is uninstalled, it is time to install the game again but make sure that you install the game through the official site in order to reinstall it and check if the game is still using high CPU. There are times when none of the above problem-solving solutions will be able to resolve your problem, however, in that case it is time to upgrade your hardware to a newer edition. Even after trying so many options there comes no way of fixing the problem, however, upgrade your hardware to refrain from any kind of glitch while playing the game. Lastly, it is important to implement the solutions in the best possible way rather than just waiting for the system to crash completely. Logistic approach applied correctly can help you mend your way.